5 Cool home automation ideas

5 cool home automation ideas

Thanks to the meteoric rise of devices like amazon alexa, it’s easier than ever to turn your home into a smart home. While most people tend to focus on individual smart products like lights, switches or thermostats, automation is the real highlight. Instead of having to tell your smart home what to do, you want it to just do it. The good news is that there are a lot of cool ideas out there for home automation.

Turn on the kitchen lights after grocery shopping

Turning lights on automatically is one of the most popular ideas for home automation, and for good reason. Motion sensitive lights have been around for years. One of the best uses is to automatically turn on the kitchen lights when you come home with two arms full of groceries. So what do they need to make this happen? First look for a smart light switch that is easy to install and works with amazon alexa.


Buy car cash finance or lease?

buy car cash finance or lease?

How should you ideally finance your car?? Is buying cash, financing or leasing best?? This article will give you some guidance on whether you should buy a car with cash, finance it or lease it. In the following table you will find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of financing, leasing or buying cash.

Cash buyers used to be able to get great benefits when buying a new vehicle. However, the price of new cars is rising more and more. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for many to raise the full amount. Even if this were possible, it is not necessarily the best solution.


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Altenburger land district council sells broken-down fire truck to poland

The fire engine of the Grobstobnitz fire department, which was severely damaged in an accident, is now being sold by the district as owner to a Polish company

The fire truck belonging to the members of the Grobstobnitz fire department, which was badly damaged in a serious accident in the summer of 2018, is being sold off. As the county council of altenburg decided, it will go to a company in poland for 54,700 euros. But the district has nothing to gain from this.

It was dramatic scenes that unfolded on 27. July of the previous year on the freeway feeder road near schmolln. On that Friday, there was a dangerous goods accident on the A4 just before the altenburger land service area. The members of the grobstobnitz volunteer fire department were also called in to help – and then needed help themselves. Because as they were on their way to the scene of the accident, a truck suddenly swerved out of the back-up and collided with the tanker truck that was rushing towards them. Three of the crew were slightly injured in the process. A miracle that no more happened. The cab was almost completely destroyed by the force of the impact.


Determine car value


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Breadmaker test 2021

Enter the modern breadmaker. By simply putting in all the ingredients and pressing a few buttons, it does the rest of the work for you, making the bread making process faster and easier than the traditional way. You can also decide what goes into your bread, and try your hand at different varieties, from white bread to artisan breads. Which of the many manufacturers of bread makers on the market should you choose now?? Here, we’ve gathered factors like additional features, power, and bread capacity and compared five bread makers for you this way.

Table of contents

Panasonic breadmaker SD-ZB2512

The panasonic breadmaker SD-ZB2512 is the most expensive machine and at the same time belongs to those with the smallest capacity of up to 900 g. It is currently available for about 180 €. For the price, however, you can expect the largest selection of functions. With 38 functions including olive bread, whole wheat bread, mixed bread, pizza dough, sourdough culture and compote, this is the most versatile of them all. It can even prepare delicious jams and all this gluten-free if desired. Due to its vertical design, the machine has a small footprint and uses only 550 watts of power. You can’t go wrong with a 4.6 star rating on amazon. The only disadvantage: the high purchase price.