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For many people, the dream of owning a car is often several thousand euros away, so financing is essential. A car loan is often offered in the form of the balloon financing granted. This results in a high final installment and low monthly installments. But there are also offers with constant rates, as with classic loans.

On the internet it is easier to find a car loan without schufa more difficult to apply for than with traditional banks. In addition, there is the option of taking out a car loan without an earmarking connect. Find the right provider now in our overview, which has also performed excellently in car loan tests.external widget

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our car loan comparison 2022

  • If you choose an installment loan (or car bank loan) as an option for buying a car, your credit report must be as clean as possible. A good credit rating and, if possible, no records of overindebtedness are then necessary. In this way, you can benefit from favorable car loan interest rates.
  • A car loan can become a burden in unfavorable situations, even with an online car loan. This is especially true if the car was very expensive and the rates accordingly high. To ensure that the borrower does not lose the vehicle again immediately, residual debt insurance could be taken out. However, these insurances are expensive.
  • The loan with earmarking seems to be more popular among germans (according to gfk), although the money may not be used for other purposes. Presumably because the bank can calculate the risk better and therefore sets more attractive effective annual interest rates (target interest rate + additional costs).

car loan test

Be sure to look for fixed interest rates. These make your financial burden more transparent and make the loan manageable. Fixed interest rates may be a little more expensive for each term. In the car loan test, however, such offers come off very well. The car loan test winner offers you a loan with pleasant conditions and without unfavorable contractual conditions. Some costs can already be saved when opening an account if you ask for corresponding offers without additional services.

If you want fixed and good conditions, then is an annuity loan likely to be suitable?, where you can count on constant monthly amounts. a loan comparison from stiftung warentest will help you during the orientation. Many bad and good lenders have been compared here. An overview of the financing data also helps you to find the right car loan.

our car loan comparison guide 2021 / 2022 is designed to help you identify hidden costs and choose the right car loan for your needs. However, these tips will only be of use to you if banks have had good experience with you in the past, because not every bank will automatically grant you a loan.

1. How high can the rates be?

In general, make sure that a loan doesn’t get out of hand. As soon as in everyday life also things must be renewed, a loan becomes a burden too quickly. This is to avoid. For this reason, you should first draw up a list of your budget: where are the costs and expenses that are necessary?? Does it necessarily have to be this manufacturer or will a slightly cheaper one do??

A loan calculator helps you weigh up the amount of a car loan. It happens otherwise that you overestimate the costs. Add to this the additional costs that affect the vehicle, such as taxes, repairs, etc., and you’ve got a good idea. A car loan has to be easy to carry without having to have to accept major cuts. The better your credit rating, the more likely it is that the car bank will meet your requirements. If your application is rejected, simply try the next bank.

A car loan with final installment is common in itself. For this must or should already be available savings, so that the final installment can be met. A fixed deposit in the amount to be repaid can therefore prove to be a sensible way to keep the money "out of reach".

Test all conceivable scenarios free of charge in the car loan calculator. Possibly find several solutions that might be suitable, because you should not stiffen on a variant. Do not get a loan, on the other hand, another variant might work. Usually, however, you will receive at least a counteroffer from the bank, which you should study in peace and subject to a new car loan comparison.

Loss of value and retention of title

The car is subject to a strong loss of value and could even break down completely. That makes buying a car by credit quite riskier than, for example, leasing. In addition, the car is often not directly transferred to your ownership, but the vehicle title and thus also the ownership remain with the lender.

2. Which conditions should you consider for car loans??

car loans

Different loans have different conditions. Here it is important to look carefully.

You will find various solutions on the credit market for the car loan: perhaps you will be allowed to pay off the loan earlier or you do not have to adhere to a fixed intended use. Some banks or their brands lure customers with attractive conditions. So are extremely important factors of auto financing, for example, percentages, term and the like.

Whether you are looking for a car loan from DKB or from another well-known bank, it doesn’t matter. you finally receive the money, so aspects such as e. B. The size of the credit institution less important are. A favorable car loan with good conditions is sometimes not so easy to find.

In the credit calculator, not all conditions and categories are usually taken into account in detail. An overview about the most necessary details can already be helpful, however. Important: a car bank loan usually comes about through the car dealers and is therefore not part of the car loan comparison calculator. You may be able to profit from particularly good conditions here.

3. Car loans despite a bad credit situation: what solutions are there??

Banks would like to see the following scenario: good earnings, lots of equity, lots of collateral. However, only very few people can show such a balance sheet. However, it is also possible to get a credit in case of not so good conditions. We have summarized the possible scenarios for you in the following table:

  • If the banks refuse to lend, you can contact a private lender
  • flexibility is necessary, be prepared for a long search
  • The interest rate could be higher
  • However, it is not impossible to take out a loan if you can credibly demonstrate your solvency
  • If you are self-employed and don’t earn much, you have little chance of getting a loan
  • However, there are loans that are specially designed for self-employed people. In doing so, you can z. B. Pay off more money in good times and stop payments in bad times
  • Those who earn little – and this is usually the case for students – are not very attractive to banks
  • The student’s parents could stand in as guarantors to increase the credit rating
  • An early graduation and the prospect of a permanent job increase the chances as well
  • Here, too, it is helpful if someone vouches for you
  • a high level of education, efforts made for further training and regular job interviews make you more attractive for banks

4. Car loan tests show: what other aspects of car financing should you pay attention to??

Whether you want to take out a car loan from commerzbank or a car loan from volksbank – there are many differences between the individual offers. The type or type of loan naturally determines the conditions. Some loans are short, have favorable interest rates and involve high installments. Loans with higher costs run much longer, have low rates and in this way cause high interest costs.

3.1. The term of the car loan

vehicle loan

Calculate the costs very carefully with a loan calculator. This will save you a rude awakening.

The car loan costs different amounts of money, this depends on the term. Short terms are sometimes better for the borrower, because repayments are not pushed too far into the distance and the interest effect does not take effect so strongly. The car loan from DIBA or DKB is certainly structured differently than the car loan from santander bank.

You should not have a preference for a provider in terms of cost and term, because a big or well-known name of the bank does not necessarily help you to get better conditions. The cheapest car loan may be the best – if you can get it.

In a loan calculator you will find any number of options for adjusting the term of the loan. Calculate the costs: in conventional vehicle loan tests, there are large differences, so it is not so easy to determine the car loan test winner. Important aspects are z. B. The tied target interest rate and the type of loan (z. B. An annuity loan) which are desired.

The longer the term, the higher the costs. Be sure to calculate what you can spare each month to determine an ideal length of term.

4.2. The amount of interest and installments

In the car loan comparison, it becomes clear that almost every loan provider takes your credit score into account. If you have a bad score, then the loan will also be more expensive for you. Creditworthiness always plays a role in car financing.

First gain a impression about the current market situation and get as many offers as possible to get a good idea of the situation. You are entering into a large commitment. Therefore, you should weigh as much as possible.

4.3. The additional costs of the car loan

The car loan also includes additional costs, so it can be difficult to calculate the total costs in advance. If you would like to buy a car with a car loan, you will often have commissions and a closing fee in addition. In car loan tests, those car loans perform well where you can expect transparency. Anyone who buries their fees and additional costs in general terms and conditions is not a fair contractual partner.

5. pros and cons: what’s the bottom line??

With a good schufa information is a loan usually without difficulty to get. you should only be very pay close attention to the costs do not calculate too tightly. After all, with cars, unexpected additional investments also come up quickly. We would like to review the advantages and disadvantages below:


  • There are many providers on the market, so there are good options and choices in a car loan comparison
  • Car dealerships often have contacts to lenders with excellent conditions
  • The car is your security, so in case of financial difficulties you still have it up your sleeve

  • The balloon rate at the end could overburden you financially
  • Ownership often remains with the bank for the time being (reservation of title)

6. Which car loan providers you should be aware of?

There is no one right address for your car loan. the best car loan is only worth something if it is tailored to your needs and your personal overall picture appeals to the lender. Therefore, you should search as broadly as possible. Compare the following well-known providers in the loan calculator:

  • ADAC
  • Commerzbank
  • Diba
  • DKB
  • Netbank
  • Santander
  • Targobank
  • Volksbank

Should you change provider If you want to cancel your car loan, you can do so within a few days of signing the contract. Calculate exactly what costs you can bear. A car loan should have a balanced structure. There must be no difficulties with regard to the rates and the term of the loan.

On top of that, repayment begins after a very short time – usually after the first month. With earmarking, ownership only passes at the end and borrowers may not use the money for any other purpose. Aspects like these are important in a credit comparison, but also in a car loan comparison.

Tip: the vehicle loan becomes extremely favorable if a large part of the money has already been saved. The more solvent you appear, the lower the interest rate the bank is likely to accept.

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