Car loan comparison – calculate interest rates& secure a favorable car loan for your dream car

A new car, an annual car or a young used- this is the dream of many car buyers. But you have to put some money on the table for this. This money is often not available at a moment’s notice, or even if the capital is available, it often makes more sense to let it work and use the resulting good credit rating for financing. When it comes to buying a car, a car loan is one of the most popular financing models, which is why in this guide on STERN.De take a closer look at the special loan for car purchase.

What is a car loan, what are its special features, what are its advantages and disadvantages, who offers it and what to look out for in a car loan? A car loan is a classic installment loan, but it is a special-purpose loan and can only be used for certain purposes. The car loan is offered by car dealers or car banks as well as by conventional credit institutions and does not differ from a conventional installment loan in terms of the general conditions. The only difference between a car loan and other installment loans is that it is earmarked for a specific purpose. The loan amount taken out via the car loan may only be used for the purchase of a car, and in some cases the lenders exclude other vehicles such as mobile homes.

For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest investments in their lives, apart from buying a house. A favorable car loan is correspondingly important, because with large sums even small differences in interest rates mean high cost savings. Our comparison calculator will help you find the most favorable loan for buying a car. Often the car loans in the STERN.De-autokredit comparison significantly cheaper than the offers of the dealers. This often applies even in the case of zero-percent financing.


Car loan comparison

In our car loan comparison, we compare the current interest rates of up to 21 loan providers. This is how you can quickly, safely and conveniently find a favorable loan for your car.
(updated: january 2022)

Partner banks (excerpt)

Whether it’s a new car or a used car, a youngtimer or an oldtimer – we show who offers the best interest rates. The car loan comparison is also suitable for the financing of motorcycles or mobile homes and can be easily carried out with our car calculator.


Types of financing

How can I finance the purchase of a car? Here we present you the most common options.


Buying a car: beware of this financing trap! Thousands of euros are at stake

Buying a car: beware of this financing trap! Thousands of euros are at stake

many car dealerships advertise zero percent financing on new cars and young used cars. However, this is often only apparently cheap. If you choose a different financing option instead, you can save around 5 percent on your car 000 euros. This is shown by calculations of the comparison portal verivox.

rebate beats financing

the catch in the car dealers’ appealing-sounding offer: "there is no such thing as genuine zero-percent financing", says verivox managing director oliver maier. "Zero-interest offers at the dealership are subsidized by the dealer or manufacturer to boost sales." there is nothing wrong with it for now. But since they already subsidize the financing, many dealers or manufacturers don’t want to give discounts on top of that. And at this point, the model falters.


Car loan comparison: compare offers and secure top conditions

Car loan comparison: compare offers and secure top conditions. A car loan offers a favorable method of financing

If you want to buy a new car, you can either pay all the costs at once or finance the car with a car loan. A cheap car loan is an alternative financing method for the purchase of new and used vehicles or for costly repairs to your own car. A car loan comparison shows the right financing solution among the enormous range of offers.

Especially in times of low interest rates, it can be worthwhile to opt for a loan. Particularly good and favorable offers can be found online. Make our car loan comparison and find the best offer among numerous providers.


10 Japanese oldtimer and youngtimer to love

Youngtimer and oldtimer from japan 10 japanese to love

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the saying once went about Japanese automakers. But from the 1960s onward, they set off a technical and marketing fireworks display. We tell the story and present ten trendsetters.

In 1967, the first Japanese car to be tested by auto motor und sport made author gert hack’s heart beat faster at the speed of its 791-cubic-centimeter engine. A "little scoop be this tiny engine, which can reach speeds of up to 10 rpm.000/min effortlessly, writes hack. its elasticity, sporty driving characteristics and highly developed engine technology also made it a model for german carmakers – especially in view of its low price: "it’s worth taking a look under its hood", judges gert hack. You probably knew it: we’re talking about the honda S800.

the "rappelrutsch

Just one year later, under the headline "the landslide", the following development follows the ice-cold shower. This time we’re talking about the honda N360, another kei-car, as the popular, tax-privileged small cars are called in Japan. Engine characteristics and comfort are an insult, tester reinhard seiffert complains, the car is at best a city car. "a citroen 2CV is a comfortable road cruiser in comparison." that did the trick!


Financing a new or used car

Financing a new or used car

A new car in a hurry? Very few people can afford this. According to statistics from the central association of the german motor vehicle trade (ZDK), a new car in 2015 has average 28.590 euro cost. Many car buyers therefore resort to a loan to pay for the new vehicle. What you should bear in mind when taking out a car loan, you can find out below.

This is how a car loan works

With a car loan, you pay back a fixed installment every month within a certain term. The lending bank charges a certain interest rate for this. This is, depending on the provider, creditworthiness-dependent or creditworthiness-independent. With creditworthiness-independent loans, every borrower pays the same interest rate. In the case of a creditworthiness-dependent interest rate, the credit institution calculates an individual interest rate for you. This depends on your creditworthiness. To determine it, the savings bank or bank checks your financial situation. To do this, you need information about your monthly net income, any additional income and regular expenses. In addition, the bank checks your payment history with credit agencies such as SCHUFA.


Car loan comparison: find the best car loan for your dream car

If you want to finance a new car, you can find the best car loan with our interactive car loan comparison suitable car loan with the best conditions in a few moments!

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How does the car loan comparison work??

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can find the car loan that best suits you and your needs. In our car loan comparison there are the following parameters:


Buying a car in the usa as a foreign tourist – our experiences& tips

Vanlife in the USA: you want to buy a car or a campervan instead of renting a car* to travel in the USA? When we wanted to find out more about buying a car in the USA before starting our bulli trip in alaska, we unfortunately only came across sparse information on the internet. Therefore, in this article we would like to give you a better overview and tips for buying a car in the usa as a foreign tourist give.

Attention: this report describes our personal experiences buying a car in the USA and does not claim to be complete or up to date. We give you our experience and tips to the best of our knowledge and belief, which may be different in another case. We bought our bulli in alaska. In the following you will find our experiences buying a car in the USA as a tourist without a visa (i.e. ESTA) or residence in the USA.

eBook Vanlife in America


Car loan

Our car loan is not earmarked. You can borrow it freely for the purchase of a new car, used car or other motor vehicle. Car repairs or the purchase of car parts can also be easily financed with our auto loan.

Car loan: what people look for before buying a car

Car loan: what people look for before buying a car


8 Facts about the environmental badge

Machine-printed environmental badge on the windshield

Green, yellow or red there are over 50 environmental zones in germany, you are only allowed to drive on these roads with the appropriate environmental sticker. in almost all cities only vehicles with a green fine dust sticker are permitted. The exceptions are augsburg and neu-ulm, which are also accessible with a yellow sticker. The environmental zones are intended to contribute to the reduce nitrogen oxide and fine dust pollution. We have summarized the following facts for you so that no questions remain unanswered about the fine dust sticker.

How to obtain the environmental badge

You can get the fine dust sticker at the TuV, at dekra, the vehicle registration offices, the citizens’ registration offices or purchase online. Specially machine-printed environmental badges guarantee long legibility and service life.