Car loan rejected – how can you solve the problem??

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Every application for a loan is only a request for the bank, not an obligation. Accordingly, it can also happen that your request for financing for a vehicle is rejected. Reason for this is usually a lack of creditworthiness on your part. Often, however, this refusal does not mean the end of your automotive dreams. Because you can also use other options for car financing – depending on why exactly your application was rejected.

  1. Like any loan, the desire for a car loan can also be rejected by the bank.
  2. The central reason is usually that the bank sees in the applicant too high a risk of non-payment.
  3. However, there are many ways and means to still get a serious loan or otherwise get a vehicle.

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Why does the bank refuse financing?

There are problems with schufa

The schufa as the most important credit agency in germany can be the deciding factor in a bank’s decision for or against granting a loan. This is because the bank knows the financial situation of almost every German. Whenever you get a financing, conclude a cell phone contract, or otherwise have longer-term financial obligations, you can assume this: you must contractually agree that your data will be transmitted to schufa. Accordingly, they also get to know if there are financial problems. About:


Buying a car on the internet

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Buying a car: how to negotiate

Haggle over the price of a car? To be successful, you should be well prepared for the negotiations. choose the right time to negotiate, emphasize the car’s weaknesses to get a discount, ask for additional services and stay confident and self-assured. To help you negotiate better the next time you buy a car, we have some practical tips for you.

the good news first: in the used car trade almost no price is fixed, but everything is a matter of negotiation. The bad news: the starting conditions for negotiations are by no means fair: a professional salesman usually has more technical knowledge than the customer, plus experience, skill and training in negotiating tactics. In addition, the buyer enjoys a home advantage, while the buyer has to venture into foreign territory – even when selling from private to private, this circumstance should not be forgotten. Therefore, the first rule on how to best negotiate when buying a car is: get as much information as possible before you start negotiating.

You want to insure your new car?

Save up to 40% on your premiums 1 !

The 5 most important rules for negotiating

Rule 1: enter into negotiations well prepared

If you want to negotiate properly when buying a vehicle, you first need to have a feel for it, what is a realistic price for the chosen model is. Therefore, you should determine in advance the usual price range for the desired vehicle. Make sure that the cars are directly comparable with each other. Because the models differ considerably depending on the version, the prices of the vehicles on offer can also differ significantly from one another.


The parents’ handbook

Information and tips for parents, children and families

The parents' handbook

The birth of a first child has a major impact on a couple’s life – right down to the choice of car. Instead of prestige, looks or sporty qualities, it is now usually the utility value that decides the purchase. Around 83 percent of parents-to-be are planning to buy a different car for the birth of their child. The main focus here is on the space available.

So what type of car is best suited to a young family??


Car loan with low interest rates

car loan - 1822direkt

treat yourself to your dream car now thanks to a car loan

Do you need a new car because the old one is broken?? Have you grown your family and now need a larger vehicle?? Or would you like to finally fulfill your dream of a sleek sports car?? With the 1822direkt car loan, you’ll be in your new car in no time at all – whether you’re going for a spin alone or taking the kids on a family outing.

    You are already a customer? Then simply apply for your car loan via online banking.


Car loan revocation? We check your contract!

It is not only the revocation of real estate loans or consumer credit that offers consumers the opportunity to save money. Many car banks, including volkswagen-bank ("VW financial service") and its branches for seat, skoda and audi, did not correctly inform borrowers about the right of withdrawal. Car buyers now have the chance of a lucrative revocation!

Many consumers finance the purchase of a vehicle with a car loan. the car manufacturer’s offer to conclude financing via the company’s own bank is often used. The revocation offers consumers the possibility to get rid of the loan agreement and the old car without losses.

Update from 09. September 2021: the court of justice of the european union (eugh) today made legal history – and gave the federal court of justice (BGH) what is probably the biggest slap in the face in its existence. What will annoy germany’s highest civil court, consumers can be all the more pleased about: according to the eugh, unclear information was provided in many private loan agreements. The consequence: the revocation period for these contracts never began to run. That’s why consumers can still revoke their loan agreements even after many years (az.: C-33/20, C-155/20, C-187/20). Take this chance!


Car loan 1/2022: the 5 best car loans in comparison

With a car loan, cars are financed. This can be for cars, motorcycles or mobile homes. With classic car loans, the financed vehicle serves as collateral. This increases the chances of obtaining car financing, while the conditions are more favorable. Some car loans are designed as annuity loans. Then borrowers repay at a constant rate over the term of the loan. Other variants provide for a final installment. Now you can easily compare your individual car loan online with our car loan calculator here and find a favorable provider.

Comparison: what is a car loan?

Design comparison

Photo: visualgeneration / depositphotos a car loan is needed to finance vehicles. Private vehicle financing is available for new and used cars, motorcycles and mobile homes.


9 Diy smart home automation projects for a tight budget

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smart home devices are more popular than ever before. The internet of things (iot) unites everything that is the internet of things? What is the internet of things? What is the internet of things? here is all you need to know about it, why it is so exciting, and some risks. read more from lighting to complete security systems. Once separate systems, many things at home are now controllable from a smartphone.

As new technology, some elements of home automation don’t come cheap. however, with a DIY setup and some cheap components you can build your own smart home on a small budget! just think about how you want to secure your smart and iot devices. 5 tips to secure your smart devices and iot devices 5 tips to secure your smart devices and iot devices smart home hardware is part of the internet of things, but how secure is your network connected to these devices? Read more . Here are nine examples to get you started.


7 Different miele washing machines in comparison – find your best washing machine from the traditional manufacturer miele – our test resp. Advisor 2022

Maria Prigge

Sometimes it has to be miele- when it comes to washing machines, many german households swear by the long-term quality of the traditional north rhine-westphalian company. Because miele has over 120 years of experience in the manufacture of washing machines, many of the devices are tested for a life of up to 20 years. In addition, miele washing machines offer several innovative additional functions and are economical in their use of electricity, water and detergent.

The following comparison shows an overview of the most important features of 7 miele washing machines in different price classes. The following guide informs about the functionality, the different types and their advantages and disadvantages. The FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions about miele washing machines and concludes with an overview of miele washing machine tests by stiftung warentest andoko-test.