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Which insurances dog owners really need

liability and veterinary costs which insurances dog owners really need

What should liability insurance for dogs include?? what costs do owners have to expect? And is it really worth taking out health insurance?? We give answers to important questions. By marei vittinghoff

When your job eats you up - why the Max Eberl case affects us all

Analysis resignation of gladbach manager : when the job eats you up – why the case of max eberl concerns us all

Analysis mental illness in professional soccer has been a recurring theme since the death of robert enke. In society as a whole, they remain a taboo – yet it affects people in all sectors and in all walks of life. The world of work needs a rethink. By julia rathcke

  • Student life column: in the stress spiral
  • Burnout: these are the signs to look out for

Markus Soder thinks relaxation possible soon

Liveblog corona-newsblog : markus soder thinks loosening up soon is possible

Liveblog bavaria’s minister president sees light at the end of the measures tunnel. Markus soder thinks easing is possible soon. And: detlef scheele, head of the federal employment agency, sees consequences for the labor market if a general vaccination requirement is introduced. All corona news in the blog.

  • Photos: the development of the corona virus in NRW in pictures
  • Infection research gives hope: farewell to the pandemic – how we achieve endemicity

At the stove with the McCartneys

How the ex-beatle became a vegan : on the stove with the mccartneys

She was way ahead of her time: linda mccartney, photographer, musician and wife of ex-beatle paul mccartney is considered a pioneer of vegetarian cuisine. Now a cookbook with unpublished recipes by her has been published. By dagmar haas-pilwat

How the corona pandemic can harm the psyche

More depression from lockdowns : how the corona pandemic can harm the psyche

Studies show depression and anxiety disorders increased during corona pandemic. Women, children and adolescents are particularly affected. Are lockdowns to blame? A conversation with experts. By johanna lubke

  • chief physician from duisburg/dinslaken: how the pandemic is driving people into addiction
  • Consequences of the pandemic for young people: "we’ve never had so many cases of eating disorders and self-harm"

How available suicide drugs should be

Analysis assisted suicide : how available suicide drugs should be

Analysis three seriously ill people urge access to the lethal drug sodium pentobarbital for assisted suicide. the higher administrative court in munster will soon hear your application. What this means for dealing with dying wishes. By dorothee krings

  • Mandatory vaccination debate in the Bundestag: the how also determines the what
  • Number increased significantly: "euthanasia germany assisted 2021 in 129 suicides

Number of lonely old people has doubled

Current survey: number of lonely old people has doubled

Not surprisingly, the number of lonely over-80s doubled during the corona pandemic, according to a new survey. This is the result of a study published by the federal ministry of family affairs.

Vehicles for the moped driver's license

Minimalist : vehicles for the moped driver’s license

No car license but still driving something with a roof? For this, the horsepower industry has the light truck as a solution. The range is wide and varied. By thomas geiger

Winter oasis in the desert

USA : winter oasis in the desert

From frank sinatra to leonardo di caprio: hollywood stars love palm springs. Cloudless winter warmth, unique scenery and a lively art scene also delight vacationers. By stefanie bisping

In the valley of the roaring deer

Switzerland : in the valley of the roaring deer

Switzerland’s national park is a refuge for endangered animals and tourists who love to hike. And the only one in the country. By ulrich willenberg

Offering more perspectives as an instructor

More and more companies are struggling with the shortage of skilled workers. One solution is the dual study program. This is how companies open up additional career prospects for their trainees – even in-house. By patrick peters

Why many customers are currently no longer getting firewood

Anyone who currently wants to buy wood for their fireplace often has to reckon with difficulties. Many firewood dealers’ warehouses are as good as empty. There are several reasons for this. By marei vittinghoff

If you miss boarding, you no longer have any entitlements

"final boarding call!" air travelers who arrive late at the gate are not entitled to still be allowed to board the plane. Even if the plane is still at the gate for a long time.

Air fares in Europe have risen by almost a quarter

At the moment, almost nothing is happening at the airports because of omikron, but from easter onwards, eurowings and co. will be calculating. Again with many bookings. Because tickets could be in short supply, it could become as expensive as it was last summer. By reinhard kowalewsky

  • Ranking of aviation experts: these are the top 15 safest airlines in the world

These are the new quarantine rules for vaccinated, unvaccinated and children

Omikron now also dominates in north rhine-westphalia. GP association expects all citizens to be infected and welcomes new quarantine rules. There is also relief for children at school and daycare centers. By antje honing

  • Q&A: how the federal government wants to break the omicron wave
  • What really helps against omicron: FFP2 masks are the way to go

Pustel pig is zoo animal of the year 2022

The pustel pig, native to asia, has been named zoo animal of the year by german experts. The species is considered particularly endangered due to African swine fever and human intervention.

Five-million gap in electric cars by 2030

At least 15 million fully electric cars by 2030 – that’s the goal of the new federal government. But that won’t be enough to reach the climate target for transport, according to a new study.

  • overview: SUV, electricity, fun – the most important car innovations for 2022
  • Prototype vision EQXX: mercedes shows e-car with 1000 kilometer range

These rules apply to vacations in Austria

Austria applies since 16. January again classified as high-risk area after not being so for some time. Tougher entry conditions prevail. Here is an overview of the regulations.

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  • British study : the average penis – that’s how long it really is
  • Annual horoscope 2022 : this is how the year 2022 will be from the point of view of astrologers
  • luxury carmaker : lamborghini is already "almost sold out" for this year


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What convalescents need to know now

By shortening the convalescent status to three months, millions of people have become unvaccinated overnight. The confusion is great. Who is now considered to be recovering at all? Why the change? What does this mean for travel? By tanja walter

  • Video: u.s. study: recovery protects better than vaccination in delta variant

Your questions for midwife Theresa - write to us!

How to protect my baby from corona? Is it normal when the child suddenly drinks less? And what is the worst moment in a birth? Midwife theresa answers your questions. Write to us or be there live. By helene pawlitzki

  • Photos: these celebrities became parents in 2021
  • News podcast "awakener": what is it like to be nonbinary marcel-jana?

What can the Novavax vaccine do?

The corona vaccine from novavax is about to be delivered. As a so-called "dead vaccine", nuvaxovid is expected by numerous still unvaccinated who are critical of the new generation vaccines available so far. How effective is the vaccine and does it have advantages? By jorg isringhaus, britta schunck and tanja walter

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