Markus braun: this is how the interrogation of the ex-wirecard boss went

Markus Braun focuses on the brown door. Around him cameras click, cell phone cameras are pulled out. Flash in the pan. Braun wears a black turtleneck sweater, over it a black jacket and rimless glasses.

So one knows him. This outfit earned him comparisons as the Austrian version of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Two pioneers of the digital world. But that is the end of it for Braun. The gaunt Viennese walks through the door with quick steps, his gaze directed forward.

But also in the boardroom the as
publicity shy
Son of a teacher couple can't get rid of photographers. Only after a few minutes they have to leave the hall. Braun, however, remains, hands folded. The unpleasant part is still ahead of him.


Verdict handed down: harvey weinstein must serve 23 years in prison

Arthur Aidala, one of the many lawyers for the man who on Wednesday suffered the biggest movie break of his career that ended in disgrace, had been feeling bad for days. "I can't say I'm optimistic," said Harvey Weinstein's legal representative. The ex-Hollywood mogul had been found guilty of two counts of rape and aggravated sexual assault in late February. Aidala was right.

In the spectrum of four to 29 years that the penal code in New York state provides for these acts, the maker of "Pulp Fiction" and other box office hits landed in the top third with 23 years in prison at the hands of Judge James Burke in the first major trial of the #MeToo era. If the verdict holds up on appeal, Weinstein would be 91 years old when he walks free.

Harvey Weinstein – this is how he reacted to the verdict

The 67-year-old received the judge's ruling with silent shock. He was "confused" by the allegations, he said during his surprise closing remarks, which included a brief apology to the victims sitting behind him. Weinstein appeared stricken. After the verdict, he had a stent inserted because of heart problems. In the prison "Rikers Island", where he was later transferred, he suffered head injuries in a fall.


Privacy labels for iphone and ipad: google will take you time

Privacy Labels for iPhone and iPad: Google will take you time

Actually, Google is not lazy when updating his apps for iPhone and iPad – regularly there are updates with new features and troubleshooting. But since December, there is no more popular applications such as Chrome, Maps, Gmail, YouTube or Drive anymore. They remain on the old stand. At the Browser Chrome, the potentially could even result in the fact that the app has unknown security – the application was last on 23. Tested by Google, a little eternity.

Duty to more transparency since the 8. December

Many of the Google apps were last on the 7. December updated. This in turn is exactly one day before the official start of Apple’s freshly enforced duty to publish so-called data protection labels. The idea is more transparency. Apps are intended to provide users in the App Store preliminary information about what data is collected so that they can possibly refrain from downloadable.

The Group shares the privacy information in the sections "Data used to track your person", with the user "directly linked" as "unclear" Data on. In the area "Tracking" Must app providers disclose the potential creation of user profiles for advertising purposes, which combines the information collected in an iOS or iPados software with data from other apps or even websites and offline offers.


Report: apple wants siri remote “fix”

Report: Apple wants Siri Remote'fixen''fixen'

Apple works on a new version of his Siri Remote, the famous-erupted remote control of Apple TV devices. Corresponding information including the internal code name – he reads "B519" – should now be leaked, it is called in a report. The device, which in addition to simple buttons on a touchpad surface left, which impresses, was already introduced in 2015 with the Apple TV 4. In 2017, together with the Apple TV 4K, it came to a slight change – Apple donated the MENU button a woman’s ring so that it is easier to recognize.

Fragile hardware, operating problems

Main problem The Siri Remote was always that users grasp them wrong. The design is symmetrical, even if the touchpad has a different surface. In addition, the latter is quite small. The gestures that can be carried out with the Siri Remote are by no means self-clarifying and the glass-existing Touchpad is relatively fragile.

"Apple TV Remote" instead of "Siri Remote"

With "B519" are now planned stronger changes, reports 9TO5MAC Calling on informed circles. How exactly the appearance is not penetrated. The old Siri Remote Horte on the Codenamen "B439". That Apple could plan a new remote control for Apple TV, can already be found in beta versions of new Apple operating systems. In the youngest Apple calls the Siri Remote as "Apple TV Remote". A simple name eligibility does not seem to be this.


Mobile payment: sparkassen fresh payment app for android on

Mobile payment: Sparkassen Fresh Payment App for Android on

The savings banks have their app "Pay mobile" a comprehensive update missed. With version 3.1.2 Receive the app for contactless usage to NFC terminals not only a fresh face, but also new features. In the medium term, the savings banks want the app to one "Mobile Payment Wallet" expanding with coarse functionality, S-Payment GmbH shared as publishers of the application on Tuesday.

The most recent innovation is the safety PIN that must be set up after the update. Access to the app itself is only possible after entering this pin, optionally but also by biometric unlocking functions of the smartphone such as the fingerprint. However, this additional backup has no effect on the payment process, which runs as before.

New look

Overall, the app is now more modern therefore, the overview page of the app has been redesigned. In addition to the active and other registered cards, the last transactions are also at a glance. The cards stored in the old app are supposed and need not be newly digitized.