District court confirms – fake police car remains impounded

Police in celle have taken a fake patrol car out of circulation. the district court of celle has now confirmed the seizure.

The owner of the fake police car Oleksandr Shevchenko attaches the magnetic signs with the inscription Police

The fake police car of a car dealer from garben will not be seen in traffic in the near future. As the public prosecutor’s office explained in response to a question from the cellesche zeitung, the district court in celle has confirmed the seizure of the vehicle by the police. "This will keep the vehicle in official custody", lars janben, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office that filed the request, said on thursday.

Vehicle looks like a real police service car

Criminal proceedings had already been initiated in october against oleksandr shevchenko, the 33-year-old owner of the vehicle, on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. With its blue-silver paint, the inscription "police" as well as the blue light system on the roof, the car gives the impression that it is a real police vehicle, said janben. Because the opel vectra on 24. When the driver was on the road again in October, the car was confiscated as evidence and criminal charges were filed.

There are four suspicious cases from october

According to janssen, four suspected cases from october are involved. At one point, someone in the vehicle was reported to have waved a stop flag and asked a cyclist to stop. In another case, the vehicle was allegedly traveling in traffic with its blue lights on, forcing an oncoming car to take evasive action.

Car dealer defends himself against accusations and announces legal steps

Shevchenko himself defended himself against the accusations immediately after the report and announced his own legal action. "it was told by a few people at the police celle that the vehicle was driven with blue lights in public traffic and that with a red traffic trowel a cyclist was stopped and controlled ." this is not true, says the car dealer, who rents the vehicle with megaphone and police trowel from 19.95 euros. He has hired a lawyer who, according to janben, has already requested to see the files.

When the real officers stopped the fake police car at the time, its blue light was not in operation. Also the inscription "police on the hood was half covered. The holder denied the accusation that he had impersonated a police officer. "I was on my way to the TuV to have the disconnected blue light approved as a roof structure", said oleksandr shevchenko after the seizure. This he had previously discussed with an employee of the TuV. The police had not warned him shortly before that he was no longer allowed to drive.

Imitation police car for rent for children’s birthday parties

The imitation police car was offered to him by a company in berlin that provides such cars for film productions, explained the head of a vehicle agency in garben. He registered it as a rental car with the trade office. his idea is to rent it out for children’s birthday parties or to scare off burglars.

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