Conquer room pioneers broke

Urban development from below without city building

Once they were the terror of the city planner, now supported administrations projects for temporary use of inner-stadtic broken flats. Even if intermediate users liked permanently on empty flat and homes, the limits of property rights set their projects a frame (cf. Also urban conversion by communication).

While the city planner Ode and abandoned buildings and areas are left in the bads for years, until a new investor or a city’s construction project finds or simply nothing happens, occupy alternative users shortly the brakes. And discover new development options between stream and sandball.


Beautiful new working world

Like them, work actually makes work in a society whose operating system relies on competition, victories and defeats?

God brought the wearing work as a punishment via man. "It is the essential prerequisite for the self-realization of people and their participation in social life", By contrast, the DGB in the principle program of the future of work. Should the Bible have right? Such paradoxicals at work, which is the history of the history of Karl Marx as "Eternal nature needs" appeared, Prage a diffuse term beyond a clear positive or negative occupation. Work makes life sour and, on the other hand, offers high satisfaction guarantee and be it only a higher social respect against people without work.

The term is therefore policymakative because it is definitely diffused enough without additional categories in order to provide sharp distinctions that discredit the respective opponent fundamentally: a Marxist work concept has as much as the underlying human images with a neoliberal or market-oriented concept of work. Beyond the evergreen hope for a non-evident work, in a FORSA study on behalf of the Furstenberg Institute this time is less theory than in good factitants of the opposite working world.