Car loan comparison: find the best car loan for your dream car

If you want to finance a new car, you can find the best car loan with our interactive car loan comparison suitable car loan with the best conditions in a few moments!

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How does the car loan comparison work??

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can find the car loan that best suits you and your needs. In our car loan comparison there are the following parameters:

1. Net loan amount

The net loan amount is the amount that the bank will pay out to you. However, this amount does not include any fees, taxes or interest.

the net loan amount is therefore the payment amount. If you want to know what your total costs will be, you have to add the fees, taxes and interest on top of that. Here you enter exactly the amount you need from the bank for your new car.

2. Loan term

your interest rate depends on how long you want to pay off your car loan. Basically, there is a rule of thumb: the longer the term, the higher the interest rate. This is due, among other things, to the default and interest rate risk, which increases for the banks with a longer term.

In our car loan comparison you can choose one, two, three or six months as well as one to ten years.

3. purpose

a car loan is a loan for a specific purpose. This means that the bank will only pay you the loan for the purchase of a new or used car. If you select the purpose "new car / used car", you will receive special offers that are earmarked for this purpose.

Many banks offer special, if necessary, interest-free loans for this purpose. More favorable conditions. In addition, you can also opt for the "free use" purpose of use. At this point, a cross-check with our installment loan or mini-loan comparison may make more sense, as there is a wider selection of banks available here.

4. Compare car loans

Then press "carcompare credit"and we will show you the best matches according to your individual specifications.

Car loan comparison: what can i take from the table??

After you have entered your personal data, you can take from the table the recommendations for your needs. We will explain to you what exactly will be displayed.


Here you can see the name and logo of the provider in this line, for example 1822direkt, santander or ING. This way, you can quickly identify, select or deliberately skip known providers.


under the name of the provider you will find a rating in each case. This star rating is made up of transparency, service, recommendations, experiences of other customers and online banking. A total of up to five stars can be achieved.

car loan comparison reviews

To find out how meaningful the rating is, you will find next to it the exact number of people who have rated the supplier. the more ratings a provider receives, the higher you can rate the given experience reports for you.

Debit interest bound

The decisive point for the choice of a provider is the amount of the interest rate. In your car loan comparison, you will first be shown the fixed target interest rate. This is agreed for the entire term of the car loan before it is granted.

This gives you the certainty that the interest rate will not change, because, as the name suggests, it is fixed. However, the target interest rate is the interest rate without fees, taxes or additional costs.

Effective annual interest rate

In the next step you will see the interest rate that includes all additional costs. The effective annual interest rate therefore includes the interest rate plus. Fees. This is then used to calculate the actual (or: effective) annual interest rate for your car loan. In simpler terms, it shows the actual cost of your loan per year.

Always compare two loans on the basis of the effective interest rate. For example, a bank can offer a lower interest rate, but still charge high fees effectively be more expensive. The effective interest rate takes all factors into account and thus makes loans comparable.

In the results of the car loan comparison, you will find a range for the effective annual interest rate and the fixed target interest rate. The interest rates that actually apply to you can only be calculated after you have entered your individual factors. For example, it is crucial how high your personal credit rating is.

Monthly rate

The monthly rate is calculated in the first step with the help of the net loan amount and the term. Of course, the final rate can only be determined once the exact interest rate and all fees have been calculated. For this reason, you will find information here starting from the minimum amount with an excellent credit rating.

test seal

If you see a small picture next to the monthly rate, you can move your mouse over it to see a test seal, for example from the german institute for service quality gmbh& co. KG or the world. This gives you a better impression of the provider and whether he is really recommendable.

Car loan comparison test seal

Car loan comparison: this is how you get to the provider

A provider has aroused your interest and you would like to see for yourself now? Then you can click on the button "to the provider"go directly to your desired car loan and get more information or apply for the loan there.

Car loan comparison: what makes a good car loan??

This comparison compares the individual providers on the basis of costs. Depending on the amount of your loan and the term, the providers are displayed according to the interest rates. Here we would like to give you a few additional tips that are important when making your selection.

Intended use

Why is there a special car loan at all, when you could simply apply for a normal installment loan??

This is because banks usually secure the loan they take out not only against your income, but also against the car itself, when you specify the intended use of the loan. This gives the bank more security and the borrower, in many cases, more favorable interest rates.

Personal limit

The financing of your car is feasible with a car loan in most cases. You should still know your personal monthly limit before taking out the loan.

This means: how much money can you pay off each month?? A fixed monthly budget should not be exceeded, so that you do not get into the situation of not being able to pay your installments in case of emergency.

note: all contents are not investment, tax or legal advice. They are used for information and entertainment. We do not take any responsibility for risks or losses. Never forgo your own thorough research! Links can be affiliate links.

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