“Played” is not enough – gta 5 must be inhabited

All pictures: Rockstar.

Claus Jahnel moved to Los Santos

Finally: After years of promo gait, GTA 5 has been published at least for the current consoles of Microsoft and Sony (a Fang ported for the PC is contaminated) and already sets the expected fantastic liaries. Now you have been too easy to make the GTA series considered a pure hype product. In particular, the 3er and 4 series – three individual parts have been published – have shown that this is one of the few brands of pop culture, which couples effective advertising campaigns with an obvious creative brilliance, which creates it again and again, to integrate all important developments in the game industry and to unite with its own innovations for the absolute state of things.


New details on the divorce: bill gates probably had affair

The nerdy appearance with V-neck sweater and the once thick horn-rimmed glasses may have been deceiving. Behind the facade of the seemingly mired in algorithms and charitable plans Microsoft founder Bill Gates According to the latest US media reports, a man who was in the mood for extramarital updates early on in his relationship with his wife Melinda French Gates, which broke up spectacularly two weeks ago after 27 years, was in the midst of a strange situation.

From one Affair that had cost him his seat and vote on the computer giant's board of directors. Of several cases in which the now 65-year-old allegedly stalked female employees. And of seeking marriage counseling from sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide and with whom he kept in touch for years. In order:

Microsoft engineer wrote letter about affair with Bill Gates

According to the "Wall Street Journal," a female Microsoft engineer reportedly wrote to company executives in the second half of 2019 to initiate a job change. She cited as the reason an affair with Bill Gates that the latter had in the Year 2000, started about six years after his marriage to Melinda French Gates, and had maintained over several years. The identity of the woman is not yet known. Just this: she demanded that the multi-billionaire's cuckolded wife get to read the letter.


Data backup by automatic

Image backup or data backup? Best both!

The actual overall data backup is often not made because it makes the circumstances: The computer is not usable during data backup, it is ongoing CDs or DVDs in the burner, it takes too long. The lost data to restore sometime, but still takes a lot of long. Acronis True Image offers in version 9.0 a practicable solution – if only for a single computer.

How is it now with the good predatances for the new year? No longer smoke? Oh, not started? Good. No longer drink? But, self-resistant, daily a liter of tea! Only with your own partner to bed? What, a own, quite for yourself? Great! And always best thought of the backup? Oh yes, though already thought – done but not. It was good so far. Hard drives now keep much more long than in the early years. And viruses, which make everything flat, get only Daus on the hard drive. or?


Flight simulator: openstreetmap errors lit buildings in the high

Flight Simulator: OpenStreetMap errors lit buildings in the high

It protrits into the sky like a broken space lift: Anyone who flies in the Microsoft Flight Simulator about a suburb of Melbournes, gets an outstanding living or bureauca to face, which is plenty in the otherwise flat-built area plenty.

Heise-Video-Producer Michael Wieczorek discovers the colos in Melbourne (from minute 15:15)

Hundreds of meters stretches this structurally fragment "monolith", As described in many internet users, into the high. Players of the Flight Simulator Meanwhile, to have identified the reason for the involuntary sightedness: Responsible is probably a typo in the Card Database OpenStreetmap (OSM). A user named "NathWright120" Have probably registered at OSM for the building accidentally 212 instead of the actual 2 floors.


Security researchers breaks over open-source repositories at paypal co. A

Security researchers breaks over Open-Source repositories at PayPal  Amp; Co. A

Many coarse companies such as Microsoft, Shopify and Uber put in their day-to-day work on scripts that are available for download in various open source repositories. This has used a security researcher as a TuroFNER to successfully enter the networks of more than a dozen gross companies.

He has collected his findings in a post. According to him, the companies knew about his research and he has declined, for example, against the background of bug-bounty programs in networks. He calls his approach "Dependency Confusion".

Old method recited

The idea is not completely new, but has a new turn. In the past, criminals repeatedly uploaded in public repositories of, for example, Node, Python or Rubygems in the hope, uploaded that admins in companies download and export the malware scripts.


Azure arc: vms automated get under control, regardless of the cloud

Azure Arc: VMS automated get under control, regardless of the Cloud

Microsoft has presented some new features for administrative tasks in Azure on its house fair Ignite. In a public preview, Azure Automation is now available, which simplifies the operation of virtual machines. So far, the provider had pronounced the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure Concrete Recommendations, how users should configure their VMs for secure operation.

Thanks to Azure Automation, a coarse part of these recommendations should be implemented automatically in the future: Administrators can register virtual machines here and depending on the purpose – to start the tool, Microsoft provides two profiles for productive and testing and developing machines – takes the software different settings. For example, due to its typically short lifetime, developer VMs do not receive automatic backup with azure backup, but those for productive use already.

In the Preview version, automakage can first handle Windows Server only. Linux, however, should be the blog entry to Microsoft.Com will follow com soon.


Microsoft build 2020: blazor webassembly is ready

Microsoft Build 2020: Blazor Webassembly is ready

The freshly published first variant of Blazor Webassembly carries the version number 3.2 in continuity at the published in December 2019 .Net Core 3.1. The next release should be together in November .Net 5.0 appear and also carry the version number 5.

Blazor Webassembly allows to develop Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with the programming language C #. The C # code is translated into the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and as .Net Assembly loaded into the web browser. There an interpreter processes the MSIL code. It is based on the .Net variant "Mono" and on his part as a webassembly code.

The missing access to the Document Object Model (DOM) in the WebAgSembly Standard Microsoft with the JavaScript library Blazor.Webassembly.JS. It not only charges the mono runtime environment and the .Net Assemblies (System Assemblies and Own), but also updates the Cathedral in the browser based on changes that Blazor Webassembly takes in a so-called Virtual Cathedral (S. Fig. 1).


Computer with built-in melancholy

A conversation with the American art historian Jonathan Crary

The American art historian Jonathan Crary works with the history of the human look. For the professor at Columbia University in New York, seeing and human subjectivity are not represented by ahistoric constants, but by technological, social and cultural conditions. Tilman Baumgartel responded to his new project.

According to crivy, technical or social changes show changes in human perception, which are also reflected in art as he in his book "Techniques of viewing" shows that has now appeared in German (publishing of art, Dresden / Berlin 1996, 56 marks).