After a move: re-registering your car

After a move, you must also re-register your car and observe the deadlines, which vary from state to state. Moving auction explains what you have to pay attention to and where deadlines apply.

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1. which documents you need to re-register your car

When you re-register your car at the registration office, you will need the following documents:

  • registration certificate I and II (formerly vehicle registration certificate and vehicle title)
  • passport or identity card (alternatively a power of attorney if you cannot go yourself)
  • SEPA mandate for the collection of vehicle tax
  • confirmation of car insurance (alternatively evb-code)
  • Proof of current main and exhaust gas inspections (HU and AU)
  • car license plate
  • Business vehicles: trade license and extract from the commercial register

tip from removal auction:
it is best to drive to the registration office with the vehicle you wish to re-register, as some offices check the chassis number on the spot.

2. deregister your car

Deregister your car after moving if you no longer need it and want to sell it or have it scrapped. Since you have to hand in the license plates, you will have to go to the vehicle registration office. The costs are between five and ten euros.

If you want to deregister your car, you need the following documents:

  • Zulassungsbescheinigung I and II (formerly fahrzeugschein and fahrzeugbrief)
  • Proof of the sale of the vehicle
  • certificate of destruction (if the car has already been scrapped)
  • vehicle registration plate

Note from relocation auction: the deregistration can be done by a third party without power of attorney.

3. Request re-registration

If you move within a registration area, you can re-register your car at the registration office. If your new home is in a new registration area, you will have to go to the registration office to change the license plates. It is best to make an appointment online in advance. This saves a lot of time at the registration office. If you have bought a new car after your move, you have to register it at the registration office. The same rules apply here as for a re-registration.

Some cities now offer the option to apply for the re-registration of your vehicle online. You then send the necessary documents and the license plates to the registration office by post.

4. Respecting the deadlines

by law you are obliged to report your move immediately. The exact time definition of "immediately" is not specified. However, re-registrations are usually accepted within one month after the move. Fines can be imposed if the deadline is exceeded by more than three months, and can be up to 100 euros if the deadline is exceeded for a long time, as the country loses out on vehicle taxes as a result.

5. Costs for a vehicle re-registration

The cost of re-registering a vehicle varies from state to state. Expect the following costs:

  • For a move outside the previous registration area, the average cost is between 25 and 30 euros.
  • Within a registration area, the cost is around ten to 15 euros.

In addition, you will have to pay for the license plate and the actual license plates, which you will also receive at the registration office.

6. Apply for a special license plate

On most internet sites you can reserve your license plate in advance online at the registration office. However, the reservation is temporary and subject to fees. Find out exactly how much it will cost and how long you can reserve the license plate you want. As a rule, the costs amount to 10.20 euros for the desired license plate and 2.60 euros for the reservation in advance.

7. Car re-registration through third parties – issue power of attorney

You can hire a third party if you cannot or do not want to register your car yourself at the registration office. Make sure you give this person power of attorney and hand over all the necessary documents. In addition, this person must bring his or her identity card or passport to the registration office.

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After a move: re-registering your car

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