Autocad pirated

In the field of CAD software, autocad is the most widely used CAD program in the world and thus achieves a high level of attention to be cracked. In the early days of not using licensed software legally, simply copying the CD-ROM and the license key was sufficient.

Ways to crack autocad

In the past the possibility to use software illegally was much easier than today. Whereas the programs used to fit on a CD-ROM and were delivered with a license key, in the digital age they can now only be downloaded via link. Both the key and the whole program can be downloaded from various "underground forums. Appropriate key generators, which generate an individual license key, are provided for the download.

Autocad crack by code

The easiest way is to crack a program by manipulating the license code. This usually works when a trail version or 30-day trial version is provided with full functionality. With a suitable code, the trial version can be converted into a full version. In today’s time, this possibility is hardly available, because the programs all perform a request "home" and are thus permanently in contact with the manufacturer. The software would no longer be usable after a program update at the latest. To crack the program autocad in this way is impossible from my point of view and makes more work than benefit.

Autocad crack by key generator

Cracking autocad with a key generator is a common way to gain illegal access to the program. also here you can find in relevant forums suitable downloads of whole program versions with the appropriate key-generator. the installation of such a crack-version is done as usual. the corresponding autocad software is installed by installer. Afterwards, depending on the instructions, a reg file is replaced by the already existing file with the downloaded file of the illegal software. After that the first start of the CAD-software is done and parallel the autocad key-generator is opened. The generator generates a license code, which is always recalculated. This code will be copied into the autocad registration field and will be fully usable afterwards.

Risks of using autocad illegally


Anyone who has ever tried to use a program that is not legal has quickly discovered that malware is present on the relevant websites. this malware of various types, such as trojans, malware, ransomware or viruses, can paralyze your own computer and, in the worst case, your entire (company) network.

Security problems due to illegal software

In addition to the legal aspects, which are not insignificant for companies in particular, there are also dangers from Trojans, viruses or malware. in the "underground-forums" there are hidden files at every corner, which could get on your computer when visiting the website or downloading software. These may be inconspicuous at first and not detected by free virus scanners. A paid virus software can already sound the alarm at this point and prevent the download or activities via the website.

Viruses and trojans can have a completely different impact on a company than on a private user, possibly contaminating the entire company network. Currently, in addition to the "classic viruses", there are also encryption Trojans and. Ransomware, which only discloses company data when payment is made.

time and cost to run crack software

I would like to try to calculate the effort and the resulting personnel costs using a small example. For the use and the operation of an illegal CAD software version of autodesk I have to pay per month approx. Allow four hours. Within this time I have to find, download, install and test a suitable and executable autocad version. In addition to the risk that the version with the license code does not work error-free, I have the risk of contaminating the used work PC with viruses. whether i use software illegally as a private person or as an employee of a company, i commit a copyright infringement.

Cost calculation per employee

Calculated at four hours per month, this results in at least 48 hours of effort per year. If you take at least 10 € as an internal hourly rate, this results in costs of more than 480 € per year, which already exceeds the costs for the annual rental of autocad LT in the amount of 360 €. At this point, you should carefully consider whether, apart from the risk, illegal use of the autodesk software makes commercial sense at all, taking into account all the costs.

added value for a legal autocad

If you focus on the pure costs, you will find that already half of a year’s rent with autocad is necessary by researching and ensuring the operation of the illegal CAD version. The rental license is profitable for the company for as little as two hours of use per day. Another advantage is the permanent up-to-dateness and the stability of the CAD software. In the meantime, CAD software is also available in the browser and makes cracking autocad almost superfluous for smooth working.

  • Flexible runtime
    no matter if autocad is needed for one month or one year, we can flexibly respond to it.
  • Scalable licensing
    the number of license seats needed in the project can be adjusted up or down for a subscription. This way there is no copyright infringement or loss of work due to invalid license key.
  • Always the latest software version
    if you subscribe to an autodesk product, you have immediate access to the current version of the product you are using.
  • Software as needed
    as a subscriber, the software can be used in several places – at home, in the office or on the road.
    No danger of introducing viruses or trojans.
  • Technical support
    as a subscriber everyone has access to support or online resources like the autodesk AKN.

autocad crack download pirate

Possibility to change to autocad 2019

If you already use an autocad and you want to update to the latest version?
then inform yourself of the maintenance to subscription change option.

watermarking in autocad license software

For pupils, students, teachers and educational institutions, autodesk offers free licenses for autodesk software and training resources all over the world. So there is no need for a crack for an illegal autocad. You can get the free school license in a few steps. All infos about watermarks in autocad we have published in a separate blog-article.


The forums are full of them where you can see what autodesk thinks of "perpetual license". Once again buy a complete well-functioning software for many thousands of euros only because after a hard disk replacement the activation no longer works. of course autodesk would like that. But exactly this behavior pushes some small companies to crack the "own license" after it is made unusable.

There is also the case that acad simply switches off the activation servers. then even the nicest official license is of no use anymore. Thus autodesk also seems to take it with the property relations not so exactly..

@viktor hartung : first of all i apologize for the late reaction. I did not expect another answer and only now by chance looked here. I rarely use autocad and the essays like mechanical. It is part of the suite I use but I use inventor first and foremost. Most of the time, it is only a question of viewing external data or older designs, or bringing a measurement into the computer. Actually, an autocad LT would be enough for me, but I have to buy it separately. There are of course a large number of free CAD software that do not necessarily bring the functionality of mechanical and the many other autocad products, for an autocad LT and up to a certain degree autocad, the competition offers partly free programs partly autocad-compatible. it depends on the purpose of use. I don’t use autocad on my laptop although I could with the home-license. The direct competition is much less resource consuming and for the use for one measurement sufficient and free of charge. Everybody has to decide for himself. the main reason for my reaction were reports from autodesk users in my environment, who got some heavy mail from autodesk shortly before this post and were accused of unlicensed use of the software, which of course is not the case. At this moment this article did not go down well with me at all. I even suspect a connection.

@uwe reintzsch: the open-source programs are quite nice, but they never come close to the feature set that proprietary software offers. Especially since cracking software is not only a "sport", but can also be used to build up a botnet…

In general: it was difficult for me to estimate before buying a CAD license, which costs I would have to pay. Unfortunately, the internet forums are full of people who spread insane numbers for prices of CAD software, you read them faster than you ever contact the sales department of a manufacturer. The prices, also of competing products of this one, are not all five-digit prices on principle. but it is still sometimes easier to crack software than to get the price – especially if you have a salesman on your neck after some inquiries about it, who wants to push the products on you all the time.

Hello mr. reintzsch, thank you for your comment. Of course, people who see this as a "sport" won’t be persuaded to change their mindset. But more importantly, we want to make the managers and owners aware, because they are liable for their employees who use a cracked version (copyright infringement).

I think this topic is overrated. in times of free CAD software like libre-CAD and in view of the license conditions of autodesk (home-license) i think this is scaremongering. Even poor students can get their license without a crack. The handful of remaining people do this from my point of view more out of a kind of sport to show the programmers of the software what they think of the copy protection.

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