Car driving license

31.01.2022 updated: 04:45

A lawyer’s recommendation causes astonishment – and debate: despite the obligation to carry their driver’s license, car drivers should rather not have it with them, according to the expert’s advice.

Cologne- For car drivers, attorney christian klages makes a clear recommendation on tiktok: the driver’s license* should rather be left at home- obligation or not. In case of doubt, one should just let it come to a fine. Because that’s nowhere near as bad as the consequences you could allegedly face if you have your driver’s license with you.


District court confirms – fake police car remains impounded

Police in celle have taken a fake patrol car out of circulation. the district court of celle has now confirmed the seizure.

The owner of the fake police car Oleksandr Shevchenko attaches the magnetic signs with the inscription Police

The fake police car of a car dealer from garben will not be seen in traffic in the near future. As the public prosecutor’s office explained in response to a question from the cellesche zeitung, the district court in celle has confirmed the seizure of the vehicle by the police. "This will keep the vehicle in official custody", lars janben, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office that filed the request, said on thursday.


Car accident: what to do in the event of a traffic accident?

Car accident: What to do in case of a traffic accident?

It happens quickly and unpredictably: the car accident. Keeping your cool in a situation like this is difficult. What must injured parties do who have been involved in a car accident?? Must the police be informed?? And what does it look like if an accident happens abroad??
These and other questions are answered by attorney solen izmirli and attorney dr. Claudia von seck LL.M. In the expert guide.

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How to behave correctly as an injured party in a car accident

If you are involved in an accident or cause an accident yourself, it is important to keep a cool head and behave as correctly as possible from a legal point of view. If you behave correctly after an accident, the chances are better that the accident will be settled. Accident settlement – whether it’s an accident with property damage only or an accident with (your own) personal injuries – should happen as smoothly as possible.


Britney spears is free: when she heard the verdict, she burst into tears

court revokes father’s guardianship | when britney heard the verdict, she burst into tears!

Jamie spears suspended with immediate effect

That’s how long britney spears fought for it – NOW she’s getting her life back! She is FREE. In the courtroom in los angeles was decided on Wednesday about the future of the pop star. BILD was live on the scene.

The mood in stanley mosk court was somber when at 13.30 o’clock local time judge brenda penny entered the courtroom. jamie spears, the father of pop icon britney, was among those who phoned in. The singer herself was not present and stayed away from the hearing – unlike at the two previous court hearings. Who spoke for her? Her self-hired attorney, mathew rosengart. He argued full of emotions for the freedom of his client.

And mathew rosengart was very clear in the courtroom, "the guardianship needs to be terminated today. Jamie spears is only after money. We want jamie spears to be deprived of all rights of guardianship today. My client, britney spears, deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as guardian."


Bugatti racer posted youtube video : 417 kilometers per hour on the freeway – is that punishable by law?

Does the "speeder paragraph" also apply to races against oneself? the federal court of justice has confirmed that. lawyers for traffic law are nevertheless skeptical.

Above a certain speed, perception becomes blurred

The video is speechless: the czech multimillionaire radim passer is raced across a german autobahn at 417 kilometers per hour – and filmed the ride for a youtube video. In the infobox of the video, he describes the conditions as follows: "the section of the A2 had three lanes, went straight for ten kilometers with a slight downward slope in the middle, and there was visibility over the entire section."


“How i met your mother”: this is what the actors are doing today

  • "How I Met Your Mother" fans can rejoice: Josh Radnor, who played architect Ted Mosby in the cult series, will be seen in a new Amazon series
  • From 21. February this year he is in the series
    "Hunters" to be seen alongside Al Pacino. In it, a group hunts Nazis who want to build a "Fourth Reich" in the U.S
  • The series is likely to revive old memories for some fans – we show what has become of the stars of the cult series

For nine seasons, the "How I Met Your Mother"-Viewers as Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) tells his children the story of getting to know their mother. How Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) start a family.

"How I Met Your Mother" star gets new Amazon series

How Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) picks up countless women and Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) is on a quest to find the meaning of life.

2014 ended the cult series. But what happened next for the stars of the series??


Berlin, hamburg, sankt blasien

Scandal over sexual abuse of students at Berlin's Canisius College draws wider circles. Germany's highest-ranking Jesuit, Father Stefan Dartmann, told reporters in Berlin on Monday that he is aware of 25 victims so far. Apart from the 20 affected at the Canisius College, there were 3 at Hamburg's St.-Ansgar School and 2 people at Jesuit High School in St. Blasien in the Black Forest.

The two alleged perpetrators Peter R. (69) and Wolfgang S. (65) would be accused of sexual assault and instruction in masturbation and indecent touching. The abuse of students occurred between 1975 and 1984, he said. Dartmann explained, Wolfgang S. Is also suspected of abuse outside of schools, he said. In the 1980s, for example, there was a complaint from a mother in the Gottingen area who accused him of assaulting her 14-year-old daughter. He had also stated, as part of his application for laicization, that he had committed assaults while living in Chile and Spain between 1985 and 1990. The Jesuit provincial said it raises "the probing question of why the incidents did not come to light at the time". Obviously, the superiors of the two suspects would not have seen any obligation to report at the time. "It would have been right to turn the cases over to a law enforcement agency," he stressed. This is also provided for in the guidelines for members of religious orders that have been in force since 2003. The rector of the Canisius College, Klaus Mertes, admitted that already in 1981 there had been "hidden indications" of the abuse cases in the Jesuit gymnasium. They would have found in a written criticism of former students of the concept of sex education. "I am ashamed that the school did nothing at the time," Mertes said verbatim. When asked, he said the order was open to financial claims for compensation from the victims. According to his impression, a complete clarification of the incidents is the most important reparation for them.

Acts? Dartmann announced that the Jesuit order would also examine the extent to which its leaders at the time had not fulfilled their duty of service. Before that, however, the report of the order's representative for victims of sexual abuse, attorney Ursula Raue, announced for mid-February, must be awaited. Raue said Monday she will now look at the files and wants to talk about "what structures have promoted it that it remained in the dark". It suspects the origin in Catholic sexual morality. "I know of two offenders with whom I also have contact".Meanwhile, the Berlin public prosecutor's office is checking whether the acts are now time-barred, as a spokesman said in response to a query. "Obviously that's the case," he added, explaining. "Then the ie is over for us as a law enforcement agency through."Even if there had been obstruction of justice in the early 1990s, the statute of limitations had long since expired.