Car loan revocation? We check your contract!

It is not only the revocation of real estate loans or consumer credit that offers consumers the opportunity to save money. Many car banks, including volkswagen-bank ("VW financial service") and its branches for seat, skoda and audi, did not correctly inform borrowers about the right of withdrawal. Car buyers now have the chance of a lucrative revocation!

Many consumers finance the purchase of a vehicle with a car loan. the car manufacturer’s offer to conclude financing via the company’s own bank is often used. The revocation offers consumers the possibility to get rid of the loan agreement and the old car without losses.

Update from 09. September 2021: the court of justice of the european union (eugh) today made legal history – and gave the federal court of justice (BGH) what is probably the biggest slap in the face in its existence. What will annoy germany’s highest civil court, consumers can be all the more pleased about: according to the eugh, unclear information was provided in many private loan agreements. The consequence: the revocation period for these contracts never began to run. That’s why consumers can still revoke their loan agreements even after many years (az.: C-33/20, C-155/20, C-187/20). Take this chance!


Retrofitting a trailer coupling (ahk) – differences, things to know& costs simply and briefly explained!

Retrofitting a trailer coupling (AHK) - differences, things to know& costs simply and briefly explained!

Vehicles from VW, skoda, audi, seat, mercedes-benz, BMW, porsche, volvo, opel and numerous other manufacturers are affected by the diesel scandal.
tip: check here free of charge and without obligation whether you are entitled to compensation – done in just 1 minute! By the way: claims for damages often apply even if you have already sold the car again have.
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Costs for retrofitting a trailer hitch

The total costs for a retrofit vary depending on the vehicle model and type of trailer hitch.


Emissions scandal how diesel drivers get compensation for damages

Exhaust gas scandal - How diesel drivers get compensation for damages

Many car manufacturers have illegally tricked. Audi, daimler, fiat, porsche and VW must compensate buyers of affected cars. Here you will find all the information.

  1. Overview
  • What’s new in the emissions scandal??
  • What is actually the scandal?
  • Who is affected by the emissions scandal?
  • As the owner of a car with illegal engine management, can I claim compensation from the manufacturer??
  • Assuming that I am entitled to compensation as the owner of a scandal car, what can I claim from the manufacturer??
  • How is the compensation for use calculated, which VW is allowed to deduct from the purchase price to be refunded??
  • Is compensation for the kilometers driven with the car also to be taken into account in the "small damages"??
  • How much interest must the manufacturer of a car with illegal engine management pay me if he is ordered to compensate me??
  • Can manufacturers be held liable for the unacceptably high emissions of their cars??
  • What can I do as a victim of an emissions scandal if I am entitled to compensation for damages according to the Federal Court of Justice??
  • What can I do as the owner of a mercedes GLK or GLC for which the Federal Motor Transport Authority has forced mercedes to retrofit a new engine management system because of illegal engine management??
  • What can i do as the owner of an audi, porsche or VW with 3.0 to 4.2 liter V6 TDI from audi company to get compensation for damages?
  • When does my right to compensation for damages due to the emissions scandal expire??
  • Can I still sue for damages despite the expiration of the three-year statute of limitations??
  • Do I have any rights at all against the seller of a scandal car??
  • Can I withdraw from the contract if I have received a car with an illegal engine management system??
  • If I complain, do I have to give my dealer the chance to fix the problem??
  • I want to withdraw from the purchase and claim the purchase price back. I have to take into account an amount for my driven kilometers. How is it calculated?
  • When do my rights against the dealer become time-barred??
  • How can I stop the statute of limitations??
  • As a buyer of a used car with illegal engine management, do I have the same rights as the first owner??
  • What do I have to bear in mind if I have leased a scandal car??
  • What changes if I paid for my scandal car with a car loan arranged by the dealer??
  • How did the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) rule on the VW scandal??
  • How do the federal judges justify their decisions??
  • What about interest paid by scandal car owners when financing their car??
  • What has the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) decided about the statute of limitations??
  • Do the previous BGH rulings also apply to other scandal car owners??
  • How the european court of justice (eugh) views the emissions scandal?
  • I own a car with an EA189 engine, but have not done anything about it yet. Can I still stop the statute of limitations for possible claims for damages against VW, or is it too late??
  • What applies if i had registered my rights at the time to the vzbv’s sample complaint against VW?
  • What risk do I run if I take legal action against the manufacturer without legal protection insurance??
  • What can I do if I cannot afford the advance for lawyer’s fees and court costs??
  • As the owner of a scandalous car, can I expect support from the authorities??
  • What happens with the scandal cars?
  • What are politicians doing about the emissions scandal??
  • How do I find out what emission class my car has??
  • Car manufacturers offer "environmental bonuses" if you return your old diesel. Is it worth it?
  • What exactly did volkswagen do in terms of retrofitting?
  • Why retrofit? Wouldn’t it have been enough if the cars always drove in clean test bench mode??
  • How do pollutant emissions and fuel consumption change when cars are retrofitted??
  • Does the durability of the engines deteriorate as a result of the retrofit??
  • Can I still drive cars with manipulation software on board??
  • Can the authorities revoke the registration of my car??
  • Can I defend myself against the withdrawal of registration and immobilization??
  • Do I get a new tuv for a scandalous car without retrofitting??
  • Do I have to expect driving bans?
  • Do i have to pay car tax if VW has underreported the carbon dioxide emissions of my car??
  • Am i liable for unacceptably high emissions from my car??
  • As a VW shareholder, am I entitled to compensation for share price losses??
  • Is there a model procedure that I can follow as an investor??
  • What do I have to consider as a VW shareholder if I want to claim damages??


What’s new in the emissions scandal?


Wagner as part of a longer story

The Vatican intervened in the debate over the resignation of Father Gerhard Maria Wagner, who had been appointed auxiliary bishop in Linz. As officially announced by the latter on Monday, Pope Benedict XVI accepted. Wagner's resignation to. The Catholic News Agency (KNA) documents stages of a conflict that also gets its explosiveness from earlier events concerning bishop appointments in Austria.

April 1950: Franz Jachym (1910-1984), professor of moral theology in Vienna, is appointed coadjutor to Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna. Immediately before his ordination, Jachym leaves St. Stephen's Cathedral, for reasons never fully explained. The ceremony will take place a month later after a personal conversation with Pope Pius XII. made up in Rome. A precedent for the "Causa Wagner"..
July 1986: Benedictine Hans Hermann Groer (1919-2003) is honored by Pope John Paul II. Appointed archbishop of Vienna and elevated to cardinal in 1988. An appointment that becomes a problem a few years later.
March 1987: Kurt Krenn, a theology professor in Regensburg, is appointed auxiliary bishop in Vienna. The consecration was preceded by sharp protests against Krenn, who expressed strict conservatism. On the day of the consecration in late April, Catholics lay on the ground in a vain attempt to prevent him from entering the cathedral.
1991: Krenn moves to St at pope's behest as diocesan bishop. Polten. New protests are the result.
1995: A former student of Cardinal Groer makes serious accusations of sexual abuse against him. Groer remains silent on the matter, but resigns from the presidency of the bishops' conference in April. Shortly thereafter, the Vatican assigns Auxiliary Bishop Christoph Schonborn to him as coadjutor with the right of succession. In mid-September, Groer's resignation on grounds of age from the previous year is accepted. The "Causa Groer" leads to a so-called church referendum in Austria and a wave of church resignations.
2004: Following a sex scandal at the seminary in St. Polten must resign Krenn from the leadership of the diocese after he called downloads of child pornography and homosexual acts in the seminary "boy stupidities". Bishop Klaus Kung of Vorarlberg will initially be appointed as apostolic visitator to investigate the incidents and in the fall will be appointed the new bishop of St. Polten deployed.
31. January 2009: Pope Benedict XVI. Appoints Gerhard Maria Wagner, pastor of Windischgarsten in Upper Austria, as auxiliary bishop in Linz. The news triggers a wave of protest; the conservative Wagner had made headlines several times with controversial statements. The country's media get broadly on the subject, reporting that the appointment bypassed the Austrian bishops at the instigation of those close to the pope.
11. February 2009: In an unusual move, a large majority of the diocese's conference of deans publicly opposes Wagner's ordination. This one may renounce the office or Diozesanbischof Ludwig Schwarz does not carry out the consecration.
15. February 2009: Media in the region report on a petition among Upper Austrian pastors against the consecration. In the evening, Wagner lets it be known that he has asked the pope to withdraw his appointment. The news agency Kathpress, citing Bishop Schwarz, reports that the Vatican has already complied. Confirmation from Rome, however, remains elusive.
16. February 2009: Austrian bishops gather for crisis meeting in Vienna. They speak of errors in the procedure of the appointment and express respect for Wagner's decision.
17. February 2009: Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi says there will be an official statement on the Causa Wagner. But the timing of this is not foreseeable at present, he said.
2. March 2009: The Vatican informs that Pope Benedict XVI. had accepted Wagner's resignation.


How is the pope?

How is the pope?

Pope Francis © Danny Lawson

Despite accusations by the former nuncio in the U.S., Pope Francis is "calm and serene," says Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in an interview with the Spanish edition of Vatican Insider this Thursday.