Car speakers in test 2022: current recommendations at a glance

Test reports on car speakers can help you make a decision, but everyone perceives sound differently

test reports on car speakers can help you make a decision, but everyone perceives sound differently.

Drivers who with the windows down and the music as loud as possible driving through the city, everyone has probably already encountered. But it doesn’t always have to be about standing out. just put value on a rich sound, you will find standard speakers installed in the car radio and the stock speakers in most cases hardly satisfied its. This is especially true when you are listening to music with a higher volume want to play.


Car leasing: what customers should bear in mind

Car leasing can be interesting not only for the self-employed, but also for private individuals: as a rule, they receive a brand-new vehicle. However, there are a few things to keep in mind with leasing contracts.

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In principle, leasing is a kind of rent: the car can be used for a certain period of time, for which a monthly fee is paid. The amount depends on the depreciation of the car during the leasing period (usually between 24 and 48 months). down payments of up to ten percent of the purchase price of the vehicle are common. the higher the down payment, the lower the monthly rate can be. There are now also leasing offers that can be concluded without an additional payment.


For whom is car leasing really worthwhile??

Handshake at the conclusion of the car leasing

For someone who needs a new vehicle but doesn’t want to buy or finance one, car leasing is an option. In contrast to buying a car, car leasing is quite profitable for some drivers. Instead of paying years of installments at the bank, you usually only bear the cost of a monthly "rent" and do not have to worry about selling it later on. this variant of vehicle ownership is becoming increasingly popular.

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Polishing car paint

Car polishing

Safety is the top priority for the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is nice to see the car paint shiny and shining. But the cleaning must also be right.

Below you will get tips all around a car polish, from the possibilities to the sealing. In addition, we will discuss the cost of a professional car polish in more detail.


Car paint

SprayTEC bitumen paint, black, matt, 2,5 l

Buy car paint – a fresh look for your car

Do you want to renew flaked paint? With car paint and the necessary know-how you can do it yourself. It is especially easy touching up or repainting with a spray can. What you should look for when buying car paint and how you can give your car a fresh coat of paint, you can find out here.

What distinguishes car paint?

your car withstands wind and weather, gets covered with pollen in spring and leaves in autumn. moisture and cleaning agents, stone chips and sand – car paints reliably keep all this away from the bare bodywork. Modern automotive coatings also offer UV protection.


Polishing car paint – how to proceed correctly

car paint polishing

The car – a practical means of transport and not infrequently a status symbol of the owner. It is clear that the vehicle should always remain clean and, above all, shiny. Therefore, a regular car wash and an occasional polish are necessary. But polishing car paint does not always bring the desired result. Cloudy paint spots, smeared surfaces, sanded plastic strips and scratches are not uncommon and are a gruesome sight for any car lover.

If you can’t afford to buy a professional self-service car wash, we at tokheim services have a few tips on how to polish your car’s paintwork to prevent damage and make your car shine again.


8 Different car batteries in comparison – find your best car battery for powering your car – our test resp. 2022 guide

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According to the german Federal Motor Transport Authority, over 40 million cars are registered in germany. For the longest possible service life, the vehicles must be regularly maintained and cleaned. This includes for example the replacement of wear parts- like a car battery. It is used to start the vehicle and feeds the onboard electronics at low speeds. After starting, the car battery charges itself while driving. Starter batteries for motor vehicles are usually lead-acid cells connected in series, each with a voltage of 2.12 volts.

In the cold season, car batteries are put to the test because they are subjected to greater demands at low temperatures. The ADAC’s breakdown statistics show that a flat car battery is the most common reason for calling roadside assistance. Sometimes the battery cannot be recharged afterwards. In addition, a short circuit can be responsible for the necessary change of a car battery. Car batteries are usually easy to change by amateurs.


Car loan calculator

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The car loan is a special form of consumer credit. The car loan is, as the name suggests, only intended for the financing of new or used cars and relevant accessories. the main advantage of using a special car loan is that this special-purpose installment loan often has a lower interest rate than non-special-purpose loans. The car loan is thus also an alternative to car leasing.

Taking out a car loan: what documents are required?

Before a bank approves a loan, it first checks your identity and creditworthiness. The documents you need for your loan application may vary from bank to bank. In the normal case, this involves the following documents:


Canceling a car loan early: is that possible??

revocation, termination, revocation joker – consumers have several options

Can I simply cancel a car loan?

Can I simply cancel a car loan?

In germany a contract, in order to remain valid, certain statutory requirements correspond. Which these are in detail, is above all in the German Civil Code (BGB) regulated. Does a contract bspw. About a car financing these conditions do not apply, it may be easy to revoke. This has been particularly important for consumers since the diesel exhaust scandal an important role.