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driving in germany: curious rule for proper shoes – fine looms

30.01.2022 updated: 15:37

Anyone who travels a lot by car has to know countless regulations. But some bans are so crazy you’d think they were made up.

Dortmund- Garbage in the car, driving without shoes or even a fight at the wheel: all these scenarios for car drivers seem to be a private matter at first glance. But the police can intervene in certain cases- at other times, there is no ban, but insurance coverage may be affected. Therefore echo24 gives.De* anoverview of how to get to your destination safely and without legal gray area.

Curious rules for cars: can i drive barefoot or in flip flops??

A classic scenario is driving a car in flip-flops, high heels or even bare feet. All these behaviors are not forbidden in principle. But if an accident is caused by wearing what is presumed to be unsuitable footwear at the wheel, you as the driver must expect to lose insurance coverage. Like catalog of fines.Org reports, three key points apply here:

  • 1. The legislator does not prescribe to drivers which shoes they have to wear while driving. This means that in traffic control there is no threat of a fine or driving ban due to inappropriate or missing footwear.
  • 2. If you are involved in an accident while wearing flip-flops, birkenstocks or high heels, you may be partially to blame – but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. In the worst case, both a fine and problems with the fully comprehensive insurance can come about.
  • 3. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to wear closed-toe shoes that cannot slip off your feet.

many motorists* have already heard or dealt with this rule. But what if a dispute arises while you are driving?? Like stern.De reported, the situation is quite similar here. In concrete terms, it says: "if there is a scuffle on board and an accident occurs as a result, the fully comprehensive insurance does not have to pay.“

Curious car rules: is it okay to eat or use your cell phone in the car??

But what about things you do in the car as a matter of course?? We’re talking about operating the radio, the air conditioning or the navigation system – just like eating and drinking at the wheel.

the answer here is: as long as you don’t lose sight of the traffic, you are allowed to do all of the above. Of course, all these activities must not cause inattention, which in case of doubt could lead to an accident.

Man sitting in car with cell phone

The cell phone, on the other hand, is absolutely taboo as long as it is not in a holder. According to the ADAC, the following generally applies to all electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, smartwatches, notebooks or dictaphones: you may not operate them in your hand under any circumstances and may only use them for a "brief" glance, for example to orient yourself on the navigation system. Only when you are standing and have completely switched off your car, you are allowed to pick up and use the devices again.

Curious rules for the car: littered car – can police impose a "clean-up period"??

ÜBy the way, it’s always worth checking out the latest road traffic regulations, especially when you’re abroad. For example, in the Netherlands there are recently so-called "smartphone-flitzer*", who recognize when a person is using an electronic device at the wheel. Whoever is caught here must expect a fine in road traffic*.

an extremely curious rule in road traffic had to be experienced at the beginning of the week by a car driver in essen at the own body. In a report by the german press agency they say: because his car was dangerously littered, the police gave him a "clean-up period" set. The man must urgently establish order within the stipulated time, it was said it according to the message.

Curious rules for the car: make-up and naked driving allowed in germany?

but don’t worry – you can’t be forced by the police to clean up just because of some garbage or a full backseat. In this case in essen, the state of "littering" was massive, according to the report. It is said that at present, among other things, there are objects lying in the footwell on the driver’s side. This would no longer ensure that the driver can "brake or clutch appropriately for the situation".

The car was noticed by the officers only because the driver was sitting unusually close to the steering wheel behind him everything was full of paper and garbage. In addition, the car was due for MOT. How to read the sticker correctly*, explains echo24.De in a separate article.

Finally, maybe a few things that are allowed behind the wheel in germany: a short make-up session is, according to stern.De okay in this country, but in the uK it is punishable by a hefty fine. Sunglasses may also be worn while driving in germany.

Curious rules for the car: is driving without clothes a misdemeanor??

Moreover, it is not generally forbidden to drive in germany without clothes- you just must not be seen to do so. But even if you are seen, the ban does not actually apply to "nude driving" themselves, but rather to the "public nuisance, which prohibits such appearance in public in accordance with section 118 of the Public Order Act. Like allianzdirect.De reports, anyone who undresses in public faces a fine of between 5 and 1.000 euros.

However, some road traffic rules will change in 2022*. For example, the first-aid kit must now contain two new materials, and in stuttgart, a new street sign is causing confusion*. Moreover- has been around for a long time, but still often misunderstood- many drivers make a fatal mistake at the green arrow at the traffic light*. *echo24.De and RUHR24 are an offer of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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