Polishing car paint

Car polishing

Safety is the top priority for the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is nice to see the car paint shiny and shining. But the cleaning must also be right.

Below you will get tips all around a car polish, from the possibilities to the sealing. In addition, we will discuss the cost of a professional car polish in more detail.

Car polishing: the possibilities

There are different ways to polish your car. On the one hand, you can do this with a polishing machine, or polish the car by hand. We will now briefly explain the two possibilities.

Polishing the car with the machine:

First of all, it is possible to polish the car with the help of a machine. This is basically the simpler alternative, because it requires less effort. In addition, the cleaning result will usually also be neater. Even small scratches can be easily removed with a polishing machine. However, care should be taken when using it to avoid accidentally damaging parts of the car’s paintwork. When polishing a car with a machine, you work with cross movements. Also an even pressure is very important for an optimal result.

Car polishing by hand:

But then it is also possible to polish the car by hand. Here, too, the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned before polishing. Then some polish is applied to the paintwork. After a short soaking time you take some polishing cotton or a cloth. the polish is then rubbed off in circular motions.

hard cases: polishing a black car the right way

Especially on black cars a thorough polish can be difficult to achieve. Because due to the dark colors you see relatively quickly scratches. But also dents are noticed much faster on dark cars. But a black car also has its advantages: it looks incredibly classy and shines too.

to maintain this, some tips must be followed to polish the black car properly. First of all, the car should be thoroughly cleaned before polishing, ideally in a car wash. Polishing should also not be done in direct sunlight.

  • 1.) apply the polish gently with a sponge or polishing cotton on the lacquer
  • 2.) let it dry completely
  • 3.) remove the rest with a microfiber cloth
  • 4.) you already have a shining varnish!

Polishing car paint with a home remedy – is there such a thing??

A question that often comes up is whether you can polish the car paint using home remedies. This is possible, but only to a limited extent. It is popular to use a toothpaste for this purpose. It is important that this does not contain coarse grains, otherwise scratches can appear relatively quickly. With the help of some margarine you can also achieve a certain shine on your car. Nevertheless, you will only achieve moderate success when polishing your car with home remedies and it is therefore advisable to use a proper car polish!

How to polish away scratches on the car?

In addition, the question often arises "can car scratches be polished??"This is indeed possible with the help of special car polishes. Of course, you can also remove scratches in the paint professionally, but this again costs a lot of money. So it is easier to get the right polish to polish car scratches. The depth of the scratches also plays an important role. you can easily check this by feeling the scratch with your fingernail. If it sticks, it is a deep scratch and car polish can not help anymore. Then this must still be filled with varnish before the autopolitur.

However, if the scratch is only superficial, it can be removed easily. The use of polishing cloths is important here. The paint should also be thoroughly cleaned before applying the car polish. Also with the use of sandpaper is caution advised. At best, this should be additionally moistened to polish car scratches.

  • – first of all record the depth of the scratches!
  • – small scratches can be easily removed with a suitable polish
  • – always use polishing cloths and moisten the sandpaper before use

Sealing options for cars

Sealing a vehicle after polishing makes sense in any case. In this way, the vehicle paint is protected, stays clean longer and, above all, is more resistant to further contamination. There are some car polishes that even contain wax components and thus offer a useful sealing option. In any case, the following should be considered when buying a car polish.

But there are also other sealing possibilities. Besides a car polish you can also buy a good paint sealer. But also special detailers offer a good sealing option for your car. Of course, there is also the possibility of having a sealing done professionally. Just as you can seal the paint, this is also possible for the glass and rims.

Too lazy to do it yourself? Have your car polished!

If you can’t or don’t want to do the car polish yourself, you can also have your car polished. Here you can count on a professional result, which also has its price. But this also depends on the effort. This depends on the size of the vehicle, the condition of the paint and other aspects. Therefore, the cost of car polishing can not be determined universally. Basically, however, you can count on a cost point from about 180 euros. Mostly you get additionally your rims cleaned.

However, if a nano paint sealant is added, the cost increases. From about 300 euros this service is possible. In comparison, cleaning by hand only costs approx. 25 euro!

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