Atlantis discovered on satellite pictures?

Is Atlantis in the mud before Gibraltar, Cyprus, in the bermuda triangle or even before Heligoland?

The legendary island is a counsel that not only fascinates archaologists. She is a myth, but there could be a real background of the described utopia, a stucco land that sank in the sea. Much has been speculated where the legendary ruins are best to look for. Now two Germans join the thesis, Atlantis lie in Sudspania and not somewhere in the sea. They relate to satellite pictures. Other researchers are already on the way to Cyprus.

Labeled old citys have awakened the explorer’s lust in the past, and it turned out that the places described by antique writers such as MyKene or Troja) actually existed. Archaologists are trying to get started and digging the biblical equipments (everything is in the Bible). With satellite pictures in Handen even an expedition is on the way to the mountain Ararat, where you suspect the Uberreste of the Noah Ark (Satellite Photo Lost New Search Action after the Noah Ark).


“Controlled by the doctors kagan”

The direct route to the commanding General: How two celebrities US Think Tank Members Petraeus

Close to the top of the militar command does not work: The couple Frederick and Kimberly Kagan had direct access to General David H almost almost a year. Petraeus, when he was commander of the US Forces Afghanistan and the ISAF in Afghanistan (from the beginning of July 2010 to mid-July 2011). Unlike military attractive, they were not obligated to find a substantial service route to find obedience, but they could bring their expertise unaffectedly, directly and extensively to the general.

Voices the research of the journalist Rajiv Chandrasaran, so the two Think-tank personalities from Washington have a separate desk in the district of the militar commands, they received access to high-level strategy chances, and the security permit, which also allowed them to do so, To take insight into intelligence information. Both are to have read, for example, covered speech between Taliban members with coarse pleasure and commitment.


Al qaeda and iran, bin laden and hitler – lenin

With a dangerous rhetoric, US Prasident Bush wants to bring people back and speaks again from the historical order in the war against terrorism, whereby the Shiites and the Iran look at Al-Qaeda to the new enemy

Before the upcoming congress elections in November, the Bush government tries the attention to the reminder of the 11.9. and thus to address the fear of and the war against terrorism in order to counter all the popularity loss of the prasident and the republicans caused mainly through the Iraq war. With the terror, US Prasident has really prevalently enforced and can rule for a long time dominated for a long time. Similar to the wife house from the striking of the 11.9. A historical broadcast of the now living generation to the rescue of freedom and civilization in front of the boses, the spin doctors around Bush now resort to the same means, but dramatize the situation and stylize the World War against terrorism as the "gross ideological struggle of the 21. Century "he with the fight in the 20th. Century against fascism and communism or totalitarianism equals – and thus the US and as a savior builds without the rest of the world lost goods. Hitler and Lenin are also striking, again is the speech of the "reputation of history" and Bush pushes on a new enemy on Al Qaeda: Iran.

US Prasident Bush at his speech in front of the Military Officers Association of America on Tuesday. Image: Weibe’s house


Eu burger demand more climate protection

EU burger demand more climate protection

The EU Commission published a survey on climate policy and energy carried out in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Committee

The survey carried out in front of the climate summit shows that the burgers and burgers in all EU countries are positive for the evidence of climate change with overwaling majority and not only becomes more ambition in this area from the EU and national decision-makers, but also a strengthening of energy security Wunschen in Europe.

Graphics: EU Commission


Conquer room pioneers broke

Urban development from below without city building

Once they were the terror of the city planner, now supported administrations projects for temporary use of inner-stadtic broken flats. Even if intermediate users liked permanently on empty flat and homes, the limits of property rights set their projects a frame (cf. Also urban conversion by communication).

While the city planner Ode and abandoned buildings and areas are left in the bads for years, until a new investor or a city’s construction project finds or simply nothing happens, occupy alternative users shortly the brakes. And discover new development options between stream and sandball.