Crucial terms

The Bundestag will decide on Thursday whether to allow or ban preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Here is an explanation of important terms that play a role in the debate about genetic testing of embryos.

1. Embryo Protection Society


“Another abortifacient”

In Spain, the introduction of the so-called "morning-after pill" is causing criticism. The drug has been available without a prescription and without age restriction in Spain since Monday. Catholic Church criticizes use of "morning after pill" as "another abortifacient" and "crime".


The discussion about the conspiracy theories of the 11.9. Reaches the academic world

US Universitat is a physics professor that became a prominent and rider of the 9/11 skeptics with the hypothesis over the additional blasting of the WTC tower

With the physicist Steven Jones, Professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, the skeptics of the official theory had the background and transaction of the connection of the 11.9. a proven scientist won. The Washington Post described him as "The Movement’s De facto Minister of Engineering". His by the "Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the last days", ie the Mormon-Based and operated university, which is religious and has the goal, "to assist individuals in their quest for Perfection and Eternal Life", does not like that and now seems to do it before the anniversary of the terminal conclusion.

The discussion about the conspiracy theories of 11.9. Reaches the academic world

The physicist Steve Jones, who became the scientific bonuses of the conspiracy theorist


Celebration day

The ORF, the economy and her "property"

It was the day at which the Schmach should be eradicated by Valencia, the 0: 9 of the Easter-Rich Fubball National Team against the Spanish. O 3 reminded me of this debacle when I drove Gene Linz. It delivered – interrupted by the best "Hits for the last twenty years" – News about the team job, statements on tactics, motivation and fitness of the players, interviews with players and coaches about the possible game output.

On this day, the Ars Electronica also celebrated its twenty year. And right. Hardly any event has accompanied the evolution of electronics and technology in the last two decades, their effects on society, science and culture thus commented so comprehensively and reflects as they. At least in Alturopa. Who came to Linz, found there a pronounced greeting for the latest scientific modes and trends that had already been diffused into society or soon arrived there.


Borse rescued, long-term stability danger?

The conservative business press is less happy with the youngest decision of the US Federal Reserve Chief to be accepted

Yesterday’s lowering of key interest rates by US Federal Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan may have saved the boro courses before another crash, but it was therefore necessary to danger the long-term stability of economic development.

After the record gain of the Technology Orse Nasdaq and rising courses on all major borses worldwide as in a propagating wave movement, the world seems to be fine for investors again. Last but not least, the image of Greenspan is the "Point" Polished, to which the merit attributes for a ten-year economic recovery in the US and also as a rescuer of the global economy following the so-called "Asian financial crisis" 1997/98 is seen.