8 Facts about the environmental badge

Machine-printed environmental badge on the windshield

Green, yellow or red there are over 50 environmental zones in germany, you are only allowed to drive on these roads with the appropriate environmental sticker. in almost all cities only vehicles with a green fine dust sticker are permitted. The exceptions are augsburg and neu-ulm, which are also accessible with a yellow sticker. The environmental zones are intended to contribute to the reduce nitrogen oxide and fine dust pollution. We have summarized the following facts for you so that no questions remain unanswered about the fine dust sticker.

How to obtain the environmental badge

You can get the fine dust sticker at the TuV, at dekra, the vehicle registration offices, the citizens’ registration offices or purchase online. Specially machine-printed environmental badges guarantee long legibility and service life.

Note: currently also need electric cars a green environmental sticker (also those equipped with an e-plate)!

Determine the emission group of your car

All vehicles can be divided into so-called pollutant groups. The higher the group, the lower the vehicle’s emissions. information about the color of the environmental sticker can be obtained from the key number of your car. The vehicle registration document states the type of vehicle, the drive type and the emission key. You can find the key number in field 1 of the old vehicle registration certificate and in field 14 of the new registration certificate.1. In each case the last two digits give information about the number.

This applies to foreign vehicles

foreign vehicles also require an environmental sticker. The vehicle registration document states according to which emission standard the vehicle is registered in another european country. If no emission standard is entered, then the classification is based on the year of first registration.

For foreign electric cars the blue sticker so that you receive the same privileges as vehicle owners with the E-license plate. This is currently only issued by the registration offices.

How to affix an environmental sticker:

You want to put your new environmental badge on your vehicle? In the following video, we show you how you should proceed to ensure that your sticker has a long service life:

The remove environmental badge

You have changed your license plate or bought a used car? Then you also need a new environmental sticker for your vehicle. In the following video, you can see how to remove the old sticker within a very short time:

Fines for driving in an environmental zone without a sticker or with an illegal sticker

If they are registered without or with a yellow or. If you drive into a green zone with a red sticker and are checked, you will have to pay a fine of 80 euros. This applies not only to driving, but also for parked vehicles. If you are in the driver’s license probationary period, you can expect a higher penalty. If you commit one A violation or two B violations, you will face additional penalties.

What many vehicle owners do not know: with a change of license plate, it is obligatory to have a new sticker as well. If the combination on the license plate and on the sticker do not match, you will also be subject to a fine.

Exemption for vehicles without a green sticker

If your vehicle does not have a green environmental sticker, but you still need to drive in the environmental zone, you can apply for an exemption permit.
To do this, they must meet one or more of the points listed below.

General requirements:

  • Registration of the vehicle occurred before the 1. august 2014
  • Vehicle may technically not retrofitted (proof and issuance of a certificate by a recognized expert of a testing agency)
  • Economically not possible, to procure a replacement vehicle with a green sticker (private individuals: verification of economic reasonableness with the help of the seizure limits)

Specific reasons for granting an exemption are the following:

  • Overriding individual interests that cannot be postponed (e.g.B. Regular necessary doctor’s visits)
  • population is provided with essential goods or services (z.B. supplies for pharmacies or social and nursing care services)
  • Special vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks, cranes, vintage cars, towing vehicles of exhibitors or cars with regulated catalytic converter, which have the key numbers 04, 09 and 11

The costs for an exemption permit, depending on the type or. size of the vehicle and duration of the permit between 10 and 100 euro.

Notice: there are local requirements in addition to the federal regulations. These can vary depending on the city and municipality.

The VW emissions scandal and its impact on the environmental badge

At this time, it is still unclear whether the VW emissions scandal will have any impact on the environmental badge. As long as the German Federal Motor Transport Authority does not make any changes to the registration, everything applies as usual for the environmental sticker.

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