With the power of the sun: the solar car from aptera

A futuristic vehicle rides in the sun on a palm-lined road

Aptera solar car: on the road in the USA at the end of 2021

Electric vehicles are now an integral part of the street scene. Fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen or natural gas have also been on the road in our cities for years. But so far there has been little talk of solar vehicles powered by the energy of the sun.

But that will soon change: if all schedules are met, the project is still to be at the end of 2021, the futuristic-looking aptera sol electric car will be launched on the market in the u.s. At a later, as yet undefined, date also in europe.

Autocycle with up to 1.600 kilometer range

Who this a vehicle reminiscent of the batmobile will probably think they’re in a science fiction movie: apart from the wing doors and the streamlined, extremely streamlined and with body with more than 180 solar cells the almost 4.40 meter long only three wheels on the roadtwo free-standing in the front, one in the middle in the back. Strictly speaking, it is not a car, but an autocycle – a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle. The body is not made of metal, but of robust carbon, kevlar and hemp.

This design, which is designed for a maximum of two occupants, and the lightweight construction save weight: with less than 900 kilograms the aptera sol weighs only as much as a gasoline-powered compact car. But you don’t have to worry about crash safety with this lightweight: according to aptera, the passenger cell of the sol is seven times stronger than one made of steel.

Cab or chauffeur? Your decision!

But there’s a small catch: if the sun isn’t shining, the solar cells don’t supply any energy. Then the battery kicks in, just like in a normal electric car. Thanks to its streamlined silhouette and low weight, however, the range is still impressive: equipped with the largest possible battery, the solar vehicle is said to be up to 1.600 kilometers come. But if you live in a sunny area and don’t drive more than 65 kilometers a day, you don’t need to tap the battery and can actually move your vehicle with the help of the sun’s rays alone.

Other solar cars under development

  • The sion from the munich-based company sono motors looks comparatively similar to a compact car today. Its solar cells are supposed to increase the range by up to 250 kilometers. market entry is planned for 2022, the costs amount to a good 25.000 euro.
  • the dutch start-up lightyear has designed the lightyear one, a solar car in the luxury segment. The coupe looks like a modern sports car and, thanks to the solar cells, can be driven for weeks or even months without a single power supply. However, mass production is not planned until 2024. In that case, the price of just under 180 euros that has been charged so far would also have to be.000 euros can still be corrected downward.

Aptera accelerates like a sports car

the autocycle was developed by the u.s. start-up aptera motors. Interested parties initially have the choice between a 100-kilowatt model with front-wheel drive, which is based on a maximum speed of 177 km/h (because it is governed) is to come, and a 150-kilowatt all-wheel-drive version. The latter accelerates faster to 100 km/h in a furious 3.6 seconds instead of 5.7 seconds, but does not increase its maximum speed.

The interior is kept simple, monitors replace rear and wing mirrors. The developers have developed a integrated tent that can be erected on the rear of the car – you have to come up with such ideas first.

Anyone who thinks that such a technical innovation must be a real drain on the wallet is in for a surprise: from as little as 22.000 euro the basic model is to be launched. With all the extras, the solar vehicle costs just under twice as much.

This surprisingly low basic price is due to the design: the vehicle consists of only four essential structural parts, which are produce in the 3D printer and plug together afterwards leave. For comparison: today’s everyday cars are made of about 300 such components.

A futuristic vehicle stands on rocky shore

Long waiting list for the aptera sol

If you can’t wait to have the aptera sol as your own, you should reserve it now for a small fee. However, as early as June 2021, there were more than 11.000 interested parties on the waiting list, of which 250 from germany. But the promise of never having to refuel or charge your car again in the foreseeable future is well worth the wait.

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