Here are 100.000 used cars on it

Here are 100.000 used cars on it

Have you had enough of your old car? Do you want to realize your dream of driving a convertible or do you need a new family car because of an increase in the size of the family?? Then you are right on our car search portal.

No matter whether you are looking for a new car or want to sell your old vehicle – on our used car portal you are sure to find what you are looking for! From over 100.000 current ads you can find your desired car with the help of an easy to understand search mask. refine your search using the categories brand and model, mileage, fuel type or price according to your criteria. You can even choose the preferred location of the vehicle and, with a little luck, save money on the journey to the dealership.

In order to make it easier for you to understand the essentials from the advertisement texts and to avoid fraud traps when buying a car, we have compiled important tips for you here.

Be able to read the most important abbreviations

The abbreviations often used in advertisements save space – and are not immediately obvious. Our small directory introduces you to the most common terms:

1. Hd first hand
8f. 8-times tires
aluminum alloy wheels
APS automatic parking system
BC on-board computer
DAB radio with digital transmission standard
da insulating glass
DTI diesel (direct injection turbo)
efalt electric folding roof
EZ first registration
FP fixed price
to inspection carried out
RTTI navigation system with real-time traffic reports
slide sliding window
SD manual sunroof
sih seat heating
VK sale date
SR/WR summer/winter tires
ZV central locking system

You can find even more abbreviations on this info page at a glance.

Five tips for the inspection

After a long search several cars come into the shortlist. A viewing appointment with the seller is quickly arranged. But now it is time to carefully inspect the car or motorcycle. Because if you don’t notice defects until after you buy, you won’t enjoy your new vehicle.

Our five steps will help you:

1. Check speedometer and paint

First impressions are not the most important when buying a car, but they do count: paint damage and rust indicate a much used car, dents can be indications of an accident. Be careful if the signs of use on the vehicle and the year it was sold do not match: nothing is easier than to reduce the mileage of a car. Here’s how to unmask speedometer cheats.

2. show papers

Of course, the car needs a correctly completed registration certificate. If the car is no longer registered, you should ask for the reason. a seller is only serious if he can also show you the registration certificate II. because normally no one sells a car who is not its owner. The vehicle’s maintenance, including all inspections and repairs, should also be fully documented. If a car has changed owners many times, this is usually not a recommendation.

3. A look under the hood

don’t be discouraged from opening the hood and taking a look inside the engine compartment. The car should have nothing to hide on its bodywork. check the oil level as well as any damaged bolted connections. Water stains are not a good sign for the condition of the car.

4. Test drive

A test drive should not be limited to a few laps of the parking lot. Instead, a joyride across the country is the order of the day, because only at around 100 kilometers per hour does the car reveal what it’s worth. If the vehicle starts to drone when accelerating or the gearshift sticks, it is better to leave the car with the seller.

5. Test all extras

driving is no longer everything for most car owners: the rear view camera for parking, a navigation system and last but not least the radio make the drive easier and more pleasant – if they are functional. therefore, you should literally push all the extra buttons in the car once and also roll up and down window panes. What at first seems unimportant, can later be quite annoying.

What to look for in the purchase contract

If you have decided to buy, read the contract carefully beforehand. phrases like "without warranty are the red signal for your willingness to buy! With spongy "as seen and test driven" style turns does the dealer want to get out of the responsibility in case of initially unnoticed damage.

Do a search online or in the newspaper

Finding the car of your dreams is not so hard anymore. Our regional portal for used cars in munich and the surrounding area provides you with the best possible selection by combining internet ads with print ads from the munchner merkur and the tz.

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