Removing car scratches: polishing vs. Painting (ultimate comparison)

Removing car scratches: painting vs. polishing

When a deep scratch appears in the paint of a beloved car, most car owners are initially very angry. Here there is the option of polishing out the scratches or repainting them. the basic rule is: if the scratch is deep, even the best polish is usually useless – then you have to go to a professional.

Remove car scratches

However, some damage is limited and can be repaired by car drivers themselves. There are different ways of removing car scratches – we will explain in more detail below which ones are available and which one should be chosen and when.

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Repairing car paint on your own – is that possible??

Minor paint repairs to the bodywork do not always require a visit to the paint doctor. If you are a skilled craftsman, you can also do the work yourself to repair the damage. However, it should always be clarified in advance how severe the damage actually is. In order to assess this, it is first necessary to explain how the paint is actually applied to the vehicle: car manufacturers basically apply four layers of paint to the sheet metal.

Professional car paint job to remove paint scratches

This involves the primer, the filler, the base coat and the clear coat. These four layers all have a different thickness. If only the clear coat is affected, the paint can also be repaired with a simple polish itself. However, if the base coat is also scratched, you should have a little more knowledge in order to be able to repair the damage professionally – or you can let the professionals do it directly.

Remove car scratches by professional polishing

What is the right method for removing scratches from a car??

Whether the scratch is a case for a professional or you can polish it yourself with a repair kit from the car dealer depends solely on how deep the scratch is. There are different methods for testing.

First look at the scratch: is it the same color as the car paint or is it darker or lighter?? If it reaches the primer, you should consult an expert. If the primer is not yet visible, run a fingernail carefully over the scratch. If they remain stuck in different places, even removing car scratches with a polish usually does not help.

Removing car scratches: Painting vs. polishing

Removing car scratches – and how to do it properly

To remove car scratches with polish, you should first carefully clean the affected area with dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water and then gently dry it with car leather. Now you can sand the scratch with a gentle (!) abrasive. For a good result, it is best to use paint cleaners that are enriched with caring ingredients such as carnauba wax or nanoparticles.

Sanding car paint to remove scratches

keep in mind that even very gentle polishes contain fine abrasive particles that remove paint. Therefore, work very carefully and first apply a small amount with a soft polishing cloth in circular motions on the lacquer. If you use too much polish, it could cause additional damage to the paint.
then give the polish time to dry on the paint. Residue can be removed with a soft terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Now no more scratches should be visible in the paint.

What to look for when polishing scratches

A polish usually contains abrasives that smooth the paint slightly, remove fine scratches and cleanly remove roughened paint. It is often not easy to find the right product, as there are now various products available in DIY stores and specialist shops.

in no case should you use unsuitable cleaners with coarse grit to remove car scratches – these will most likely do more damage than polishing out damage. In addition, it is important to distinguish between a simple polish and a combination of polish and sealer.

masking surfaces before removing paint scratches through polishing

Such a combination is not necessary if you plan to seal the car in the near future anyway. The purchase of a professional polishing machine is usually not necessary, especially since these are very expensive. Furthermore, as an inexperienced person, there is the risk of polishing unsightly holograms into the paint, which can be difficult to correct later on. If the surface is already faded or heavily weathered, it is often not possible to polish the scratch without a polishing machine – this task should then be carried out by a professional, so that the result is as desired.

professional painting and smart repair: when is this the right method for removing car scratches??

More and more companies are offering smart repair as an inexpensive solution. Here the scratch is usually filled with wax, so that it is later visually no longer noticeable. The problem is that the damage is not repaired in this way – it can happen that after just one visit to the car wash everything looks the same as before. A paint store can repair the damage relatively quickly and easily, if it has not already penetrated to the primer coat.

Car scratch paint

If this is the case, the entire vehicle part should be repainted to ensure a uniform appearance. It goes without saying that this is not inexpensive. However, if you are planning to sell the vehicle again, you should think carefully about whether the investment may not pay off in the end. Because very many interested parties complain first of all scratches in the paint. If the sensor is in perfect working order, other defects often do not carry much weight.

Scratch polishing: how much does it cost to paint or repair a scratch?. polishing?

In general, the cost of polishing scratches from paint is difficult to calculate in advance. There are many companies that offer smart repair and display price lists directly on their website. However, these are usually minimal prices, which means that many damages are very individual. For this reason, it is better to present the vehicle to a specialist company, so that an expert can assess the damage and make a non-binding cost estimate.

Generally speaking, the cost of the smart repair method should be expected to start at around 60 to 80 euros – however, there are differences from company to company. It is worthwhile to contact various suppliers in the area to obtain several quotes. In the end, you may even be able to save a lot of money. The only important thing is that the result is flawless.

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