Car speakers test 2021

Car speakers test 2021

Car speakers improve the sound of your car radio.

The standard car speakers usually offer only insufficient quality, so that the sound leaves a lot to be desired. many manufacturers offer better products in their surcharge list, but usually at an improper price. They want their car equip with high quality car speakers? Then you are exactly right with us! our guidebook tells you everything you need to know about buying car speakers. We will introduce you to the different types, their advantages and disadvantages, and explain the most important aspects to consider when choosing your personal car speaker test winner. With our help you can make your own car speaker comparison and find guaranteed the right components for a flawless sound on the road.

types of car speakers

Before you can take a closer look at this topic, you first have to check which in-wall speakers are suitable for your car. Coaxial loudspeakers normally show the better sound for the car as this is created at one point. However, the sound is often lost in the footwell, which is due to the fact that the car speakers are located at leg level. in this respect, component systems are a very good compromise. In this car speaker set, the mid and low tones reverberate into the footwell, but the tweeter is placed at head height, so that the sound is sound much more spatial and clear. Due to the arrangement of the loudspeakers, this is also referred to as a "stage". The installation is ultimately mainly dependent on the manufacturer and the car model. Depending on the model, a trolley has different sized loudspeaker devices. These are usually located on the dashboard as well as in the doors. Regardless of the manufacturer, the diameter of the devices is usually 10, 13 or 16 cm. to determine the actual size, you should either refer to the manual or use a ruler or. Grab a tape measure. As soon as you determines the diameter of the autoboxes you can choose between the following two car sound systems.

Car speaker typedescription
coaxial speakers coaxial means that a smaller speaker sits in the middle of a larger one. The models have a nested design, d. H. the low, mid and high tones all sound from the same place.
Component system woofer and tweeter are separate speakers and not interleaved as in the coaxial models. The tweeter is installed at head height and the woofer in the footwell. High, medium and low sounds resound from different points.

Advantages and disadvantages of car speakers

You want to buy new car speakers? Then do not rush immediately to the nearest dealer and randomly pick any model. Instead, find out about the advantages and disadvantages in advance to avoid making a bad purchase. In addition, you can also carry out an individual car speaker test. To give you a good overview of the models, we have compiled a list of the most suitable speakers the respective advantages and weaknesses clearly arranged for you.

  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for small installation spaces on the dashboard
  • Cover a wide frequency spectrum
  • Can not be aimed directly at the driver
  • When installed in the footwell, a loss of sound is to be criticized
  • Optimal sound experience (can be aligned to the driver)
  • Different car hifi components can be combined with each other
  • Much more complex installation (separate installation of the tweeter)

Which car speakers are suitable for you?

When you compare the sound in your bolide to the standard speakers just improve a little if you want coaxial models are probably the best car speakers for you. On the other hand, if you are a true music lover, the component system category is the measure of things when it comes to car sound systems. In the following sections, we will go into more detail on this topic, so that you can decide not only for one of the types, but decide for the right car speakers can.

Different sound sources

Loudspeakers for cars can be divided into two-way and three-way loudspeakers. In the former, there are two sound sources: the tweeter for the high frequencies and the woofer/midrange for the low and mid frequencies. Two-way car speakers are installed as compactly as possible, to provide a clear sound. However, the more compact a car stereo system is, the less bass the speakers can produce. In contrast, three-way systems are usually less compact, which makes them more compact. A. This is due to the fact that have three sound sources: the tweeter, the midrange and the woofer. Thanks to the additional midrange driver, the woofer can reproduce the bass better. However, with three-way car speakers, this hardly makes a difference, since car systems are generally also quite compact due to space constraints. A car speaker test shows: since the installation sizes of the boxes are generally very compact, offer three-way models only in a few cases an advantage.

Performance of the speakers

Manufacturers of inexpensive car speakers in particular lure customers with high wattages. However, these values usually refer to the peak power handling, which can only be achieved for a short period of time. So this number says nothing about the actual power of the speakers from. A much better value for orientation with regard to the performance of the car music system is the so-called RMS value (RMS for "root mean square"). This is also specified in watt, but refers to the average power and is therefore much more meaningful. The RMS value is usually between 50 and 100 watt.

Suitable accessories

In a car speaker test, it becomes obvious that any car speaker, no matter how good, is not worth much if its power limited by the car radio will. Radios usually come with 10 to 20 watts RMS and thus can not deliver enough power to appropriate speakers, so it comes from a certain volume to crackle and crackle noises. In this case an amplifier can remedy the situation. Its RMS value per channel is between 50 and 100 watt.

If you want to buy an amplifier, it is essential that you pay attention to the correct impedance. This means that if your car speaker set has an impedance of 8 ohm, for example, the impedance of the power amplifier must also be 8 ohm. If the corresponding values of the components do not match, they can burn out!

So it can be said that the person who buys a powerful car stereo system should also buy appropriate accessories needed, to achieve the best possible results in terms of audio. This includes above all the car radio, the amplifier and a powerful power supply unit. And if you want a car speaker with good bass, you will also need a subwoofer or a subwoofer with good bass. A bass speaker for the car.

The most popular car speaker brands and manufacturers

Do you want to buy a high quality car speaker, you can put in good conscience on one of the following brands:

  • Hertz
  • Bose
  • Crunch
  • Infinity
  • Pioneer

Buying advice for car boxes

Car speakers test 2021

A car subwoofer set provides the maximum sound quality in your car.

You now know what matters when it comes to car hifi. To find the right car speakers with good bass and accessories as to purchase a bluetooth car radio or possibly a whole car speaker set, we recommend that you additionally read up on test reports (e.g. B. from stiftung warentest) to make it smart. This is how you put together the perfect car music system for your individual requirements and enjoy rich sound while cruising. You should pay attention to the following points in any case:

  • Size: which speakers fit in your car depends on the diameter of the speaker in your car subwoofer (usually 10, 13 or 16 cm).
  • wattage: the RMS value determines the average power and should be at least between 50 and 100 watts amount.
  • cables: the audio cables are already present, because your car is equipped with speakers as standard. For further information please contact the manufacturer of the loudspeakers. If you are not familiar with the material, however, it is advisable to commission a specialist to make the connection. So avoid short circuits and damage to the car electronics.
  • manufacturer: hertz, bose, crunch, infinity and pioneer are popular brands in the field of car hifi.
  • Installation: first remove the cover of the door. Take the speakers out of the mount. connect the new speakers to the existing cables. Put the boxes in the recesses. glue everything with a glue gun and screw everything together well.


Whether a complete car stereo set or car hi-fi without car subwoofer – no buyer’s guide can help you decide which speaker to buy. At the end of the day it all comes down to this, that the sound meets your expectations. No matter how high the wattage or how expensive the model, it’s your personal preferences that count. After all, everyone perceives sound differently, and what you find melodious may sound much worse to other people.

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