Car loan comparison 2022

For many people, the dream of owning a car is often several thousand euros away, so financing is essential. A car loan is often offered in the form of the balloon financing granted. This results in a high final installment and low monthly installments. But there are also offers with constant rates, as with classic loans.

On the internet it is easier to find a car loan without schufa more difficult to apply for than with traditional banks. In addition, there is the option of taking out a car loan without an earmarking connect. Find the right provider now in our overview, which has also performed excellently in car loan tests.external widget

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our car loan comparison 2022

  • If you choose an installment loan (or car bank loan) as an option for buying a car, your credit report must be as clean as possible. A good credit rating and, if possible, no records of overindebtedness are then necessary. In this way, you can benefit from favorable car loan interest rates.
  • A car loan can become a burden in unfavorable situations, even with an online car loan. This is especially true if the car was very expensive and the rates accordingly high. To ensure that the borrower does not lose the vehicle again immediately, residual debt insurance could be taken out. However, these insurances are expensive.
  • The loan with earmarking seems to be more popular among germans (according to gfk), although the money may not be used for other purposes. Presumably because the bank can calculate the risk better and therefore sets more attractive effective annual interest rates (target interest rate + additional costs).

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Lpg conversion

LPG conversion

Since 2001, M+S siekmeier has been offering the installation, repair and maintenance of autogas systems. We are therefore the first and most experienced certified installation company in essen. With the experience of many years we can observe that autogas (liquefied petroleum gas) is becoming more and more popular also in germany, after gas is already very well established as a fuel for example in the netherlands, france or italy.

The advantages of autogas systems outweigh the disadvantages:


The car loan for real savers

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fill out your credit request online, according to your credit request, and send it to us completely online. your request is free of charge and without hidden costs.

When filling out the loan application, you will be asked to provide personal data that is important for the loan processing. In order for your loan request to be processed quickly and smoothly, your information must be complete and correct. Otherwise, the processing time will be delayed and if necessary. So that the credit. All information is used for the credit check on your creditworthiness, which is carried out before any credit is granted.
a credit check is not necessary in the case of a credit without credit history.

2. Personal advice

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Your personal credit advisor will check your credit application and then, together with you, go through all the suitable offers. You decide for yourself and without obligation.


Financing a car: finding a cheap car loan

If you can finance your car out of your own pocket, you don’t have to worry about car loans. Paying cash or transferring the money in one go is the cheapest option anyway. The CAR Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen has calculated that cash payers save around 19 percent on the 30 most popular models. But many consumers cannot afford this if the new car costs a five-figure sum. Even used cars are sometimes too expensive for an immediate payment.

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Then the question arises: what is the best way to finance my car?? In addition to the well-known installment loan, the so-called balloon financing and its special form of three-way financing are particularly popular. In this article, we would like to present and compare the various car loans with their advantages and disadvantages. Valuable consumer tips and a concrete example calculation should also show a way to optimally finance your own car.


Car financing – which is the best for you now?

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Which car financing is best for me? This question depends on all kinds of things: for example, whether you plan to buy your new car permanently or only for a certain period of time. When and how often you need a car in the first place. How much financial leeway you currently have. How long you car and co. you want to pay off at all. Or what promotions are currently available.

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But first things first:


Car financing: compare offers

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