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HUK app "my car

Save up to 30% on car insurance by driving safely? the "my car" app and telematics plus make it possible.
The app "my car" in combination with our telematics tariff allows you to save up to 30% of your premium in motor liability insurance and comprehensive insurance on your car insurance by driving safely.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Start bonus of 5% and follow-up bonus of up to 30% on your premium for motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance
  • feedback to improve your driving behavior
  • Display of the personal driving value as well as the expected follow-up bonus
  • car service: make an appointment with our partner garages
  • Manual accident alarm
  • Many more features are in the planning stage. let us surprise you.

Telematics plus is available to all drivers without age limit. all you need is a car with our car insurance, a smartphone with a compatible operating system, and the telematics sensor we provide free of charge.

And this is how it works:
in conjunction with a telematics sensor, the app records your journeys and analyzes them on the basis of various criteria such as. Acceleration, braking and steering behavior as well as speed. All these criteria have an impact on your total vehicle value and therefore also on your car insurance premium. This means that the safer you drive, the more money you can save on your insurance. And the best thing about it: with telematik plus you don’t pay more than with a car insurance without telematik tariff.

Important notice:
battery life can be significantly reduced with apps that use location information.

Download the HUK app "my car" free of charge:

For your android smartphone

For your iphone

HUK app "my health

Everything from one source, all in one hand

How to have all your health-related questions at your fingertips at all times? With our new app "my health.

Because the times when you had to go to the doctor for every little ache and painstakingly look up vaccination recommendations and emergency numbers are now over.

The app "meine gesundheit" (my health) is your companion for all your health questions and helps you at any time with up-to-date information and practical functions:

  • Health portal – your guide with health tips from A to Z.
  • Travel abroad – information on travel countries and travel illnesses, checklists for your travel preparations, addresses of the german embassy and quick support and help abroad from our 24h contact.
  • My contracts – see all your health insurance policies at a glance.
  • Services at a glance – find out about your health insurance benefits quickly and easily.
  • Premium service online consultation – around the clock, 365 days a year, the team of medical experts answers questions on health topics, medical conditions, medications and therapies by phone, live chat or video call.
  • Premium service kaia back training – the digital market leader in multimodal therapy for the prevention and relief of chronic back pain – shows you simple exercises that effectively help relieve back pain in the comfort of your own home.
  • premium service "submit a bill" – simply upload your receipts and invoices for private health insurance via smartphone or tablet. Saves time, paper and postage.
  • Premium service benefit statements – receive your benefit statements directly and digitally in the app.

With future updates, the app will be expanded to include additional helpful services to support you even better in your everyday life.

Security is particularly important when it comes to your health data. That’s why the "meine gesundheit" app complies with all legal requirements data protection and security requirements:

  • Your data is always transmitted in encrypted form.
  • The use of premium services is protected against access by unauthorized persons by the access data of your personal service area "my HUK.
  • HUK-COBURG has no access to the information and health data you provide.

To use the premium services and "my contracts," you need online access to your personal "my HUK" service area. If you don’t have it yet, register once for "my HUK". After entering the mobile or. landline number you will receive a confirmation code with which you can activate online access. The services will then be available to you after logging back into the "my health" app.

You can also take children up to 16 years of age who are also insured. the online consultation service can be used by patients under the age of 18, provided they have comprehensive health insurance or health insurance for persons entitled to benefits.

Important notes:

you need our comprehensive health insurance or health insurance for beneficiaries to cover online consultation and the kaia back training free to use. Even insureds with the outpatient supplementary insurance azpremium or azplus can travel the kaia back training free to use. To use our services abroad 24h contact to access the premium services and "my contracts", you must have a health insurance policy with coverage for treatments abroad with us. For example, as part of a travel health insurance, a comprehensive health insurance or through an additional tariff.

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