Protect car against martens

Martens shy away from light and open spaces and therefore scurry from cover to cover, preferably under cover of darkness. Our cars therefore serve as "tin bushes" in which they disappear in a flash when people, dogs or cats pass by. Martens appreciate the engine compartment of cars above all as a place of retreat. stone martens also love dark and, in winter, warm, dry places – from a marten’s point of view, the engine compartment is an ideal feeding and sleeping area. The male leaves scent marks in the process. The engine compartment is marked with feces, urine and sweat from glands in their paws. From now on, the engine compartment of the car belongs to its territory.

If the car is parked in the territory of another male, it can become problematic. The other male marten smells the scent of a rival and tries to eliminate the foreign scent traces. Now nothing is safe from his sharp teeth – neither cooling hoses, insulation mats nor cables.

marten repellent on the car for your safety

The dangerous thing about marten damage is that it often comes gradually. In a few cases, martens can completely paralyze a car. In most cases, however, damage only occurs when a component fails to function during operation after being attacked. In the case of ignition cables, this can be recognized by rough engine running when one or more spark plugs are no longer working properly. The engine control light then indicates that something is wrong with the engine management system. In this case, the control unit switches to an emergency program which can be used to visit the nearest workshop. decreasing brake pressure can usually be recognized by yourself or by the corresponding indicator light. If the coolant temperature rises, this may indicate that a marten has been nibbling on the coolant hoses. A regular look into the engine compartment is also recommended.

Protect car against martens

Protect car against martens

Marten protection on the car starts with a thorough cleaning

in any case, you should clean your engine compartment thoroughly as soon as you notice a marten visit or even biting. this is the only way to ensure that the rodents’ scent trails, which are attractive to other martens, disappear reliably and do not exert any further attraction. You can clean it yourself by thoroughly cleaning the engine compartment with water containing dishwashing detergent. Alternatively, you can also have the engine washed.

Marten repellent with mardermittel car protection

In order to protect the engine compartment from marten infestation through cable and insulation biting, you only have to fix our marten repellent car protection horizontally in a suitable place in the engine compartment with the help of the supplied industrial Velcro tape and unscrew the cap. The repellent effect is approx. 4-6 months. The marten repellent car kit can then be replaced or simply reactivated with the aid of the refill bottle. For this you only have to pay approx. pour 10-15 ml from the refill bottle into the can. You can repeat this procedure up to three times with a marten repellent car set.

Marten damage and comprehensive insurance

In germany, several hundred thousand claims for damage caused by marten bites are reported to vehicle insurers every year. Nibbled or bitten through cables are considered direct damage caused by a marten bite and are covered by partial coverage insurance.

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