Car loan comparison

In our car loan comparison, we compare the current interest rates of up to 21 loan providers. This is how you can quickly, safely and conveniently find a favorable loan for your car.
(updated: january 2022)

Partner banks (excerpt)

Whether it’s a new car or a used car, a youngtimer or an oldtimer – we show who offers the best interest rates. The car loan comparison is also suitable for the financing of motorcycles or mobile homes and can be easily carried out with our car calculator.


Types of financing

How can I finance the purchase of a car? Here we present you the most common options.

The earmarked installment loan for car financing often offers the most favorable car loan interest rates. In addition, there are other financing models, such as z.B. Private leasing or 3-way financing.

Installment loan

Special-purpose installment loan granted by banks, credit brokers or via credit marketplaces. The interest rate on the loan and the monthly rate remain unchanged during the entire term of the loan. It is available as a used car loan and as a new car loan.

With our car loan calculator, you will receive the expected installments in euros after entering the net loan amount and the term.

Balloon loan/final installment loan

In essence, an installment loan, with or without down payment, constant very low monthly installments, but a very high final installment (balloon). The car loan with final installment is often offered as part of dealer financing, but is also available externally. The advantage lies in low monthly installments, disadvantages are high total costs due to the redemption backlog and that, due to the high residual amount, a follow-up financing for the car may be necessary.

Three-option financing (dealer or manufacturer financing)

Loan with monthly installments and a higher final payment, a down payment is required. The three options at the end of the term give the loan its name:

  • The borrower can make the high final payment and the vehicle is his own.
  • He decides to take out follow-up financing.
  • It returns the vehicle to the dealer in proper condition.

Balloon loans and 3-way financing are offered in addition to private leasing, primarily through dealers and manufacturers, respectively. Offered by car banks, while the loan for the car purchase can be applied for at any branch bank or direct bank as well as through credit agencies or credit marketplaces for the loan from private individuals.

5 tips for a favorable car loan

Couple with a car loan

Apply for the best car loan with these 5 tips. Our comparison already brings some savings, but with these tricks, the car loan will be even cheaper.

Tip 1

Second borrower

A second borrower increases the creditworthiness immensely. Banks reward the lower risk of default with a favorable interest rate.
Perfect for married couples as they are liable for the partner anyway.

Tip 2

Do without residual debt insurance

Credit institutions are happy to arrange residual debt insurance. Here one should examine exactly the costs for the RSV, because these can reduce the credit fast around some 100 or even 1.Increase by 000 euros. Some insurance cases, such as unemployment, are also only covered after a certain deposit period and often limited to one year.

Tip 3

Keep the loan amount low

Prioritize your car purchase and negotiate the price to keep the required purchase amount, and therefore the loan amount, low.

Tip 4

Choose short terms

Long terms reduce the monthly rate and are therefore very popular. However, the total costs increase disproportionately, because

1. If the interest rates for long-term loans are higher than those for loans with a maximum term of 4-5 years.

2. If the residual debt is significantly higher for a long time, more interest will be charged.

Tip 5

Obtain several offers

Online banks in particular offer low-cost car loans.

Using our inquiry form, you can, for example, check the conditions for over 20 reputable banks inquiries. At the same time and with only one request.

You will already receive the first offers after a few minutes by email.

Online – fast& low-interest

Consumer loans, such as the car loan, are nowadays mainly concluded via the internet.

Many major national and international banks and savings banks have online branches with an extensive online offering. Furthermore, you can find online credit agencies without schufa.

If you are looking for an offer without a bank, you will find what you are looking for on the credit marketplaces for credit from private sources such as lendico or auxmoney. Our comparison takes into account the various providers of online car loans and thus opens up the right choice of loan for the different target groups.

Car loan comparison

What makes the car loan cheap

There are several factors that make cheap car loans favorable: compare, the purpose of use and negotiate as a cash payer.

Online loans for buying a car are characterized by a favorable interest rate and special conditions. This results from the fact that direct banks and online credit agencies save money through the online banking of the customers themselves and pass this advantage on to the customers.

The house banks of the renowned car manufacturers such as VW, audi, mercedes or Renault often offer favorable financing conditions. It should be noted, however, that the discounts available for cash payments are generally not available for merchant credit. In almost all cases, it is worth taking out a loan with a direct bank.

Intended use

The car loan is intended exclusively for the purchase of a vehicle. This earmarking guarantees favorable interest rates and flexible terms. However, the conditions vary from provider to provider, a car loan comparison quickly shows which car loan best meets your own requirements and prerequisites.

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