Car driving license

From the day of registration you are entitled to the prices set in the contract for one year. In order to know in advance what costs you can expect, you can download below the respective flyers.

class B: car driving license

You can start getting your car driver’s license at 16 ½ (accompanied driving at 17).
Then you can start driving at the earliest 12 weeks before the age of 17. Birthday the theory test and 4 weeks before the 17. Take the driving test on your 18th birthday.


Car driving license

for the registration you only need to bring an identity card / passport and the basic amount of money. Students under 18 years of age please bring a parent with you.

Importantyou don’t have to take the first aid course before you register, you can get a flyer from us. We always choose the best offer for you from the flyers sent to us by the first aid schools!

theory course

The following theory lessons are required for the car driver’s license:

Car driving license

  • 12 x basic material ("G" hours):
    general traffic rules for all classes
  • 2 x additional material ("Z" hours):
    special lessons for drivers

In the theory course, not all the numbers have to be passed and there is no "course start date. You can join at any time and also have completed topics twice.

When you have completed the theory lessons and learned the questions, you can come to the driving school during office hours for the test. The test is like the TuV test on the PC and must be passed with a maximum of 10 faults, but can be repeated as often as you like (free of charge). Afterwards you will receive the certificate for the test at the TuV (Technical Inspection Agency).

With clickclickdrive you can learn all questions (also offline) comfortably on your cell phone, tablet or PC!

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Driving lessons

The practical driving training is structured according to a step-by-step plan:

  1. Basic level: instruction and operation
  2. advanced level: eco-friendly, anticipatory driving, eye training
  3. performance level: difficult traffic situations, in-depth driving with foresight, vision training, braking skills
  4. Special education driving ("special rides" / "compulsory hours"):
    • 5 x cross country drive
    • 4 x highway driving
    • 3 x driving in the dark / at dusk
    • Maturity and test level: completion of the training, preparation for the exam

    As you can see, the special trips are only foreseen in the penultimate stage of training, when someone is already able to master difficult traffic situations! How many hours are needed for each level varies from person to person.


    We train on a mercedes A-class and B-class (switch cars). for the first driving lesson you will get a small booklet from us, in which everything about the car is explained – for the preparation for the driving test you can read there everything important again.

    To view the interactive operating instructions for the A class or B class you can use the mercedes-benz guides-download app.

    driving license from 17

    The driving license from 17 years old will be trained in the same way as for adults (see information above). The only difference is that two additional forms have to be handed in when applying at the office (you will receive these "annex 1" and "annex 2" when registering at the driving school). Up to the age of 18 years you are only allowed to drive with a registered accompanying person.

    Here are some more frequently asked questions about the topic:

    Are there requirements for the accompanying persons?

    >> yes: at least. 30 years old, min. 5 years in possession of the driver’s license, maximum 1 point in the driver’s fitness register

    Does the driver’s license cost more from 17?

    >> in the driving school not. At the office there is an additional fee of 10 € per accompanying person and the fee for issuing the test certificate.

    Do I have to take a parent with me to the office?? Or can my parents do it for me?

    >> no, the learner driver has to go to the office himself/herself. A parent does not have to come along.

    Can I also register my siblings as a companion?

    >> if the siblings meet the conditions for the accompanying person, yes.

    How many accompanying persons may I name?

    >> there is no limit. Since it is 10 € more expensive per person at the office, most limit themselves to two or three persons.

    What is the probationary period for accompanied driving??

    >> the probationary period starts from the day you pass the test. It is just like the normal B driving license 2 years long.

    What can I drive with the driver’s license from 17 everything?

    >> car (class B) accompanied, scooter (class AM) alone, small tractors (class L) alone.

    class B§31: transcription of class B of a foreign driver’s license

    If you are in possession of a valid foreign driver’s license, no special trips are required and no theory lessons are required. the number of driving hours varies depending on the student. A theory test and a driving test must be passed.

    driver training B96: trailer "extension

    Often the caravan, horse trailer or the trailer for motorcycle transport is heavier than permitted for class B. you want to pull such a trailer, which is heavier than 750 kg, but the combination of car and trailer will not exceed 4,25 t?

    with the B96 driver training course you can upgrade your existing class B driver’s license to include these weight limits. Compared to the BE class trailer license, the training is inexpensive and consists of only three hours of theoretical training and four hours of practical training – without exams.

    We offer you this complete course for a price of only 450,00 €! after completion of the course, you will receive a certificate with which you can have the key number 96 entered in your driver’s license at the office.

    Class BE: trailer driving license

    the trailer driver’s license can be applied for directly with class B or can be supplemented at a later date. in both cases only one practical test is required.

    The driving lessons consist of:

    1. practice hours in the city:
      • repetition of traffic behavior
      • reversing around a corner to the left (basic driving task)
      • Hitching and unhitching
      • special training drives ("special trips" / "compulsory hours"):
        • 3 x cross country
        • 1 x highway driving
        • 1 x driving in darkness / dusk


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        Opening hours

        Office: monday to friday 17:00 – 19:00
        theory: di, thurs 19:00 – 20:30 hrs

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