For whom is car leasing really worthwhile??

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For someone who needs a new vehicle but doesn’t want to buy or finance one, car leasing is an option. In contrast to buying a car, car leasing is quite profitable for some drivers. Instead of paying years of installments at the bank, you usually only bear the cost of a monthly "rent" and do not have to worry about selling it later on. this variant of vehicle ownership is becoming increasingly popular.

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Car loan comparison – calculate interest rates& secure a favorable car loan for your dream car

A new car, an annual car or a young used- this is the dream of many car buyers. But you have to put some money on the table for this. This money is often not available at a moment’s notice, or even if the capital is available, it often makes more sense to let it work and use the resulting good credit rating for financing. When it comes to buying a car, a car loan is one of the most popular financing models, which is why in this guide on STERN.De take a closer look at the special loan for car purchase.

What is a car loan, what are its special features, what are its advantages and disadvantages, who offers it and what to look out for in a car loan? A car loan is a classic installment loan, but it is a special-purpose loan and can only be used for certain purposes. The car loan is offered by car dealers or car banks as well as by conventional credit institutions and does not differ from a conventional installment loan in terms of the general conditions. The only difference between a car loan and other installment loans is that it is earmarked for a specific purpose. The loan amount taken out via the car loan may only be used for the purchase of a car, and in some cases the lenders exclude other vehicles such as mobile homes.

For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest investments in their lives, apart from buying a house. A favorable car loan is correspondingly important, because with large sums even small differences in interest rates mean high cost savings. Our comparison calculator will help you find the most favorable loan for buying a car. Often the car loans in the STERN.De-autokredit comparison significantly cheaper than the offers of the dealers. This often applies even in the case of zero-percent financing.


Car loan comparison: find the best car loan for your dream car

If you want to finance a new car, you can find the best car loan with our interactive car loan comparison suitable car loan with the best conditions in a few moments!

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How does the car loan comparison work??

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can find the car loan that best suits you and your needs. In our car loan comparison there are the following parameters:


Car loan

Our car loan is not earmarked. You can borrow it freely for the purchase of a new car, used car or other motor vehicle. Car repairs or the purchase of car parts can also be easily financed with our auto loan.

Car loan: what people look for before buying a car

Car loan: what people look for before buying a car


Car loan with low interest rates

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treat yourself to your dream car now thanks to a car loan

Do you need a new car because the old one is broken?? Have you grown your family and now need a larger vehicle?? Or would you like to finally fulfill your dream of a sleek sports car?? With the 1822direkt car loan, you’ll be in your new car in no time at all – whether you’re going for a spin alone or taking the kids on a family outing.

    You are already a customer? Then simply apply for your car loan via online banking.


Car loan 1/2022: the 5 best car loans in comparison

With a car loan, cars are financed. This can be for cars, motorcycles or mobile homes. With classic car loans, the financed vehicle serves as collateral. This increases the chances of obtaining car financing, while the conditions are more favorable. Some car loans are designed as annuity loans. Then borrowers repay at a constant rate over the term of the loan. Other variants provide for a final installment. Now you can easily compare your individual car loan online with our car loan calculator here and find a favorable provider.

Comparison: what is a car loan?

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Photo: visualgeneration / depositphotos a car loan is needed to finance vehicles. Private vehicle financing is available for new and used cars, motorcycles and mobile homes.


Car loan savings bank despite schufa

With the car loan savings bank despite schufa both a new car and a used car can be financed. Not only the car dealer, online credit providers or banks, also the car loan of the Sparkasse despite schufa with its extensive branch network has corresponding offers.

For car buyers interested in attractive car loan offers, a look at the savings bank can be beneficial.

– without obligation& free of charge-

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  • Neither the savings bank nor a regular bank grants a classic risk loan – despite schufa
  • In the case of clear negative features, only special loans in spite of or without schufa come into question
  • Check best right away yourself, what reputable credit offers await you
  • To do this, please apply for – naturally without obligation – directly your preferred car loan

car loan sparkasse despite schufa – finance your dream car

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The parliament of the european union proposed to amend the taxation of energies. This would also have had serious consequences for alternative drives such as autogas and natural gas – prices would have risen due to the tax increase. But that is now off the table.

For the time being, everything remains the same after 2018.

Drivers of an autogas vehicle can still enjoy the benefits of the minimized tax rate of 9.8 cents per liter. from 2018 this share will then increase to 22.3 cents per liter of autogas. This tax component, which is already anchored in the text of the law, will therefore continue after 2018 only about one third of the known tax rate for SUPER gasoline. So everything remains as it was – our customers can continue to smiling while refueling.

the chances until 2025 are more than good.

The current signals from brussels are clear: the opportunities for the tax concessions until the year 2025 stand really well. This means for your autogas conversion: more planning certainty. The plans of the expert committee are to take further measures in the EU fuel strategy.