Car loan comparison: low-cost financing for new and used cars

In germany, about 55 percent of private individuals use financing for new cars, while the figure for used cars is 41 percent. For this you take out a special car loan. Because the loan is earmarked for a specific purpose and the car can be used as collateral, the conditions are often advantageous. This article takes a closer look at what you need to know about car loans.

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What is a car loan?

car loan conclusion


Autogas lpg – an alternative engine for retrofitting

LPG retrofit

LPG – liquified petroleum gas is a fuel for gasoline engines. About 400.000 cars are equipped with LPG on german roads. A car that has been converted to run on autogas will run on either autogas or gasoline. It is easy to switch between the two fuels while driving. Normally the engines start with gasoline and as soon as the engine is warm enough, the system automatically switches to autogas. In germany, numerous car companies offer LPG ex works or as a direct conversion for new cars.

What is LPG made of?

LPG, liquid petroleum gas or LPG basically consists of a mixture of butane and propane. These two main components of automotive gas are used in the extraction of crude oil, but also in the refining of diesel, gasoline and other fuels.


Car dealers – your reliable partner for buying and selling cars / motor vehicles

Car dealers – your reliable partner for buying and selling cars / trucks / motor vehicles. Also online!

There are many car dealers in Germany. From a purely structural point of view, the industry distinguishes between at least two main categories.

On the one hand there are contract car dealer, who are mostly concerned with the sale and registration of new cars. And there are independent car dealers, whose core business is mostly the brokerage and trading of used cars. And then there is the field of export – car dealers, most of them are specialized in the purchase of used cars.

car dealers in germany

These types of car dealership can be distinguished in an ideal way. Of course, the transitions are fluid and cannot be completely separated from one another.


Car sticker printing: vehicle lettering from the test winner

What advantages and prices can you expect for car lettering??

Advertising on cars means one thing above all: to profit from years of vehicle marketing at a one-time cost. car sticker also reach a large target group, regardless of whether the car is moving or parked. prices for car lettering vary according to size and material: they can be tens or hundreds of euros.

So you can not only enhance the cityscape with your car advertising but stir the advertising drum for your company nationwide and maybe europe-wide. With our vehicle lettering, you can also rely on durable and weather-resistant bumper stickers that we print for you in the best quality.

Tip: even for private individuals, the stickers are a great way to make your car unique. With us you can therefore design your own car stickers – we take care of the car sticker printing for you. Use our professional service for example, if you want to show everyone after graduation with a car tattoo for little money that you have graduated. fan clubs can express their affiliation with stickers and support their favorite club or band. Are you a member of a sports club? make more out of your passion. Win new club members, for example, with the advertising you put on your car.


Selling a car: how to get the best price for your used car!

Sell the car, get the best price

Before you make a hasty decision to sell your car, you should first consider whether it makes sense to do so now or whether other options would be preferable. The following questions could help you make your decision:

Young used car: what do you have to consider?

If you want to sell a relatively new car, you should first make sure that you don’t lose too much value in the process. Did you purchase your car as a new car within the last five years?? Then you should keep it for a while longer. Because during this time, a total value decline of 65 percent occurs, according to the. ADAC. Only from the fifth year a moderate loss of value occurs, which according to the club in the same period is then only 25 percent.


Auto shares: why the stock market is wild about vw, bmw and daimler right now

German carmakers’ shares are higher than they have been for years, while some of their foreign competitors are weakening. suppliers in the smaller indices also celebrate successes. The good mood is no coincidence.

189 euros for a volkswagen share, something the wolfsburg group has not seen since the emissions affair. At the beginning of march, VW shares rose higher than at any time in the last five and a half years. Since the turn of the year, the share has thus gained about a quarter in value. Among the world’s largest automakers, this is second only to general motors, which is actually trading at a record high following its complete realignment.

Volkswagen vz.


Lpg – an environmentally friendly fuel

Driving with autogas from SCHARR is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and of high quality. Quality plays an important role for us: SCHARR autogas meets all quality standards according to DIN EN 589. Find out now!

Gas mixture of propane and butane

LPG is a liquefied petroleum gas that has been established for many years as an excellent alternative to conventional fuel. The English abbreviation "autogas" is often used for this LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) used. autogas is a gas mixture liquefied under pressure, consisting of propane and butane. For an efficient use of the autogas, the propane/butane mixing ratio is based on the season of the year. It has been found that this mixture ratio is optimal. In summer there is more butane (40 % propane / 60 % butane). This provides a higher energy content and lower consumption. In winter, propane dominates to guarantee an optimal vapor pressure range. LPG vehicles are bivalent vehicles. This means it can be switched from gas operation to gasoline operation.

LPG - an environmentally friendly fuel


Drive-in cinemas in germany

A lthough the drive-in movie theater is a typically US-American invention is, the open-air cinema enjoys great popularity also with us. The recipe for success of the drive-in cinema: it offers completely new experiences for the visitors and, on top of that, enjoys a romantic reputation. It is not for nothing that this form of cinema is extremely popular among couples and a great place to go for dates or the celebration of the anniversary or wedding day.

  • Originally from the USA
  • Popular with couples
  • Ca. 20 drive-in cinemas in germany
  • Significantly larger screen

drive-in cinema – a successful concept

Sign from the drive-in

Surely everyone has a very special picture in front of your eyes, when it comes to drive-in cinemas. This special form of cinema is generally regarded as something very special – even though the drive-in cinema was invented in the USA in the 1930s and has been known in Germany for many decades.