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Thesaurus& synonyms

  • Car driver (switzerland.)regional (austria, switzerland), verkehr: person who drives a car
  • motorist (switzerland.): regional (switzerland and luxembourg), traffic: person driving a car
  • driver (ugs., main form)person who drives, controls, operates or rides a vehicle; person who drives, controls, operates or rides a vehicle as a professional activity
  • Automobile driver (fachspr., amtsdeutsch): person who consciously steers or controls a device for locomotion (for example, a bicycle or car)
  • vehicle driver (switzerland., austria.)
  • woman at the wheel (of the vehicle)
  • Driver (technical term., amtsdeutsch): person who drives a motor vehicle
  • man at the wheel (of the vehicle)
  • driver (switzerland., suddt., AUSTRIAN.)

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Car driving license

From the day of registration you are entitled to the prices set in the contract for one year. In order to know in advance what costs you can expect, you can download below the respective flyers.

class B: car driving license

You can start getting your car driver’s license at 16 ½ (accompanied driving at 17).
Then you can start driving at the earliest 12 weeks before the age of 17. Birthday the theory test and 4 weeks before the 17. Take the driving test on your 18th birthday.


Car driving license


All you need to know about driving license class b

At the age of 18 many have made THE driver’s license. But mostly this means the driving license for the car and therefore class B. And which vehicles can be moved with this license??

With a class B driver’s license, vehicles with up to nine seats (incl. driver’s seat) and a weight of 3.5 tons are to be driven. A trailer up to a weight of 750 kg includes this driving license.

Should trailers with greater weight be moved (e.g.B. A residential or a boat trailer) you need the class BE. This is usually acquired during the training for class B, but can also be made up for later.


Current corona rules in sh: 2g-plus in restaurants and restricted hours

Schleswig-Holstein’s government has tightened the corona regulations. Here we give in alphabetical order an overview, what is allowed and what is forbidden is.

Details of the federal resolutions and the new infection control law can be found here.

On the computer, you can search for keywords using the key combination CTRL+F (on the mac apple+F) – on mobile devices, this is usually done using the three-point menu and "search on page".


When is a child allowed to ride in a car without a child seat??

Time flies with children. just yesterday we smiled at our little bundle of humanity in its baby car seat in love and wondered how tiny such a newborn is. And today? our baby has become a rather large schoolchild almost overnight, who has been insisting for days that a child seat is quite embarrassing and that he will certainly not ride a meter in it again. We were all young once and maybe we even remember the situation from our childhood when we tried to convince our own parents that we didn’t need a seat anymore. Do you still remember? The fact is: the current child seat obligation, according to which children up to a height of 150 cm or more are allowed to drive in a car without a child seat, does not apply. Until their 12. birthday in the car must be secured with a child restraint system, exists as such already since 1993. Since then, many things have fortunately changed and improved in the area of child seats, but our grandchildren will certainly still be having the discussions about child seats.

Does my child still need a child seat?

That your child up to the age of 12 years or. The fact that a child must be transported in a child seat up to a height of 150 cm is due to the fact that the vehicle seat belt is designed for the height and stature of an average adult. If your child is smaller than 150 cm, the belt is usually not positioned optimally (at the neck instead of over the shoulder, over the belly instead of at the pelvis, etc.).). There is also a risk that the child may slip out of the safety belt in the event of an accident. The touring club switzerland resp. TCS mobility consulting captured such a scenario on video during a crash test:

It is a fact that, according to the German Federal Statistical Office, around 1.000 children under 12 years of age in the parents’ vehicle in an accident on the way to school. The German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) therefore pointed out u. A. In its press release dated 26. May 2010 repeatedly points out the importance of child seats for older children (pdf for download). For many years, the ADAC has also been pointing out that even older children must be secured with and in child seats as part of the child seat obligation and the legal provisions for the prevention of serious consequences of accidents.


Car driving license (classes b, bf 17, be, b96)

The car driver’s license covers motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons maximum permissible mass. Minimum age 18 years. You can also drive trailers with this license class. Here applies: total towing weight max. 3.5 t z.G.

Prescribed special rides:
5 interurban journeys, 4 freeway journeys, 3 night journeys

We help you competently and with a lot of fun to obtain the driving license B. We will go through all the necessary requirements and everything you need to know about the car driving license with you, point by point. We advise and support you in all questions around this topic.


Car driving license in barsinghausen

With the class B driving license you can drive motor vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of max. 3.500 kg driving. you still need a first aid course, a vision test and a passport photo.

theory and practice

  • compulsory hours | theory: 14
    12 double hours – basic material
    2 double hours – additional material (class specific)
  • practice driving according to need
  • compulsory driving hours | practice: 12
    5 driving hours – intercity
    4 driving hours – freeway
    3 driving hours – in the dark

Motor vehicles up to 3.5 t maximum weight
total weight up to 8 seats
(except driver’s seat)


Further cases and reactions

The Jesuit locality has also helped victims of abuse by members of the order in Hamburg and St. Blasien asked for forgiveness. "These victims carry burdensome memories and now raise their voices. I thank them for that," said the highest-ranking Jesuit in Germany, Father Stefan Dartmann, in Munich on Tuesday. Berlin Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky expressed his "dismay and surprise".

Students at Berlin's Canisius College accuse the two religious clergymen at the time, Peter R. (69) and Wolfgang S. (65) of sexual assault. Wolfgang S. was accused of further assaults after his transfer to the then Jesuit-run St. Ansgar School in Hamburg(1979-1982) and the Jesuit High School Sankt Blasien in the Black Forest (1982-1984). The same applies to Peter R. to, who was a member of the Gottingen Jesuit Niederlang in the diocese of Hildesheim from 1982 to 1995 pastor.

Diocese of Hildesheim: Two cases of The diocese of Hildesheim announced that in the diocese there are now two cases of abuse by Peter R. concretely known, in at least one case it was a minor. "From today's perspective, we have taken the accusations too little seriously and clearly underestimated the scope of further developments," admitted the then Bishop Josef Homeyer on Tuesday. "I deeply regret this."According to the diocese, a mother informed Homeyer in October 1993 that Peter R. had indecently touched her 14-year-old daughter. As a result, the diocese had banned the priest from youth ministry, but did not follow through on that ban. In 1997 Peter R. been accused of further sexual harassment. As a result, he said, he was transferred from the parish. The episcopal commissioner for cases of sexual abuse in the diocese of Hildesheim, Canon Heinz-Gunter Bongartz, emphasized that the diocese today resolutely pursues every suspicion and intensively deals with victims and perpetrators. Currently, the diocese is examining whether Peter R. further people sexually abused. In the fall of 1982, his order had transferred him from the Canisius College to the Jesuit Niederlang Gottingen. There he took over the duties of the deanery youth pastor. At the time of the hiring, the diocese said it was unaware of any misconduct by the priest.