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We from autofretellen.De, are a company specializing in vehicle image processing for car sellers and car dealerships. We have many years of experience in image processing and can precisely prepare your photo for the car market. In addition, we can perfectly isolate the background and insert another one without changing individual details of your car. Moreover, after covering the background, we are able to add appropriate shadows or reflections so that the vehicle does not look like it is floating in the air. Of course, we can also add frames or leave the original floor if the customer wishes so. Also windows of vehicles can be exposed by removing the reflections. this way you will get the perfect promotional photo for your dealership that will make you stand out from the competition. In this way, your satisfied customers will quickly recognize your ads among thousands of others, and the interest of future customers will be aroused. The professional editing of the car photos will surely increase your sales.

By using this service, you can have all the images you want to present on your website produced quickly, cheaply and professionally.

Increase your sales, by a perfect internet presence, with perfect pictures.

Vehicle images crop

Vehicle exempted, with shadow

as products seem to float in the air on simple cropped images, shadows can be added in a further step. With other products, the shadows usually do not play such a big role, but a picture of a vehicle floating in space looks a little strange, which can be remedied by adding a ground shadow. A car is a massive object and car owners would like to perceive a car as such.


Vehicle exempted

In this image you can see how a cropped image, i.e. an image that has been freed from the background, looks like in the end. It looks much more professional than one taken somewhere else. The background should often also be removed for legal reasons, especially if there are people in the shot.

truck and construction machinery

We do not distinguish between image processing of images of a car, truck or construction machinery, for us they are all vehicle images. That is why the price for image processing of trucks or construction machines is the same as for a car.

What we offer our customers

the perfect background for your car pictures

The perfect background sets your dealership apart from the rest. You can choose it in our catalog for backgrounds and we will do it for free and individually according to your wishes. If you already have backgrounds, we can incorporate them into your images. For this we can z.B add your logo, company address, environmental badges, info text or anything else you like. The result will be a perfect photo of the car you are selling, tailored to you, so you can stand out from the competition and increase your sales.

We are also happy to advise you on this. In a consultation we can talk about which background is suitable for your company.

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