Buying a car on the internet

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Buying a car online? This is how you find out if offers are reputable

25.05.2021 13:47 updated: 25.05.2021 13:47

Being local can help when buying a car. But it's also possible online - interested parties should check offers carefully

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Buying cars online has increased during the corona lockdown. If you want to buy a car on the internet, you should pay close attention to the details.

Whoever has a new car wants to buy, the first thing to do is to ask for the relevant online car auctions search and only after inspection and test drive on site a classic purchase agreement conclude. But there are also ways to buy a car with the click of a mouse. Anyone who decides to use this form of trading, which has been on the rise since corona, should be aware of some of the rules of the game on the net in order to avoid mistakes or unpleasant surprises.

Buying a car on the internet: beware of fraudulent offers

One of the important questions at online-orders concerns the Trustworthiness of the merchant. To protect yourself from possible fraudulent offers to arm oneself, one should ask among others experiences of other users be guided and their reviews view. If there are a lot of feedbacks from other customers and if there are also good ratings, the chances increase that a serious dealer is behind this offer. If there is a new trading or brokerage platform, there should be articles about it in the press. Even if the dealer appears to be trustworthy after such a check, he should be contacted before concluding a contract, for example contact by telephone.

Car discovered during internet action? What drivers should know

Who buys a car at a internet auction discovered at the end of the auction – even if the current price is temptingly low – should not simply buy a car for fun bidding. if a bid is placed, the bidder is legally bound to it. Who at the end of the auction highest bidder automatically has a legally binding contract contract obliging to purchase and pay for the item. Also important for auctionsif a car offered by a private person is bought by auction, the generally applicable two-week right of revocation is not applicable in the case of internet trade. This can only be enforced against dealers.

Car purchase: contract by e-mail?

After a successfully completed internet auction, there is often the problem of the payment. Who in advance payment goes and transfers the sum, can possibly go out empty, because again and again here with false identities, hijacked accounts and mailbox companies worked. On the safe side you are, if the seller requires payment at collection. However, if the money is to be transferred, the buyer should ideally use a so-called escrow service, which auction platforms offer for higher-priced items. The buyer first transfers the sum to the account of the dealer trust service, who pays the money to the seller only after the receipt of the goods and their correct condition have been confirmed.

Besides the possibility of a direct purchase by online auction in the meantime, cars can be also order on other platforms directly on the net with online concludable purchase contracts. Here, too, you should act prudently as a customer, because even if a contract was only concluded by e-mail, it is still binding. The buyer and seller enter into a binding contract with a written declaration of intent, just as in real commerce.

Should there be dispute about whether a contract was really concluded, it is advantageous if the proof has to be made, that the declaration of intent sent by mail has reached the addressee. Therefore E-mails with a confirmation of receipt to be sent. Ideally the conclusion additionally still by fax or letter confirms.

The declaration of intent can also be contested if an error has been made, for example, because an incorrect price has been communicated. Whoever notices such a faux pas should react immediately so that the conclusion of the contract becomes null and void.

Right of withdrawal for online purchases: these rules apply

As with online business üblich, also applies to the purchase of cars from dealers from the moment of delivery of goods a two-week right of revocation. If you want to revoke the contract, you must declare this to the dealer in writing.

Before signing a contract, it’s a good idea to check out the agbs of the seller read through. must be referred to on the dealer website pointed out and they must also be placed in such a way that they are clearly visible to customers. Otherwise they do not become part of the contract. (mario hommen/SP-X) *tz.De and hna.De are part of the nationwide ippen-digital editorial network

Stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new in traffic

StVO amendment 2020: these road signs are new in traffic

the traffic sign for the no overtaking zone should be known to all motorists. this new street sign is a variation of the. It applies explicitly as an overtaking ban of single-track vehicles. This means that multi-lane vehicles (cars, trucks) are not allowed to overtake motorcycles or bicycles* in road sections marked with this traffic sign. © federal highway agency

StVO amendment 2020: these road signs are new in traffic

this road sign also serves to protect cyclists. It marks an area that is considered a bicycle zone. This means that drivers are allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 30 km/h from this sign onwards. In addition, they must not endanger or obstruct bicycle traffic. © Federal Highway Research Institute

StVO amendment 2020: these road signs are new in traffic

let’s be honest: many cyclists have probably made use of this rule anyway – even though it has been considered a violation up to now. Now, turning right at a red light is officially allowed – at least where the green arrow for bicyclists indicates it is.The same traffic sign has been available for some time for car drivers. But there is still a lot of ignorance among road users about the green arrow*. Because, correctly, you have to behave like a stop sign here. This means that the vehicle must first come to a complete stop and, according to road traffic regulations, remain stationary for at least three seconds. Only then is it allowed to turn right at a red light, provided that no other road user is endangered. The same rules apply to cyclists. © Federal Highway Research Institute

StVO amendment 2020: these road signs are new to traffic

this traffic sign indicates cycle lanes irrespective of the road conditions. for example, on sandy roads, this is to indicate that it is a bicycle lane. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new to traffic this road sign is intended to keep areas free for freight bicycles in the future, such as parking areas, parking spaces or loading zones. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new to traffic vehicles used by carsharing services* must be clearly identifiable with this sticker on the windshield. The company name as well as the license plate must be visible on it. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new to traffic cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians: most road users have a corresponding symbol for traffic signs. There is now also one for carpools. However, there are not yet any areas where this could be used. similar is the case with the following traffic sign. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new in traffic also carsharing vehicles get their own symbol. It is to be used among other things in parking areas, which are intended for carsharing cars. © federal road agency

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