“Power must be controlled and shared”

To prevent sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the future, Archbishop Stefan Hebe wants to break down power structures. In an interview, he talks about ways out of the crisis, the financial situation of his diocese and the refugee ie.

CBA: A year ago, you decided to close up to 8 of the 21 Catholic schools in Hamburg. After the protests, would you make the decision again?

Stefan Hebe (Archbishop of Hamburg): The archdiocese of Hamburg is in a very difficult situation financially. The diocesan bodies have given a clear mandate to act and develop countermeasures. That is why I would make this decision again, in order to preserve for our archdiocese and our institutions the possibility to act in the future. But I would discuss it more intensively with those affected in advance and be at the affected sites in person if possible when it is announced.
CBA: What lessons do you draw from the events?
Hebe: I see that many people are disappointed and hurt. We have therefore had many discussions over the past year, including with those affected, and we continue to work towards a stronger sense of togetherness. Despite all the difficulties, I have the impression that an understanding of the situation is now developing.
CBA: Six schools to be definitively closed. Still looking for sponsors for two others. How confident are you that these two schools will be preserved??
Hebe: I hope we can do it with external help, and I have high hopes for the talks we are currently holding. Our goal is the preservation and further development of the Catholic School Harburg and the Catholic Sophienschule in Barmbek. We must not forget, however, that we each have to raise tens of millions of dollars together. There is no guarantee. But we are doing everything we can to make it happen.
CBA: Currently, all properties are also undergoing an audit. What to expect here?
Hebe: We have said from the beginning to look at all areas of our diocese because of the precarious budget situation. This includes real estate such as churches, community centers and parsonages. In the first step, we only record the stock of buildings, their condition and operating costs. In parallel, a working group is developing criteria and procedures for how we handle our real estate in the future. So it is not yet a question of abandoning individual buildings.
CBA: They suggest that individual Catholic and Protestant communities share buildings. Do you think that the idea will meet with the approval of all the German bishops??


Toward rome

Toward rome

For the first time, a congregation of the Anglican Church of England has decided to join the Catholic Church. The case is particularly explosive because the parish is located in the territory of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Even a bishop plans the change.


“I am expecting a magisterial letter”

"Pope allows condoms!", headlined the world. "Pope loosens condom ban" trailed the Suddeutsche, "Saver sex for hustlers" headlined the TAZ their reports and even the Berliner Kurier headlined "Pope gives rubber!" The statements of the Holy Father on sexual morality still cause discussion and confusion. In an interview with our site specified Vicar General Dr. Dominik Schwaderlapp the attitude of the catholic church in the K-question.

Let us recall the statement of the Holy Father on the use of condoms. He said: "The mere fixation on the condom means a banalization of sexuality, and this is precisely the dangerous source of the fact that so many people no longer find in sexuality the expression of their love, but only a kind of drug that they administer to themselves. (…) There may be justified individual cases, for example when a prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step towards moralization, a first piece of responsibility, to develop again an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do everything one wants to do. But it is not the real way to deal with the evil of HIV infection. This must really lie in the humanization of sexuality."


Reddit vs. Wall street: gamestop shares clearly

Reddit vs. Wall Street: Gamestop shares clearly

The share of the video game shop chain Gamestop, which has become the symbol of a force measurement between hedge funds and an investor community, was temporarily added by around 60 percent on Tuesday. Already on Monday, the course at the Frankfurt Borse was about 30 percent. After the crash on Tuesday afternoon, however, there was again a slight starting entertainment, currently the stock records around 90 euros. Last Thursday, the stock was still significantly higher than 400 euros, early January it was 14 euros.

Shares among other things by Gamestop and AMC have been particularly in demand in recent weeks, especially at users of the platform Reddit. In doing so, they were against so-called shortshell (to German short sellers) such as Citron Research and Melvin Capital, who had betored massively on falling courses of said company. As a result, stock prices shot up and some hedge funds suffered extremely high losses that are currently being paid to around 20 billion US dollars.

Less empty sale?

In the meantime, short sellers had significantly reduced their positions at the Gamestop share, writes the Handelsblatt citing data to the financial service provider S3. Accordingly, the shortseller had their quota, with which they had speculated on falling courses, now lowered to 53 percent of tradable shares. At times, short positions had been addressed to significantly over 100 percent of the share.


“Churches on the side of the jews”

The discussion about circumcisions does not cease. Ricklef Munnich, who is involved in the Christian-Jewish dialogue, cannot understand this. He finds the accusation of a "religious war" by the only Jewish member of the Ethics Council, Leo Latasch, wrong. In an interview with our site, the theologian speaks of a "front against the religions".

Interviewer: Leo Latasch speaks of a "religious war", how do you see this from the perspective of Christian-Jewish dialogue?