Polishing car paint

Car polishing

Safety is the top priority for the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is nice to see the car paint shiny and shining. But the cleaning must also be right.

Below you will get tips all around a car polish, from the possibilities to the sealing. In addition, we will discuss the cost of a professional car polish in more detail.


Buying a car: beware of this financing trap! Thousands of euros are at stake

Buying a car: beware of this financing trap! Thousands of euros are at stake

many car dealerships advertise zero percent financing on new cars and young used cars. However, this is often only apparently cheap. If you choose a different financing option instead, you can save around 5 percent on your car 000 euros. This is shown by calculations of the comparison portal verivox.

rebate beats financing

the catch in the car dealers’ appealing-sounding offer: "there is no such thing as genuine zero-percent financing", says verivox managing director oliver maier. "Zero-interest offers at the dealership are subsidized by the dealer or manufacturer to boost sales." there is nothing wrong with it for now. But since they already subsidize the financing, many dealers or manufacturers don’t want to give discounts on top of that. And at this point, the model falters.


Financing a new or used car

Financing a new or used car

A new car in a hurry? Very few people can afford this. According to statistics from the central association of the german motor vehicle trade (ZDK), a new car in 2015 has average 28.590 euro cost. Many car buyers therefore resort to a loan to pay for the new vehicle. What you should bear in mind when taking out a car loan, you can find out below.

This is how a car loan works

With a car loan, you pay back a fixed installment every month within a certain term. The lending bank charges a certain interest rate for this. This is, depending on the provider, creditworthiness-dependent or creditworthiness-independent. With creditworthiness-independent loans, every borrower pays the same interest rate. In the case of a creditworthiness-dependent interest rate, the credit institution calculates an individual interest rate for you. This depends on your creditworthiness. To determine it, the savings bank or bank checks your financial situation. To do this, you need information about your monthly net income, any additional income and regular expenses. In addition, the bank checks your payment history with credit agencies such as SCHUFA.


8 Facts about the environmental badge

Machine-printed environmental badge on the windshield

Green, yellow or red there are over 50 environmental zones in germany, you are only allowed to drive on these roads with the appropriate environmental sticker. in almost all cities only vehicles with a green fine dust sticker are permitted. The exceptions are augsburg and neu-ulm, which are also accessible with a yellow sticker. The environmental zones are intended to contribute to the reduce nitrogen oxide and fine dust pollution. We have summarized the following facts for you so that no questions remain unanswered about the fine dust sticker.

How to obtain the environmental badge

You can get the fine dust sticker at the TuV, at dekra, the vehicle registration offices, the citizens’ registration offices or purchase online. Specially machine-printed environmental badges guarantee long legibility and service life.


Buying a car on the internet

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The parents’ handbook

Information and tips for parents, children and families

The parents' handbook

The birth of a first child has a major impact on a couple’s life – right down to the choice of car. Instead of prestige, looks or sporty qualities, it is now usually the utility value that decides the purchase. Around 83 percent of parents-to-be are planning to buy a different car for the birth of their child. The main focus here is on the space available.

So what type of car is best suited to a young family??


Car heater blows cold air – possible reasons and what you should do

Our cars are not only a means of transport, but also provide a reasonable level of comfort during the journey. It’s hard to deny that vehicles have become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

When winter comes and the temperatures drop, you’ll love driving in the comfort of your car’s cabin. You turn on the heater but wonder ? Why is my heater blowing cold air into my car??

Car heater blows cold air - possible reasons and what you should do

Instead of just scratching your head for hours to spend hundreds of dollars on a mechanic later, you may want to try some fixes we offer.


Buying cars online – dealers must change their sales channels

Patrick Tarkowski

by patrick tarkowski

Buying new cars online

A study has revealed that the future of car retailing lies in the digital world. By 2020, one in three cars will be bought online, which will affect young, Internet-savvy buyers and families in particular. Car dealers and manufacturers must adapt to a change in sales channels. It is clear that only those suppliers who offer multi-channel solutions and can compete on price with the often low-priced offers of online exchanges and sales platforms on the internet have a chance in the digital competition.


Buying a car at the dealership: our tips

The majority of people still choose to go to a dealership when buying a car. On the one hand, it is the expert advice that offers an advantage over buying on the internet. Particularly in the case of high purchase sums for a sports car, it is of course appropriate to proceed in this way. We look at important tips to consider to pave the way to the dream car.

Clarifying financing

Before you decide on a dream car, you should know what you can afford. What is the maximum price for a new car?? Should it be paid for in cash or is financing possible?? If the latter is the case: should the financing be done via the dealership or do you take out a bank loan, which can usually lead to even better conditions for the purchase due to the cash payment??

Not all consumer loans that you can use to buy a car are really good and recommendable. It is therefore better to obtain sufficient information about the offers and compare them beforehand. Which bank offers which interest rate? Can you suspend an installment payment or can the loan even be put on hold for a while?? To buy a sports car that suits your needs, you will certainly need a good financial cushion.


Buying an electric car instead of a diesel or gasoline engine?

Buy electric car or diesel?

Is it worth buying an electric car today??

electromobility still leads to controversial discussions in our society. There are arguments for and against, above all the environmental thought must be considered here also once more nearer. Demand for electric vehicles has been rising steadily in recent years, with a particular boost in 2020 due to the increase in government and manufacturer subsidies. The economic stimulus package adopted in June 2020 to counter the corona crisis by doubling purchase premiums and reducing value-added tax from 19% to 16% for a limited period encouraged many buyers to switch to an electric vehicle.

13.5 percent (approx.194.000) and thus just under one in seven newly registered cars had a battery drive under the hood in 2020. In the previous year it had been 8.4 percent. VW had the highest share of newly registered e-cars, at just over 17 percent, followed by mercedes (just under 15 percent) and audi (9 percent).