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Car subscription comparison on leasing market.De: cheap flatrate offers from well-known providers

Leasing market.De is your partner for mobility. In addition to comparing thousands of leasing offers, we also offer you the option of subscribing to your next car quite simply on our marketplace. Wait a minute – subscribing to a car?! Indeed, because what has proven successful for years with music and TV streaming services is now also enjoying great popularity in the automotive industry. But what is a car subscription in the first place and for whom is the car flat rate worthwhile??

car subscription: the all-round carefree package at a fixed monthly price

The car subscription principle is basically no different from other subscriptions, such as a newspaper or music service subscription. The user pays a fixed monthly price and in return can use the subscribed product to the full extent during the contract period, quasi in the form of a flat rate. But with the car subscription, it’s actually an all-inclusive flat rate, because almost all ancillary vehicle costs are already covered by the rate. These include but are not limited to:

  • Transfer
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • car tax
  • TuV& HU
  • maintenance& wear and tear
  • Tire service

You pay a fixed monthly rate with no down payment and don’t have to worry about anything – just the cost of fuel or. Electricity they still carry themselves.

Requirements for taking out a car subscription

The successful conclusion of a car subscription is of course linked to certain prerequisites. These include:

  • Minimum driver age: between 18 and 23 years (varies depending on provider)
  • maximum driver age: between 73 and 75 years of age (varies; age limit not for all providers)
  • driving license: EU driving license; at least two or even three years in possession (varies depending on the provider)
  • Place of residence: residence or company headquarters in germany
  • Positive credit rating: car subscription without positive schufa check is not possible
  • Entry/registration fee: if you are signing up for a car subscription for the first time, some providers require a starting or. Registration fee of about 300 euro.

Both private and commercial customers can take out an auto subscription.

Whether VW, BMW, mercedes or volvo: model diversity also for car subscriptions

If you are thinking about subscribing to your next car, you first have to decide on a model, of course. Whether it’s a small car, station wagon or SUV – just like when you buy or lease a vehicle, you can also choose from all the popular makes and models when you subscribe to a car service. Of course, the higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the monthly subscription package price. The subscription cars are already preconfigured, so no changes can usually be made to the equipment.

Some of the vehicles are available immediately and can be picked up directly from the provider’s partner dealers. delivery to your door is also possible in some cases, but this is associated with additional costs.

Term and inclusive mileage of the car subscription

In addition, you should consider how long you want to subscribe to the car and how many kilometers you expect to drive during the term of the subscription. Because these contract details also have an influence on the monthly package price. As a rule: the higher the mileage and the shorter the term, the more expensive your car subscription will be.

The terms of the car subscription vary depending on the provider. Some providers, for example, agree on a fixed term of 12 months, after which the subscription automatically expires. Other providers work with a minimum term of 6 months, for example, which – if the subscription is to be terminated – is linked to a cancellation period of 3 months. After expiry of the minimum term, the contract can be terminated at any time.

At the end of the short contract period, you can decide directly on a new model. Today’s city runabout, tomorrow’s family van – this flexibility makes the car subscription so attractive.

In terms of mileage, you receive different mileage packages depending on the provider. 15.000 to 20.000 kilometers per year or. 1.250 inclusive kilometers per month is the guideline for all providers. Excess mileage is billed individually when the vehicle is returned. The cost of additional kilometers is usually between 12 and 20 cents per kilometer. As a rule, however, the number of additional kilometers – depending on the provider – is limited to around 200 to 500 kilometers per month.

Choose your car and drive off – without the stress of bureaucracy

For many people, buying a car is associated with a lot of effort and bureaucracy. Registration, vehicle tax, insurance – matters that cost time and nerves more than anything else. But with a car subscription, there’s no stress at all. Because here your provider takes care of these annoying tasks. All you have to do is get in and drive away.

And you can concentrate on the essentials not only at the beginning, but also during the subscription period. Whether TuV, inspection, wear-related repairs or tire change: if you book a car subscription, you get an all-inclusive package. This means that your provider arranges an appointment for you at a partner workshop and you simply deliver the vehicle, naturally without additional costs. Driving could hardly be more relaxed.

Returning the subscription car: signs of use vs. Damage

When the car subscription comes to an end, the vehicle has to be returned. This is of course subject to an inspection for any defects. The vehicle is returned to a partner dealer of the provider in your area. The condition of the car is assessed by an independent service provider in the presence of the subscriber. It is not uncommon for this to involve a TuV expert, who evaluates neutrally and transparently on the basis of the freely accessible TuV damage catalog. As with vehicle leasing, a distinction is made between signs of use and damage.

Signs of use do not affect the value of the car and are reasonable for its age and mileage. They can also be removed by the provider by thoroughly cleaning or reconditioning the vehicle. Typical signs of use include small stone chips or superficial scratches without paint abrasion. Such defects are already covered by the subscription rate, so the subscriber does not have to pay any additional costs.

Some providers offer the option of having the vehicle inspected free of charge before returning it to you. If damage is detected during the inspection, it can be repaired in advance at a reasonable price.

As damage, the expert classifies traces that have a strong influence on the residual value of the vehicle. This can be deep scratches, severe paint damage, tears in the seats, excessive nicotine smell or missing accessories. The elimination of such defects is associated with high costs and is therefore charged to the subscriber. Damage is repaired as inexpensively as possible, for example using the smart repair method.

If you cause damage to your vehicle during the term of the contract, you will be well covered for repairs thanks to the fully comprehensive insurance included in the subscription.

Car subscription on the leasing market.De: compare now and find a cheap long term car rental

Leasing market.De works together with many well-known car subscription providers and thus enables a comprehensive comparison of numerous attractive offers. From electric cars to sports cars: you will find the latest new cars and young used cars from popular brands such as VW, audi, BMW, mercedes, volvo and many others.

Simply use our comprehensive auto-abo search function and select the offer that exactly matches your requirements. Once you have found a suitable model, you can use the "enquire without obligation" button to make an inquiry in full free of charge and without obligation make an inquiry. To do this, enter your details in the contact form and use the optional message field if you have any further questions about the offer. Afterwards you only have to send your request and you will receive a response from the provider by e-mail or telephone within 48 hours at the latest. Your personal contact will advise you on the car subscription you have chosen and explain all the other details to you.

Leasing market.De is an online marketplace for car leasing offers. Customers can quickly and easily find the right car to suit their living situation and financial budget. dealers on the other hand can advertise their offers on leasingmarkt.De advertise and provide customers with advice and assistance.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions answered

The auto-abo is an all-inclusive flat rate for cars. You only pay the fuel or electricity. electricity and, depending on the provider, a registration fee, all other additional costs are already included in the rate. The following services are included in the subscription:

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