Car photo

Halloween costume with a long past

There is something wrong with this car photo: see it directly?

At first glance, we see an empty vehicle interior - but there is a person hiding here

At first glance, this car looks like so many others on our roads. But the impression is deceptive. Because this vehicle is prepared for the next halloween party.

  • A picture circulating on the internet shows an empty vehicle interior – but only at first glance.
  • The photo actually hides a halloween costume.
  • this one reminds a user of a cult series from the 80s.

munich – halloween costumes are usually just plain scary. This is how fans of the U.S. custom dress up for the night of the nights of 31 December. october on the 1. November primarily as witches or devils. Ghosts or zombies. Skeletons or werewolves. Monsters or particularly creepy monsters.

photo of a supposedly normal car: a halloween costume is hiding here

Or as movie villains like the clown pennywise from stephen king’s horror shocker "it", freddy krueger from the "nightmare" movie series, jason voorhees from the "friday the 13th" movies, and many others." movies or leatherface from the various parts of "texas chainsaw massacre".

But simply putting on a piece of cloth is no longer enough to make people scream in terror and then increase their pulse rate and gasp for air. Unless you do it like this halloween fan, who presented his special masquerade on the online portal reddit. Voila: she or he went into the spooky night as the driver’s seat. In the photo, only the hands on the steering wheel indicate that there is actually a human at the wheel.

photo of a supposedly normal car: road users may fear for their health

From a distance, there should be hardly any difference between the costume and the real passenger seat next to it. Many a road user – whether on his legs, two, three or four wheels – may have feared for his health when a vehicle prepared in this way came toward him on the road. After all, autonomous driving is still far from being widespread enough to easily overlook the supposedly empty front row of seats.

Video: curve-safe costumes for halloween

But the costume offers a second possibility to give people in the vicinity a real halloween shock moment. With his hands hidden at his sides, the costumed person would only have to wait until a witch or devil, ghost or zombie, skeleton or werewolf, monster or movie villain approaches the car on the driver’s side. To then quickly peel out of its cloak – possibly accompanied by appropriate zombie moans. the visitor is already likely to take to his heels and run for the hills.

Oops, where did those hands come from? Under the driver's seat costume is a human being

photo of a supposedly normal car: "halloween-costume put on 45 times in one day

The reddit-user was obviously quite busy on halloween. Although in one of the past years, because the picture was already spread in october. But then the driver’s seat was used almost continuously. So the photo is captioned with the note: "halloween costume put on 45 times in one day".

Other users do not believe him. So "veritas-veritas" thinks that the police would have taken him out of circulation already "after three or four confrontations. And anyway, such costumes would have already been used for the talking and self-driving car KITT from the cult series "knight rider".

And it was produced already in the 1980s. This should also make it clear: david hasselhoff would certainly not have let himself be led astray by this halloween costume.

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