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  • Car driver (switzerland.)regional (austria, switzerland), verkehr: person who drives a car
  • motorist (switzerland.): regional (switzerland and luxembourg), traffic: person driving a car
  • driver (ugs., main form)person who drives, controls, operates or rides a vehicle; person who drives, controls, operates or rides a vehicle as a professional activity
  • Automobile driver (fachspr., amtsdeutsch): person who consciously steers or controls a device for locomotion (for example, a bicycle or car)
  • vehicle driver (switzerland., austria.)
  • woman at the wheel (of the vehicle)
  • Driver (technical term., amtsdeutsch): person who drives a motor vehicle
  • man at the wheel (of the vehicle)
  • driver (switzerland., suddt., AUSTRIAN.)

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Entries from our dictionary in which "autofahrer" is the occurs:

Car:…car owner, car rating, car bomb, car industry, car bus, car thief, car theft, car drunk, car electric, car factory, car driving, car driver, car ferry, car driving school, car ride, car fasting, car window, car graveyard, car garage, car gas, car business…

Driver1) car driver, balloonist, bicyclist, airplane driver, train driver, locomotive driver, motorcycle driver, pilot, train driver examples of use: 1) all vehicle drivers are subject to an absolute ban on alcohol

Tax:…examples of use: 1) because he lost his steering wheel while turning off the A544 onto the berliner ring in aachen, a motorist produced a rollover on saturday evening. 1) my father said he would ride into town with me, me at the wheel of the BMW, him next to it, and..

Cyclistopportunist, duck-mouser, hypocrite, sycophant, krummbuckel, liebediener, speichelcker opposites: 1) car driver, pedestrian, moped rider, motorcyclist female word forms: 1) cyclist superordinate terms: 1) two-wheeler rider, traffic participant subordinate terms: 1) unicyclist, bicycle racer, racing cyclist, tandem cyclist examples of use: 1) even as a cyclist you have to pay attention to the traffic

Driver:…motorist, truck driver, courier driver, truck driver, pizza driver, streetcar driver, cab driver, test driver 1) amok driver, car driver, train driver, balloon driver, mountain driver, bob driver, convertible driver, diesel driver, bicycle driver, wrong way driver, ferrar driver…

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Autofahrerin(german) word type: noun, (feminine) cases: nominative: einzahl autofahrerin; mehrzahl autofahrerinnen genitive: einzahl autofahrerin; mehrzahl..

female drivers(german) part of speech: declined form hyphenation: au|to|fah|re|rin|nen pronunciation/accentuation: IPA: [ˈaʊ̯toˌfaːʁəʁɪnən] grammatical features: nominative plural of noun autofahrerin genitive plural of noun..

drivers(german) word type: declined form hyphenation: au|to|fah|rern pronunciation/accentuation: IPA: [ˈaʊ̯toˌfaːʁɐn] grammatical features:..

motorist(german) word type: declined form hyphenation: au|to|fah|rers pronunciation/accentuation: IPA: [ˈaʊ̯toˌfaːʁɐs] grammatical features: genitive singular of the noun autofahrer

Driving school(german) word type: noun, (feminine) cases: nominative: einzahl autofahrschule; mehrzahl autofahrschulen genitive: einzahl autofahrschule;..

Car Driving Schools(german) word type: declined form hyphenation: au|to|fahr|schu|len pronunciation/accentuation: IPA: [ˈaʊ̯toˌfaːɐ̯ʃuːlən] grammatical..

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