Car loan test 01/2022

You want to know who is the fairest provider in the field of car loans? That’s what we want, too, and that’s why we put numerous providers under the microscope. Our editors check the website of each individual test participant, check the service and even run through the application sections until shortly before the loan is concluded.

In this context, the focus is not only on the best interest rate, but also on other conditions and services. Therefore, in the tests we present not only an overall rating, but also the individual ratings according to the categories

  • Interest
  • Repayment phase
  • Product features
  • Service
  • Application
  • Documents

Test evaluations in real time

Usually, the numerous car loan tests that can be found on the internet or at the stiftung warentest are based on cut-off dates. This means that a test loses its validity as soon as the conditions of a credit provider change. But what is the point of preparing test evaluations if some of them have already lost their validity before they are published on the internet??

We did not want to put up with this and have developed a system for a car loan test that is the first of its kind on the market. When conditions change, we immediately enter the new data into the system and the test updates automatically. The placement of the test field is then immediately updated when the page is called up. In this way, we give you a live view of what is happening on the market, while other comparison portals are still busy working out new product tests.

Test result and test winner 01/2022

If you want to compare the latest terms and conditions for car loans, you can do so in our comparison for all the providers tested here:

Car loan

Car loans in interest rate comparison

Who is the best provider for financing a car?? For many consumers, the best interest rate is what counts. Our car loan comparison shows which banks offer low-cost car loans and car financing and what their conditions are.

Our test scheme

Provider or product ratings can produce different results from tester to tester. Especially if subjective or with poor evaluation standards are used.

We clearly distance ourselves from subjective evaluations and conduct all tests neutrally. For this purpose, we have developed an individual test scheme for each product category. each of the above categories (interest rates, product features, etc).) is given a different meaning. For example, the decision for or against a credit provider is usually made according to the interest rates offered, which is why we include the interest rates much more in the rating (50 percent) than, for example, the service (10 percent).

In addition, each of these categories is subdivided into further subcategories. Especially in the case of interest rates, we distinguish between the best effective interest rate and the best 2/3 interest rate. each subcategory also receives its own weighting.

Only with the help of these individual test schemes can we guarantee you a fair and meaningful test evaluation. A good overall rating for a car loan means that this product is definitely recommendable and tailored to the majority of consumers.

An infographic with pie charts about our editorial test scheme for auto loans

The individual categories


on many comparison portals, the credit institutions advertise their best effective annual interest rates. But this figure is not meaningful for most consumers, because not everyone can benefit from these top conditions. For example, a long term or a poor credit rating will increase the interest rate.

For this reason, paragraph 6a, subsection 4, of the price indication ordinance (pangv) stipulates that every credit institution must list a so-called representative example. This sample calculation contains an effective annual interest rate that may not be exceeded by two-thirds of all applicants. This interest rate is called 2/3-interest and is usually higher than the best effective interest rate.

If the spread between the best effective interest rate and the 2/3 interest rate is relatively small, it is highly likely that you can benefit from attractive conditions. If the difference between the worst effective interest rate and the 2/3 interest rate is as large as possible, you have a good chance of not having to dig too deep into your pocket. The following evaluation shows which banks in the test have the smallest gap between the most favorable effective interest rate and the 2/3 interest rate:

Product interest rate evaluation to the provider
to the product test advertising interest 1 : 2.59 % 2/3-interest 2 : 2.59 % interest rate differential: 0.00 % ING
to the product test advertising rate 1 : 2.69 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 2.69 % interest rate differential: 0.00 % SWK bank
to the product test commercial interest rate 1 : 2.85 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 2.85 % interest rate differential: 0.00 % DSL bank
to the product test advertising interest 1 : 2.99 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 2.99% interest rate differential: 0.00 % carcredit
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 3.99 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 3.99 % interest rate differential: 0.00 % IKANO bank
to the product test advertising rate 1 : 1.49 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 2.99 % interest rate differential: 1.50 % commerzbank
to the product test promotional rate 1 : 1.48 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 2.99 % interest rate differential: 1.51 % bank of scotland
to the product test advertising interest 1 : 2.49 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 4.15 % interest rate difference: 1.66 % barclays
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 1.75 % 2/3-interest 2 : 3.45 % interest rate difference: 1.70 % TARGOBANK
to the product test advertising rate 1 : 1.79 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 3.49 % interest rate difference: 1.70 % united volksbank raiffeisenbank eg
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 1.55 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 3.49 % interest rate differential: 1.94 % postbank
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 1.69 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 3.90 % interest rate differential: 2.21 % creditplus
to the product test promotional interest 1 : 1.39 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 3.70 % interest rate differential: 2.31 % norisbank
to the product test advertising rate 1 : 3.74 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 6.24 % interest rate differential: 2.50 % S-credit partner
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 0.68 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 4.71 % interest rate difference: 4.03 % smava
to the product test promotional interest 1 : -0.40 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 4.24 % interest rate difference: 4.64 % ofina.De
to the product test advertising interest rate 1 : 1.49 % 2/3 interest 2 : 6.89 % interest rate difference: 5.40 % younited credit
to the product test advertising interest 1 : 2.79 % 2/3 interest rate 2 : 8.29 % interest rate differential: 5.50 % bon-credit
to the product test promotional interest rate 1 : 0.00 % 2/3 interest 2 : 6.30 % interest rate differential: 6.30 % verivox
1 promotional interest rate lowest effective annual interest rate of the provider 2 2/3 interest rate effective annual interest rate given in the representative example and which at least 2/3 of all borrowers actually receive

In our test evaluation, the interest rates are of the greatest importance and are included with a full 50 percent.

Category / criterion weighting points
interest 50% of the total
best possible effective interest rate 50% automated evaluation according to ranking
best 2/3 effective interest rate 50% automated evaluation according to ranking

Exception: car loans with interest rates independent of creditworthiness

However, the rule just described does not apply to car loans with interest rates that are independent of creditworthiness (also known as fixed interest rates). As long as the general creditworthiness criteria of the respective bank are fulfilled, all borrowers receive the same interest rate. The fixed interest rate applies to all maturities and loan amounts or only to certain loan amounts.

For example, the interest rate of the ING car loan is independent of creditworthiness. If the borrower meets the requirements of ING for the granting of a loan, he knows in advance what interest rate he will have to expect.

Repayment phase

Although less intensive on average, the repayment phase can be an important point for many consumers in their financing planning, which is why we include it with a weighting of 15 percent in the rating.

For the repayment phase, we consider in our test:

  • Can the loan be repaid early?
  • Can the amount of the installment be changed?
  • Are installment deferrals and special repayments possible??

the more flexible the repayment phase, the more points we can award.

In the event of a dispute with the credit institution, the consumer may have to refer to the relevant supervisory authority or to the credit institution. The relevant ombudsman. In the comparative test, we also evaluate whether and how well this information can be found.

Can customers reduce the credit burden by making special payments outside the series?

  • 5 P.yes, without restrictions.
  • 3 P.yes, with restrictions.
  • 0 P.: no, not provided.

Can customers defer their credit installments, i.e. press the pause button?

  • 5 P.: two or more installments p.A. Stundbar.
  • 3 P.: one rate p.A. Stundbar
  • 1 P.Deferments as a special case solution.
  • 0 P.: no deferments possible.

Can customers adjust the installment amount and thus also the term??

  • 5 P.: free of charge more than once a year.
  • 3 P.: free of charge once a year or on request.
  • 1 P.: only against fees.
  • 0 P.: no change possible.

Can the loan be repaid early and if so, what is the cost??

  • 5 P.: free of charge.
  • 4 P.: more favorable than the legal regulation.
  • 3 P.: according to the legal regulation.
  • 0 P.: not possible.

Are the details in the imprint available?

  • 5 P.: yes, both.
  • 3 P.yes, but only one.
  • 0 P.: not specified.

Product features

We consider the product characteristics of a car loan to be just as important as the modalities of the repayment phase. Here we want to know how the consumer can design and use the credit and what restrictions, if any, apply. To be noted.

For example, a loan may be useless if it cannot be used for debt restructuring, the minimum or maximum loan amount does not fit, or the processing time for the loan takes too much time because there is an urgent need for financing.

What is the minimum credit amount??

  • 5 P.up to 1.500 €
  • 4 P.: 1.501 € until 2.500 €
  • 3 P.: 2.501 € to 5.000 €
  • 2 P.from 5.001 €

What is the maximum amount that can be borrowed?

  • 5 P.: over 60.000 €
  • 4 P.: 50.000 € up to 59.999 €
  • 3 P.: 40.000 € up to 49.999 €
  • 2 P.0 € up to 39.999 €

What is the maximum term of the loan?

  • 5 P.: 85 months and more
  • 4 P.72 to 84 months
  • 3 P.: 60 to 71 months
  • 2 P.: 37 to 59 months
  • 1 P.: 36 months or less

Are processing fees required?

  • 5
  • 0 P.yes.

Can the credit be used for a debt rescheduling?

  • 5 P.yes.
  • 0 P.: no.

Does the earmarking of the loan reduce the interest rate compared to an offer without earmarking??

  • 5 P.yes.
  • 3 P.: no personal loan available for comparison.
  • 0

At best, how long does it take from receipt of the complete application to disbursement??

  • 5 P.max. 72 hours.
  • 3 P.: three to seven days.
  • 1 P.: eight days or more.

How granular can the term be selected?

  • 5 P.: to the month.
  • 3 P.: in half-yearly steps
  • 1 P.: in yearly steps.

Are special vehicles (motorcycles, motor homes, etc.).) excluded, a minimum age must be reached o.A.?

  • 5 P.: no.
  • 0 P. Yes.


How important excellent service is to you is a matter of taste. In our test, it is given a somewhat lower weighting than the product and repayment terms, with a weighting of ten percent.

In this category, we test independently:

  • How accessible, friendly and informative are the service hotline staff??
  • Can be accessed online or even via app on a customer account?
  • Can a residual debt insurance be taken out?
  • How can the credit application be completed??

Can the credit account be managed online?

  • 5 P.: online customer account available.
  • 0 P.: online customer account not available.

How easy is it to reach the service hotline??

  • 5 P.around the clock.
  • 4 P.: more than eight hours./ day resp. 40 std./ week.
  • 3 P.: max. Eight std./ day resp. 40 hrs./ week.
  • 1 P.: max. Four std./ day.
  • 0 P.No hotline available.

How well informed was the employee on the phone on the topics of "repayment," "stepless term," and "debt rescheduling"??

  • 5 P.: fully informed, very competent, knows product inside out.
  • 3 P.: knew most of it, also had to look it up sometimes.
  • 1 P.: was overwhelmed and seemed out of place.

How did the employee on the phone meet us?

  • 5 P.: very friendly and natural.
  • 3 P.: factually neutral.
  • 1 P.: rude, annoyed, grumpy.

How is the issue of residual debt insurance handled??

  • 5 P.: can customer take up voluntarily.
  • 3 P.: cannot be included here.
  • 1 is obligatory.

What options do consumers have to complete the credit application process?

  • 5 P.: online, by phone and on site.
  • 4 P.: two ways possible.
  • 3 P.: one way possible.

Is there a dedicated app for credit management?

  • 5 P.: yes.
  • 0 P.: no.


This test category deals with documents and accounts for 5 percent of the rating. Here we look at documents provided by the credit institution as well as the documents that you have to submit as part of the credit application process.

In the case of bank documents, we check how easy it is to find, read and understand the agbs and the list of prices and services. On the other hand, we rate the documents to be submitted in terms of consumer-friendliness, in terms of the extent to which proof of solvency must be provided and whether an assignment of the car title is necessary.

Does user have to assign his car title to the lender?

  • 5 P.: no, not necessary.
  • 3 P.: on request for better interest rate.
  • 1 P.: yes, always.

How many account statements must be submitted?

  • 5 P.: for the last two months or less.
  • 3 P.: for the last three to four months.
  • 1 P.: for the last five months or more.

Are the agbs easy to find online prior to application?

  • 5 P.: yes, prominently displayed.
  • 3 P.: are available, but must be searched for.
  • 0 P.: not available online or impossible to find.

Is the price and service list available online and easy to find?

  • 5 P.: yes, prominently displayed.
  • 3 P.: is available, but must be sought.
  • 1 P.: will be given only at the moment of the conclusion of the contract.

Do the documents seem to be cloistered? Is the degree of writing chosen small?

  • 5 P.: very good comprehensibility.
  • 4 P.: well understood.
  • 3 P. Moderately good to understand.
  • 1 P.: a lot of small print, pure "lawyer’s German".


Finally, and also with a weighting of 5 percent, we check the possibilities and assistance for and during the application process.

As our editors work independently through the application sections, we monitor what support is provided, for example in the form of form checks or chat boxes, and how clearly and comprehensibly the application section is designed.

Also important to us:

  • Can the loan also be applied for using a mobile device??
  • Which legitimation procedures are possible? Can be chosen from several?
  • Is an extended right of withdrawal offered?
  • Is a credit commitment given in advance?

How quickly does the applicant receive a preliminary commitment??

  • 5 P.: immediately online.
  • 4 P.: within 24 hours or. One working day.
  • 3 P.: within 24 to 72 hours resp. Three working days.
  • 1 P.: within more than three days

(weekends, holidays: in case of doubt, the default value applies). of working days)

Customers are granted an extended right of revocation?

  • 5 P.: yes, 31 days/ one month and more.
  • 3 P.: yes, up to 30 days/four weeks.
  • 1, the 14 days/two weeks prescribed by law apply.

How is the application route designed in terms of length and comprehensibility?

  • 5 P.: airy, tidy, self-explanatory, short.
  • 3 P.: unfortunate sorting, small font, no color support.
  • 1 P.: old-fashioned, outdated, opaque, complicated, long.

Has the application section been optimized for cell phones and other mobile devices?

  • 5 P.: yes, there is a mobile (responsive) subpage.
  • 1 P.: no, it has to be zoomed and scrolled a lot.

Is assistance available to the applicant while going through the credit application process??

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