Selling your own car: tips for a smooth transaction

Selling a car: what to consider when the old car has had its day?

What should be considered to be as successful as possible when selling a car?

What to consider to be as successful as possible when selling your car?

According to the magazine "focus," around 50 percent of car owners in germany are thinking of a new car after six years at the latest to. Overall, it can be seen that, especially among younger drivers, mostly a change of vehicle is due after just a few years. However, about one in five keeps their car for at least six years or even longer.

But no matter when a vehicle purchase is due: first you have to sell the old car. One possibility is to have the car to a dealer to sell. The advantage: the sale goes quickly. However, since the dealer would like to earn something from the resale of the car, you can’t expect to get the highest price for your used car.

would like to sell get the maximum price, it is therefore recommended that the sale to private. However, many are unsure of exactly how to approach this procedure. You ask yourself the following question: "what do i have to consider when selling a car?"

There are a number of pitfalls lurking for inexperienced sellers and it is not uncommon to hear stories about scams. For this reason, when you sell your old car, you should, heed a few important tips. Our guide tells you what to look out for. Our detailed checklist, which you can download free of charge, also shows you at a glance which steps for a successful car sale should be run through.

FAQ: tips for selling a car

As a salesperson, you should always openly communicate all advantages and shortcomings. An attractive presentation of the vehicle is also important. This checklist provides all the. If you want to sell your car, valuable tips and shows what you have to pay attention to.

Orient yourself to comparable offers in online exchanges or have a vehicle appraisal carried out by an expert.

You are not obliged to do so, but in many cases a vehicle preparation increases the value of your car.

Be suspicious of foreign buyers, offers that are significantly higher than the value of the vehicle, and when an unusual meeting place is suggested. avoid at all costs to hand over the original vehicle documents before the purchase was made. If the interested party wants an expert opinion, it is sufficient to give him a copy of the papers.

Selling a car: Checklist

checklist for the car sale for free download

You are welcome to download this checklist for your own use. You can download the list in PDF format below:

  • Free download
  • Simply print it out and take it with you
  • All information at a glance

Tips for selling a car: how to set the right selling price

If you are planning to sell your car, tips on pricing are very helpful

If you are planning to sell your car, tips on pricing are very helpful.

If you want to sell your old car, good tips are worth their weight in gold. Before you start the actual sale, you should first consider, at what price you would like to offer your used car. Here you can already commit a gross blunder. set it too low, lose precious money, which is then missing, for example, when you finance your new car.

On the other hand, ask for a utopian high price, will probably hardly anyone interested in your used car find. One of the most important tips when selling a car is therefore to set as realistic a purchase price as possible should. But how should a layman determine the value of a vehicle??

Among other things you have the possibility, in online exchanges look for cars that are as close as possible in characteristics to your used car. Search for same models, that resemble your car in the following categories:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Mileage
  • Possibly existing accident damages and other deficiencies
  • special equipment

Log the prices of these comparable vehicles. You can then set the purchase price in this range. However, this is a relatively imprecise method. Only in the rarest of cases does one offered car look exactly like another. If you want to sell your car successfully, you need tips from a professional.

at the well-known vehicle valuer schwacke, you can get an expert appraisal for 7.90 euros get the exact value of the car. This is easy and conveniently possible online. The database on which the valuation is based includes over 80.000 vehicles – your used car is therefore very likely to be one of them.

After you have provided the most important details about your car, a certificate issued showing the value of the car. The special thing about the valuation by schwacke: it is also special equipment takes into account.

Particularly for more expensive cars and classic cars, it can be worthwhile value appraisal from an inspection or expert organization – for example, the TuV or DEKRA – are worthwhile. This will incur costs, but you will know exactly, how much your car is still worth and what price you can ask for.

Selling a car: tips on the TuV

one of the most important tips for selling a car is to set the most proof of a recent main inspection (HU) – colloquially known as TuV – should be passed. This increases the vehicle value immensely, shows that the car is roadworthy. Also keep in mind: without a valid TuV sticker, a test drive, the transfer and the registration are only possible under difficult conditions – and that’s not all reduces the chances of sale.

What to consider when selling a car? – the right way to present your car

Tips for selling a car: properly inspect the used car

tips for selling a car: present the used car correctly.

in a first step you have determined a realistic price you can ask for the vehicle. Now you need, if you want to sell your car successfully privately, tips for the right presentation. You can sell your used car advertise on different grounds:

  • advertisement in a special automobile exchange
  • Small ad in the local press
  • advertisement in a special classifieds
  • advertisement on an auction platform
  • note, which is attached directly to the car

The ad should as detailed as possible its. do not forget to also list standard extras. Also count truthfully all known to you defects and damages on – that creates trust. Before publishing the advertisement, someone should check the proofread text again. Spelling mistakes do not make a good impression.

If you want to sell the car on the Internet, tips for the correct pictorial presentation important. First impressions count, so you should photos look as professional as possible and show the car from its chocolaty side. The pictures should be of good quality blurred cell phone snapshots are therefore not suitable.

clean the car before the photo session both from the outside and inside and polish the paint. Make sure that the background as neutral as possible is. good lighting conditions make a lot of difference, so wait if possible – for an clear blue sky. The side of the car you want to photograph should be facing the sun. For pictures of the interior, on the other hand, half-shade is best suited.

Take plenty of photos and present the potential buyer with the vehicle from each side. Even if you want the car to make a particularly good impression, you should not forget to add any additional document existing damage. Otherwise, there is a risk that false expectations will be aroused in an interested party.

Selling a car: tips for a used car check

Laymen benefit particularly from good tips. If these sell their car and thereby play it safe would like to have, it is advisable to have used car inspection by a professional. Such a check, in which the vehicle is examined for heart and kidneys, is carried out by the German Automobile Club (ADAC), among others. Even the well-known expert and inspection organizations – for example the TuV or the DEKRA – offer this service. Afterwards the vehicle owner knows exactly, what are the defects of the vehicle. This creates confidence for interested parties who want to buy the car.

tips for car preparation

If you want to sell your car, car preparation tips are not to be forgotten

If you want to sell your car, tips for car preparation are not to be forgotten.

the magazine "auto bild" has proven with a test, how important the appearance of the vehicle is when selling a car. A car has been evaluated twice by an assessor. The first time through the used car was filthy, the second clean and tidy. It resulted difference of 500 euro when estimating the value. If you want to sell your car successfully tips for proper vehicle preparation therefore of the greatest importance.

A thorough cleaning should be done in any case before a potential buyer gets to see the car. After the exterior cleaning the paint is perfectly prepared to be polished. At best, a second person sealing of the paint at. Then you should clean the interior conscientiously. Also do not forget the cleaning the windows from dirt.

At best, the paint should not only be shiny, but also do not show any damage. You may remove minor scratches affecting only the surface of the car yourself. At deeper damages however, the help of a specialist recommended. If there are other, smaller damages, these can often be repaired with the so-called smart-repair-technique.

Selling a car: tips for professional vehicle preparation

At heavily soiled cars the go to a professional worthwhile. complete cleanings are usually offered from about 200 euros. In the case of strong odors, for example, a additional ozone treatment be helpful.

How to recognize scammers

after you have published your ad, the first potential buyers will contact you. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, you should, if you sell your car, follow these tips:

  • Prospective buyers who are coming from abroad contact them, they should always refuse.
  • If you are offered too good a price, you should become suspicious. Often this is the case lure offers.
  • Often, scammers will also leave a message asking you to take them on a to call back an expensive but number. If you call there, you end up in a long waiting loop.
  • Do not allow yourself to arrive at locations that are rather unusual for this purpose.

Selling a car: tips for recognizing black sheep

Some scammers pretend during the appraisal that they are selling a have an expert opinion drawn up want to see the vehicle documents required. if they have scammed the documents, they drive off and disappear never to be seen again. You should never fall for such a trick. For the issuance of an expert opinion, it is also sufficient if the registration certificate part I – formerly known as the vehicle registration document – is merely copied. Do not give originals out of hand.

Car sale: what do I need to consider when the appraisal is due?

Do not fall for scammers. You should follow tips for your safety when selling your car

Do not fall for scammers. you should follow tips for your safety when selling your car.

If you have found some interested parties who would like to buy your car, you should start with these appointments for inspection and test drive consult. Remember, enough time for each appointment to plan for if you invite several potential buyers in a row. At least one and a half hours per person it should be approximately.

Answer answer questions truthfully and present the vehicle with all its advantages and disadvantages. Also specify all important papers – registration certificate part I as well as II, service booklet, warranty certificate, repair and maintenance invoices – so that you can immediately refer to them be able to access.

If you are selling your car, tips for the test drive are not to be neglected. Finally, the potential buyer also wants the test the driving characteristics of the car. In any case, insist on selling your driver’s license and identity card to be seen and record the information about your person.

It is safest, if you are present during the test drive. It is not uncommon for scammers to give false information and then disappear with the vehicle. For this reason registration certificate part II – still known as a vehicle registration document – also not be in the car during the test drive.

Furthermore, it is recommended to have a test drive agreement set up. In the writing it is noted, how to handle liability after an accident and whether the test driver should pay a deductible in case of damages. Furthermore, it would be useful to agree on the extent to which the driver must pay compensation, if your car insurance is downgraded after an accident.

selling a car: tips for unregistered vehicles

If the vehicle is not registered, does it have no valid registration, a test drive is only possible if an short term license plate is attached. In advance, you should discuss with the interested party who will be responsible for obtaining them. Also clarify, who pays for the costs incurred.

Advice on the purchase contract and the handover

If you are planning to sell your car, a checklist will serve you well

if you’re planning to sell your car, a checklist will help you to do so.

If you want to sell your car, the last thing to do is tips for price negotiation, pay attention to the sales contract and the handover. When negotiating the price you should become suspicious if the price is pushed down too much. Often, dealers who work undercover come around in twos and want to lower the price by constantly adding new discover alleged defects.

In such a situation, just let yourself do not put yourself under pressure. you have the right to end the conversation at any time. Also, before negotiating the price, insert set limit, which should not be undercut. After all, your goal is to get a fair price for the vehicle. Furthermore another person should be present at the talks. This acts as a witness and can support you if necessary.

Once you have agreed on a price, it’s time for the penultimate point when you sell your car. Tips on how to draw up the purchase contract are extremely important. Remember to include all the characteristics of the car as well as note any damage. also do not forget to exclude liability. private sellers are allowed to do this, while commercial sellers do not have this option.

Don’t get involved with a handover of the vehicle until the buyer is the full purchase price transferred or. Paid in cash. Checks should not be accepted. You should also not agree to pay in installments. Remember to check the handing over keys, papers and to have co receipted.

After the sale you should the responsible registration office and your car insurance company promptly inform about the sale of the vehicle. also stipulate in the purchase agreement that the re-registration by the buyer must be done promptly. otherwise there is a risk that you will have to pay the vehicle tax for a stranger.

Selling a car: a checklist will help you not to forget any important point

If you are planning to sell your car, our tips and advice will be of great help to you. In the following list you can see the crucial points at a glance take out. We also offer the checklist free download in PDF format to. So you can print out the list and have it at hand whenever you need it.

Set a realistic selling price (comparison on online exchanges, valuation by schwacke, appraisal by an expert).
decide where you want to advertise your car (newspaper, classifieds, auction platform, car exchange on the internet).
write the text of the advertisement. This should be detailed and also include information about existing damage. Avoid spelling mistakes.
take professional photos of the clean vehicle in front of a neutral background. Expose the car from all angles. don’t forget to take pictures of the interior. Damage should also be documented.
prepare the vehicle for the inspection. Clean it thoroughly inside and out, polish the paint and repair any minor blemishes.
you should be attentive already at the first contact with interested parties, so that you do not fall for scammers.
be sure to allow enough time for the inspection and subsequent test drive
draw up a test drive agreement. check the driver’s license and the identity card of the potential buyer. Accompany the interested party during the test drive and do not give any papers out of your hand.
for unregistered vehicles: clarify with the potential buyer who is responsible for obtaining and paying for the short-term license plates.
the interested party must not pressure you. Set a price limit in advance.
it is helpful to have a second person present during the appraisal and price negotiation. It acts as a witness.
draw up a contract of sale. explicitly exclude liability.
do not hand over the vehicle until you have received the full purchase price. checks and installments should not be accepted.
if you have handed over documents, keys and other documents, you should get a receipt for it.
inform your insurance company and the vehicle registration office that you have sold your vehicle.

Selling a car: Checklist

Checklist for the sale of a car download for free

You are welcome to download this checklist for your own use. Below you can download the list in PDF format:

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