Lpg conversion

LPG conversion

Since 2001, M+S siekmeier has been offering the installation, repair and maintenance of autogas systems. We are therefore the first and most experienced certified installation company in essen. With the experience of many years we can observe that autogas (liquefied petroleum gas) is becoming more and more popular also in germany, after gas is already very well established as a fuel for example in the netherlands, france or italy.

The advantages of autogas systems outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Half the operating costs of a gasoline engine,
  • Longer service life of engine and exhaust system,
  • Quieter engine running,
  • Liquefied petroleum gas / LPG is tax deductible
  • Almost residue-free combustion,
  • switchable to gasoline operation,
  • Double the range (because the petrol tank can continue to run alongside the gas tank).

M+S siekmeier takes over the conversion or. Converting your car to liquefied petroleum gas – and maintaining and repairing autogas systems. We install 17 different well-known manufacturers (see below). Contact us. Inform yourself about the possibilities!

Advantage M+S siekmeier I: autogas safe and reliable!

as a certified, german company, we guarantee the operability of your car after conversion. In addition, we take care of the legally required acceptance test (GSP), which – together with the exhaust emission certificate and the acceptance by the TuV – is the prerequisite for the operating license of your car.

Advantage M+S siekmeier II: guaranteed savings!

Basically, you save money in the long run by converting to autogas! The fuel is significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel. (currently you pay about 35 euro less per gas tank filling compared to gasoline, as of december 2012)

Here you can calculate online exactly when the installation of a gas tank is worthwhile:
autogas calculator.

But be careful! Only with the correct conversion to autogas you will save money and keep your nerves! your satisfaction does not come from the lowest installation price. In fact, the permanent cost advantage comes from a professional, correct installation with high quality materials. M+S siekmeier is a reputable provider that stands for consistently high quality.
A good conversion prevents consequential damage to the engine and thus additional costs! In addition, only an installation in germany can really guarantee that you will receive the necessary emissions certificate for the operating license of the car (see above). check discount offers or offers abroad carefully beforehand!

Conversion to autogas (manufacturer)

M+S siekmeier installs all reputable and well-known manufacturers in the conversion to autogas. Quality ensures lasting enjoyment of the LPG tank and saves consequential costs.

The following manufacturers are installed by us in essen:

With twinfuel, we have a partner who builds customized systems for all types of vehicles. You can rely on smooth installation and perfect functionality.

Our all-round service

For the time of installation of an autogas system, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle at a reasonable price. Talk to us about this.

For the time after installation, our LPG filling station is available on the company premises in the essener center. Here you can fill up with high-quality autogas in the right mix at fair prices.

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