Car speakers in test 2022: current recommendations at a glance

Test reports on car speakers can help you make a decision, but everyone perceives sound differently

test reports on car speakers can help you make a decision, but everyone perceives sound differently.

Drivers who with the windows down and the music as loud as possible driving through the city, everyone has probably already encountered. But it doesn’t always have to be about standing out. just put value on a rich sound, you will find standard speakers installed in the car radio and the stock speakers in most cases hardly satisfied its. This is especially true when you are listening to music with a higher volume want to play.

In order to optimal audio result to achieve, they individual components of the sound system in the car replace. However, they should make sure that these fit together, because even the best car speakers are of no use to you if your car radio is no performance can bring. But what is the best speakers for your car? There is no general answer to this question, but we can tell you what the best speakers for your car are which criteria you should pay attention to when you decide to give new car speakers to a personal test to be subjected to.

The best car speakers from the test at a glance

Size matters

When you compare different car speakers, you will notice that they are in different sizes are to be acquired. Before you start technical content When you are dealing with the question of how big the car speakers that are to be tested in your vehicle can be, you first have to find out how big they can be. It depends on the model and type of your car. The loudspeakers that are usually installed have a diameter of 10, 13 or 16 cm. To find out which dimensions are right for you, you don’t have to study car speaker test reports: an ruler to apply to the speaker you want to replace is sufficient. to finally find your personal comparison winner among different car speaker models, you will have to do some deeper into the material dive in.

Coaxial or component loudspeakers?

Coaxial car speakers are much more compact compared to component speakers

coaxial car speakers are much more compact compared to component speakers.

Before you try a car speaker in the test, you must first decide, which design it should have. You can choose between coaxial and component speakers. coaxial means coaxial and that is also the secret of this design: on a large loudspeaker is centered, i.e. on the same axis, a smaller appropriate. sound accordingly all sounds from the same place.

With one component speakers or compo this looks different. This is more of a set of different speakers, since woofer and tweeter not installed together are. This has advantages and disadvantages: basically, the human ear perceives it as a pleasant, when highs and lows sound from the same place. This is not the case if you have chosen a "split" car speaker for your test. With a compo they bring the woofers in the footwell on, while tweeter at head height install.

In this way, you can use all components of the align to the driver. While you will find that such speakers for your car in practice test something more complicated to mount are more expensive than coax models, but the more flexible in your combination possibilities.

No good sound without proper door insulation

The question of which is the best car speaker is not only asked by tuners

the question of which is the best car speaker is not only asked by tuners.

Once you have selected good car speakers for your practical test, it’s now time to look at the correct installation. In order for the car speakers to pass their test, you first have to suitable environment create for you. Otherwise they will become no good sound experience find. Sheet metal parts and trim components vibrate not only while driving, but also by operating the loudspeaker in the door automatically with. This must be prevented, because this fact is reduces the sound quality.

To to prevent oscillations and vibrations, they can different types of insulation material use. First and foremost, this serves to weighting of the door panel, so that less vibrations are possible. Such mats are usually self-adhesive and consist of aluminum foil and butyl.

In some circumstances, you will need a hot air dryer, with it heat solid damping material can, so that it easier to shape will. Additionally, for a meaningful car speaker test, you should use a self-adhesive insulation fleece over the first insulation layer attach.

Good car speakers are only half the battle

speakers have no power itself, which can be watt can be measured. The manufacturer’s specifications in this regard indicate which peak power handling a loudspeaker has. For this, however, you should rather use values with the unit of measurement watt-RMS note. RMS stands for root mean square and describe the power value in the relevant frequency range.

Which car speaker becomes your test winner should also depend on its compatibility with other components such as the car radio

Which car speaker becomes your comparison winner should also depend on its compatibility with other components such as the car radio.

The autoboxes in your test should be other sound components in the vehicle fit. Also your radio has a RMS value. If this is clearly below that of your loudspeakers, they become no clear sound once you have installed the turn up the volume. Instead, they will probably crackle or pop listen.

In such a case, you should ask your car speaker test to a suitable amplifier extend. This can necessary power the car radio lacks, but if you don’t use it choose the right loudspeakers, it can happen that burns out. This would be possible if his impedance resp. Its alternating current resistance of the loudspeakers exceeds. Therefore, make sure that the ohm value the components each the same is.

Although you already have a woofer, but to really full bass to generate vibrations, this is usually not enough. For this you need subwoofer. this is generally only spoken of when the loudspeaker has a a diameter of at least 20 cm unit of measurement, since at smaller sizes it is not sufficiently air to vibrate can be used to full bass sound to produce. You can choose between active and passive subwoofers choose. The former can connect directly to your car radio, the latter need a amplifier.

FAQ: car speakers

Do you want a coaxial or a component loudspeaker? You can read the differences here.

For the best sound experience in the car, you can additionally equip it with insulation material. This also benefits the bass.

Depending on the manufacturer, prices between 20 and 150 euros are possible. This comparison table can help you make a decision.

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