What are the best free and paid autocad alternatives for windows and mac?? List 2020

What are the best free and paid autocad alternatives for windows and mac?? List 2020

3D design has become a trend in various industrial and artistic fields. in just over a decade, the company has managed to position itself as one of the best rated jobs in the world. One of the programs that has become a reference for professionals of this new technique. Autocad .

Autocad is a very versatile 2D and 3D digital design program , that will allow you to do things with a level of detail far beyond that of other software of the same type. Since its birth in 1982, it has also developed significant innovations in design and provided designers with tools to create unique things. However, its price today is a bit high, which limits the learning of those who have just started and do not generate enough to pay for it.

In this article we present 8 low-cost or free alternatives that will help you take your first steps in digital design without autocad companies can use. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know when choosing a good 3D modeling program.

What is it, what is it for and how does autocad work?

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Que es, para que sirve y como funciona AutoCAD

Autocad is a computer assisted design program (computer assisted desing) developed in the early 1980s by autodesk was created. Initially it was very archaic and limited, windows paint not much superior, but over the years it developed new tools , until it becomes a powerful design engine the most versatile in the world has been.

Like other editing programs, it offers the ability to create vector images, bitmaps (like photoshop) and others with exquisite precision and high level of detail. This has put it at the forefront of 2D and 3D design over its main competitors on the market .

It is currently the computer-aided design software most commonly used by engineers, architects, industrial designers and other professionals. no engineering or architecture studio can afford to have a computer without autocad to have.

This is software that can be used in the design and planning phase used. It allows you to create plans for construction work from scratch, as well as model parts for industrial machinery or for new vehicles in the automotive industry. With 3D printing simpler objects such as watches, bracelets, and even clothing can be designed, and it is not impossible that in the future it will also be possible to design organs of living beings.


The advantages of being a professional are obvious. It is not for nothing that it has become an indispensable program for anyone who designs and creates things.

  • Allows complete creative freedom to design any object from scratch.
  • Powerful and versatile tools.
  • Excellent detail quality in all designs.


Like everything in the world, nothing is perfect, and in autocad find some moles that may put many at a disadvantage.

  • The price for your license is high.
  • You need a very powerful computer to function properly.
  • It is very complicated to use. If you are not familiar with it, you need to learn from another professional.

List of 8 best 2D and 3D design programs similar or alternative to autocad for windows and mac

Now that you know everything you need to know about the program, it’s time to introduce you to the 8 best alternatives to apple autocad for windows and macos, so that you with a simpler and cheaper get started.

Autocad LT


Autodesk is aware that its software is quite expensive. Therefore, it has developed a cheaper version so that the less wealthy can enter the world of 2D design and 3D modeling. It should be noted, however, that this is less versatile and does not have the most powerful tools than the full version .

One of the biggest moles of this version is that it cannot create 3D designs, but only draws in two dimensions. Moreover, you can neither control the parameters of the CAD nor extract data from objects into the tables. This without forgetting that the license is unique and not for multiple users.



This is one of the most powerful editing software with different tools that make it one of the most versatile on the market today. It is used especially by architects because the quality it offers in the creation of plans is as good as the autodesk program with a cheaper license.

Microstation can handle BIM, IFC, DGN-, DWG- and read i-model documents and other elements like cloud points and raster images. it also offers tools for 3d modeling that are very good and do not require so much expertise to get good jobs.



This is one of the most powerful alternatives on the list. In terms of 2D design, it is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. It combines illustrator and photoshop tools , but with a better quality of detail. This is a cheaper alternative for architects who do not know how to purchase the autodesk program. However, it is also less powerful when it comes to three-dimensional design.



This is an alternative launched by autodesk itself to work in BIM files for three-dimensional design. This is especially used by architects and engineers to create simple plans without having the possibility to give them depth in three dimensions. The license is economical, although it must also be said that some of its tools require advanced knowledge to understand and use them properly.



This is a excellent ally for 3D designers . It is cheap and the functions are not so complex to use. So you could say that it is a software for beginners, ideal for the first steps before you acquire a more powerful option.

Yes, the quality of details is not at the highest level, but with ingenuity you can make interesting work . But the most interesting thing is that you can also edit and design online without having to download anything.



A good reader and editor of BIM files for 3D modeling. It is cheaper than others on the list, although its features are also not the best available. One of the biggest advantages is that you can certify yourself as an expert. This gives you a very good wild card to get a job without forgetting that you will receive training to learn what is required for high-flying work professional level.



One of the best for windows today . This software was developed in 1995 with the intention of making 3D design available to all and offering a quality program at a much lower price than the competition.

It has powerful features that are relatively easy to use , although it must be said that it is still a bit far from what you can achieve with autodesk software, but it is certainly a good option to start designing with.



We conclude with one of the best on the market, which is considered to have one of the strongest competencies it currently possesses. This software has some of the most powerful features you can find for vector design.

In addition, it has an excellent support team that will help you solve any doubts, and even with an ideal course program so you can learn all the secrets until you become an expert. However, its license is not much cheaper, although it is still under the autodesk software is located at.

On the market you can find other pretty good options like intelligentcad or solid edges , with which you can also do good work. However, we believe that the 8 we have presented to you today are the best so take note and download the one you like best.

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