Which campaign promises trump has kept – and which he hasn't

Four years
Donald Trump are around. Did the U.S. president, who on Tuesday faced off against his challenger Joe Biden running for re-election, kept his promises? Fifty-six percent of Americans in a Gallup poll say they are better off today than they were in 2016. On closer inspection, the results are mixed: Rays of light, but also a lot of shadow.

Plus: Trump's
job upswing inherited from the eight Obama years (2008 to 2016), and growth has been fueled by radical tax reform and mass Deregulation RAPIDLY ACCELERATED. He achieves improved trade agreements with neighbors Canada and Mexico, as well as South Korea and Japan. Until spring 2020, there was record employment. Unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, its lowest level in 50 years.

Higher wages were paid for menial labor as well. The number of food stamp recipients dropped by about six million in 2018. On the stock market climbed the Dow Jones stock index By February to record heights around 30.000 points. Then came the corona virus. Almost all economic gains have been erased.


Power hindenburg platz?

In Munster, the Burger vehemently argue about naming a place

The renaming of the Hindenburg Square in Schlossplatz adopted by the City Council in Schlossplatz influences many burgers in their home sensation. Memorial culture is not synonymous with honor. In September, the Munsteraner therefore votes in a burger decision over a possible backbiting. The summer hole topic could end in a Schildburgerstreich.

General Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg had had good chances of taking into German history as a large asympath. During the First World War, he disabled the Emperor and controlled Germany via the Supreme Army Leaders conducted by him in a kind of military engineer. Hindenburg liked with inhuming Bonmonts like that, he had slept well during the battle at Tannenberg. The required cadaverous sorespoke cost alone in the battle for Verdun over 300.000 and in the battle of the Somme one million lives – without any sense.


Not worthy of blessing?

After blessing a homosexual couple, the Catholic priest Peter Kollas from Wetzlar has been recalled from the office of district dean. The responsible bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, had decided to take this step after Kollas had helped to celebrate a registered civil partnership in Wetzlar Cathedral last Friday, the diocese of Limburg announced on Wednesday. In an interview with this site, press spokesman Robert Eberle explains the process.

A blessing of registered civil partnerships by Catholic chaplains is not possible, the statement said. Otherwise, the false impression could arise that the church equates homosexual unions with marriage. He said that the Catholic Church was committed to seeking appropriate forms of pastoral care for homosexual persons. According to the teachings of the church, however, this can in no way lead to the legal recognition or blessing of homosexual unions. The diocese pointed out that the Wetzlar pastor had shown himself to be reasonable in a conversation with the bishop. The priest has never blessed registered partnerships before and will not do so in the future. According to the diocese, a provisional district dean for the Wetzlar district will be appointed in the next few days, who would enjoy the necessary confidence of the bishop. District deans act as representatives of the bishop in the districts. The gay couple blessed by Kollas had married in the registry office before the ceremony last Friday in Wetzlar Cathedral. Afterwards the festive party had moved into the cathedral, as diocesan spokesman Eberle explained. The ceremony in the cathedral would have been attended by about 150 people, including a Protestant clergyman.After the ceremony, there were "protests and irritations" from Catholics, but also Protestant Christians. In order to avert "further damage", the district dean was recalled. Kollas will keep his office as pastor. The 55-year-old had shown himself "insightful".

Criticism from homosexual associations The Alliance Greens and the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) criticized the bishop's measure. The parliamentary director of the Green Party, Volker Beck, spoke of an "intellectual indictment". He said the decision was "a document of pharisaic bigotry and of ruthlessness toward homosexual Christians". LSVD spokesman Axel Hochrein accused the Catholic Church of trying by all means to suppress the lesbians and gays in their parishes. The federal chairman of the Lesbians and Gays in the Union (LSU), Reinhard Thole, declared that the church does not have the right to deny its blessing to two loving people. "We bless horses, cars, devotional objects. Then why shouldn't we also bless the love of two people," he said. The blessing, also of two homosexual lovers, is not a sacramental act and does not mean thereby also the equality with the sacrament of the marriage.


Year in review: here's what was going on in salzgitter in 2019

Year in review: here's what was going on in salzgitter in 2019

The city of Salzgitter has had an eventful 2019. Above all, it was a money-losing year. In local politics, however, there were also new department heads, it was about ailing schools, state aid and a spirit of optimism.

On the evening of 9. April there was a major fire in Salzgitter-Bad. Several houses were damaged, some severely, in the heart of the old town and became uninhabitable. Investigations into the cause of the fire continue.

The battle for the climate did not stop at Salzgitter companies either. They are adapting their production to the energy transition and setting out for a climate-friendly world. Volkswagen is also involved, starting with a pilot plant for small-scale battery production.


Ill by biosprit

The conversion of the worldwide motor vehicle fleets on Ethanol demands the Olreserven – Cities, but reckon with a high air burden, has investigated a US researcher


Who as a cyclist daily the exhaust gases petrol and diesel-driven cars snuffles, the woman is instinctively, which the chemists can also measure: Healthy is not. In the combustion of gasoline in the automotive engine, canceling substances such as benzen and butadiene. After all, three quarters of benzen emissions in the air go back on car gasoline. On the other hand, the fuel Ethanol producible from renewable raw materials burns clean, so at least the gear ratio, to water and carbon dioxide.