Autoimmune disease: cause, symptoms and treatment – how it differs from an allergy

A doctor measures a patient's blood pressure (symbol image)

an autoimmune disease can cause symptoms similar to those of an allergy. In contrast to allergies, however, the immune system is directed against the body’s own substances and reacts with dangerous inflammatory reactions.

Keel- Normally, the immune system protect the body from foreign substances and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites by initiating a defensive reaction upon contact. In the case of autoimmune disease the immune system recognizes endogenous substances considered foreign and reacts with an exuberant immune response. This leads to inflammatory reactions that can cause severe damage to the tissue. It is estimated that about five to eight percent of all people from one of the almost 100 different autoimmune diseases affected. The symptoms of autoimmune diseases may resemble those of a allergy ähneln. The cause of allergic symptoms, however, is a pathogenic overreaction to harmless exogenous proteins (allergens).


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How to clean car seats correctly – step by step

How to clean car seats correctly - step by step

if you have a stain, you need instructions as soon as possible on how to clean your car seats – step by step. The earlier and better you react, the easier it is to get rid of the dirt. For the first time it is important what material the seats are made of, leather and fabric need different care products, but the basic steps are not very different. We have researched this thoroughly and explain in this article how we clean the car seats – step by step:

  • Preparation of the car seats and utensils
  • Pre-cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning cloths
  • Cleaning with a brush and suitable detergents
  • Drying with microfiber cloths

in case of leather you have to do a fifth step by applying a special cleaning product. It protects the material and gives genuine leather back the strength it needs. As a result you can enjoy spotless car seats.


Car photo

Halloween costume with a long past

There is something wrong with this car photo: see it directly?

At first glance, we see an empty vehicle interior - but there is a person hiding here

At first glance, this car looks like so many others on our roads. But the impression is deceptive. Because this vehicle is prepared for the next halloween party.


Driving in old age: when old drivers become a deadly danger

Poor eyesight, slow reaction time: many older people can no longer drive safely. But unlike other countries, policymakers are reluctant to carry out follow-up tests.

A participant in the driving training course for seniors aged 65 and over'Fit im Auto' stellt ihren Ruckspiegel ein.

An 81-year-old woman drives her car off a state highway in victor County and crashes into a group of five motorcyclists. They were standing with their vehicles at a bus stop. Two men are seriously injured. This happened on saturday.


Cleaning car seats: this is how it’s done

Vacuum cleaner on car seat

From the outside, a vehicle usually becomes dirty due to rust, bird droppings or dust particles. In the interior, on the other hand, dirt often collects on the shoes of drivers and passengers carried into the car, or stains are caused by eating and drinking in the vehicle. the good news: if it happens and the car seat shows an unsightly stain, you don’t have to Don’t always reach for the chemical mace.

Although there are various products available in specialist shops that you can use to clean the upholstery and make the car clean again. But many of them are marked with a black X on an orange background. This symbol indicates the presence of ingredients that are harmful or irritating to health. In many cases you can fortunately clean your car seats yourself and use inexpensive home remedies. This not only saves money, but also protects the upholstery and the environment.


Aquaforte feeders

Feeding the desired amounts at set times

A feeder is an easy way to feed your fish during the summer months or when you are on vacation. You can adjust the dosage naturally to the feeding behavior of your fish. This stimulates the growth and health of your fish and prevents excessive food residues in the pond, thus reducing the load on your filter.

Tip: use the high-quality aquaforte koi& for your feeder ornamental fish food.

Aquaforte feeders


Car service

Safety in the cold season

Driving a car: ADAC warns danger because of wrong clothes in the car

27.01.2022 updated: 16:19

When driving in winter, it is better to do without your thick jacket. The ADAC warns of a possible danger.