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cars imported from japan are becoming more and more popular in germany. Firstly, because they are cheaper than comparable vehicles on the German market, have generally been very well maintained and usually come with high-quality equipment.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of a japanese re-import, you usually have to accept a certain amount of effort during the import process. We at autogalerie solingen know the process inside out and help every customer find the car of his or her dreams.

We offer you the possibility to look around on our auction platform for free and to get an impression, with which price advantages you can actually buy your desired dream car at an auction. We open the door to a multitude of vehicle offers from japan, where up to 80 new cars are sold every week.000 vehicles are sold at auction. All the auction houses in Japan converge in our portal and your registration on our site is enough to see immediately and guaranteed free of charge all the auctions at a glance. Sign up and we will show you how it works. The focus of autogalerie solingen is on the purchase and sale of sports cars, classic automobiles and young used cars. also we offer in our trade mainly german vehicles with japanese past and japanese reimports are currently selling faster than ever before.

Japan Car Import

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What are the advantages of japan-imports?

the vehicles are mostly first hand, because japanese buy mostly new. This is due to the fact that the TuV (in japan called "shaken") is obligatory every two years 750,00 – 1.600.00 and is not profitable compared to the purchase price of a car after only a few years. Therefore, japanese almost always buy new cars that are left-hand drive, even though in japan they drive on the right. left hand driven cars can be exported much faster, because they find new buyers in the rest of the world in short time. another reason for the lower purchase price is the low taxation on new vehicles in asia, which means that the final price of a new vehicle is lower than in germany.

the purchase price alone should not be the basis for the decision, because japan is the home of many famous car brands, such as toyota, nissan, honda, mazda or mitsubishi. the japanese car market also offers vehicles that are difficult or impossible to find in germany. This applies not only to Japanese passenger cars, but also to German brands, such as BMW alpina or mercedes-benz AMG. in addition, there are many cars that have been developed only for the japanese market and the japanese are very well-groomed people who are not only incredibly disciplined in their lives, but also treat their possessions like a member of the family and therefore treat them very carefully.

Conclusion: the japanese car market is not only interesting because of the large selection of fancy models. in japan, cars of comparable age and condition are usually much cheaper than in germany. Another big advantage: the mileage is often very low. When buying a car, it can be worthwhile to take this step over japan. This saves a lot of money and gives you a car in top condition.

japan car service

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How can I import a car from Japan in 2022??

importing cars from japan is not really more complicated or complicated than buying a car in germany. For us every step is routine.

You can choose between buying at an auction, buying directly from a dealer or you can commission us to search for the vehicle you want. We know the best places to go for japan car imports

purchase via auction:

In order to be able to offer import cars from japan we need from you a so called deposit, which will be charged at the end. the down payment must not exceed the minimum amount of 1.not fall below 500,00 €. Bids can only be placed by those who have made the down payment. The deposit also serves as a security deposit for the auction houses in Japan. It is used as a compensation payment in the event that a vehicle purchased at auction is not paid for and therefore has to be re-auctioned.

after the deposit is credited to our bank account you can immediately start bidding on cars with your highest bid. If you are not the highest bidder, you will of course be refunded your deposit or you can leave it in your account to bid on other cars.

Buying from the dealer:

You tell us your criteria with which we start searching the japanese used car market.

japan car imports arrive by cargo ship to germany. at the port of destination the car will be cleared and taxed. We also handle these matters for you.

after successful purchase and completed import process the car can be picked up at the port or delivered to the desired location.

The import from Japan usually takes between 5 and 8 weeks. However, you do not have to wait that long. in our solingen car gallery you will find a large selection of immediately available japan-re-imports.

How much does a car import from japan cost??

The japan car import cost is composed as follows:

purchase price and (transport costs ca. 2.000,00 €) + 10 % EU import tax = subtotal

subtotal + 19 % vat. In germany, respectively. 21 % vat. in the netherlands = grand total

For each purchased or auctioned vehicle we charge a processing fee in the amount of 595,00 euro incl. 19 % value added tax.

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