Lpg (autogas) – environmentally friendly, cheap, easy to retrofit

LPG (autogas) is a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline

LPG (autogas) is a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline.

Not only the comparatively high fuel costs let car drivers think of alternative, cheap gasoline think for your vehicle. Also the factor environmental protection is becoming increasingly important in the face of advancing climate change.

Among the known alternative fuels is biodiesel, for example. But also the autogas has already been a household word for many years. Throughout the year 2015 according to the federal motor transport authority in germany 4.716 autogas vehicles newly registered, most of them – namely 1.759 – in the federal state of north rhine-westphalia.

So the popularity of the alternative fuel is on the rise. Nevertheless, some questions remain unanswered for many car drivers when it comes to "autogas. What does the abbreviation LPG? How do I get the cheapest autogas price come about? Where can I find LPG filling stations? What is conversion technology necessary? Which advantages driving with autogas has? We would like to deal with these and other questions in the following guidebook.

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FAQ: autogas

LPG is an alternative fuel composed of the gases butane and propane.

due to the tax advantages, you can refuel autogas comparatively cheaply. In addition, the vehicles are more environmentally friendly on the road with this fuel.

No, how they differ, you can read here.

What is actually autogas?

LPG is marked with the abbreviation 'LPG' at gas stations

LPG is identified at filling stations with the abbreviation "LPG.

autogas is a mixture of gases butane and propane. These fall both in the production of natural gas and crude oil as well as a by-product in the refining of mineral oils at.

At room temperature and low pressure, the gas mixture is liquid, which is why it is also known as liquefied petroleum gas is called.

Against this background, the term "autogas" can also be used LPG explain: the abbreviation stands for "liquefied petroleum gas". At most filling stations, the liquid gas is therefore labeled "LPG.

LPG as fuel for gasoline engines

A car can easily be powered by gas. The basic technology is already refined for decades and is therefore mature. LPG vehicles can be parked in two classes subdivide:

  • A monovalent car becomes with autogas only powered.
  • With a bivalent car can be both LPG as well as conventional gasoline fuelled, since the vehicle has two tanks has. You can switch between the two types of fuel at the touch of a button, even while driving.

If you want to switch to an LPG-powered car, you can have it installed at the factory as a new car buy. However, it is often worth converting your own car. a gas system can be installed in the car at a specialist garage. The conversion is, however only for ottomors and not suitable for diesel vehicles.

How environmentally friendly are LPG cars?

With an LPG system, in contrast to gasoline engines, approximately 10 to 15 percent less climate-damaging CO2 emitted. In addition, hardly any other pollutants are produced, such as sulfur dioxide or soot. Furthermore, autogas vehicles cause up to 50 percent less noise than diesel powered cars.

Autogas refueling – can I find LPG at any gas station??

Due to tax breaks, LPG prices are lower than those for gasoline

Due to tax breaks, LPG prices are lower than those for gasoline.

If you would like to fill up with LPG, you can do so in germany at around 6.900 filling stations do. So that the network for liquid gas nationwide expansion.

In addition to the good environmental balance, LPG can also be used as a fuel due to the price per liter points. Until the end of the year 2022, there is a tax breaks for autogas. The prices per liter are therefore far below those for diesel and gasoline.

With one travel abroad however, with a vehicle equipped with an autogas system, you should always adapter think. In europe for LPG there are namely no single fuelling gun.

Differences between autogas (LPG) and natural gas (CNG)

do not confuse natural gas and autogas! Natural gas is a gas that is supported by drilling or as a by-product of oil production.

Since the gas at normal pressure is a low energy density owns, it will compressed, so that a sufficient amount of energy can be carried in the vehicle. That is why natural gas is also referred to as "CNG" (short for compressed natural gas) denotes.

In addition, natural gas has a lower energy content than LPG. With the same tank capacity you can drive up to three times as long with autogas than with a natural gas vehicle.

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