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Export car purchase

Car purchase

Car export dealers near you?

The choice of used car dealers in the area is relatively large, but not everyone buys cars for export. It is easier to contact online export dealers, already online you can get a first impression about the interested party and their price intention. If the price or the form of handling fits from the outset, then nothing stands in the way of a risk-free car sale. We buy all kinds of vehicles and also any brand for export, our big PLUS is the convenient pickup nationwide, so you already sell online your car to the export and your vehicle is just picked up at your doorstep. This is more convenient than the next car export dealers to visit, so we are always closest and you no matter where in germany always in good hands. Don’t give rogue dealers a chance!

Car export for sale?

Why is the purchase attractive for car export dealers?

The EU emission standards also apply to Eastern Europe, the interest of car export dealers within Europe is more on defective vehicles from the emission class EURO 5 (since2009). Older vehicles with lower emission classes such as EURO 4 or EURO 3 are sold outside the EU and exported, the market is large, because here car dealers are eligible for export, for example from africa. Above-average sales prices are more likely to come from eastern european car dealers such as poland, especially defective vehicles with the appropriate emission standards are traded at a high rate. Young accident cars or used cars with engine damage are sought, because if they are not quite so old, it is worth repairing abroad. in eastern europe it is really cheap to repair defective cars again. Not only wages and salaries, less parts are exchanged, not like with us in the exchange workshop, it is simply repaired more. Poland and lithuania are for the Car export a very good buyer and rather an intermediate station of the worldwide car trade, because most of the time the export goes on after the repair to russia and asia. Old cars go for example to Africa, here are cheap vehicles with more utility value needed, where emissions or rust due to the age do not play a major role. Japanese cars are very much in demand in africa. The sale of company cars with VAT deductible is interesting in any foreign country. a discounted export without vat makes car sales with net amounts very attractive for a dealer, however certain standards must be met to export the vehicle correctly.

Sell car to export? procedure with car export dealers.

First of all, you should have a "last price for your car or vehicle that you want to sell, specify. You must not go below this minimum price at the first car export dealer, they will very quickly discover all the defects of the vehicle and will want to lower the price. For price research, simply use the free DAT used car calculator and then, within reason, deduct any outstanding repairs or defects. Surely you have been confronted with a price offer for your car with defects after the failed MOT search or at the estimate in the workshop. Already existing offers and price research should only be a benchmark, because you want more money for your car, as you could have otherwise sold already. Be fair when car export, they see anyway over many defects away, it is important in the vehicle description to be honest! This is not immediately reflected in the price, because that’s the way it is with used cars!

Be already at the first contact and vehicle offer to the car export dealer be honest and open, mention all the defects and talk about a minimum price, in spite of defects. For meetings with car export dealers we recommend not to make appointments in the late evening hours and certainly not at home. There are certainly alternative places such as large parking lots or gas stations, we always recommend the first contact and sales attempt to get someone to the side, because in pairs it is simply more pleasant and on the other side the "price pressers" weaker.

among car dealer colleagues, the vehicle inspection and test can be very noisy and extensive, car export dealers test extensively the car for sale to discover defects and errors, because then the price is negotiated. From experience we know that time spent on the sale decision, night and neighborhood peace do not matter, the more the price discount. It is dawdled and tested.
Negotiate with skill and try not to undercut the minimum price you set, even if your car has more defects than you thought.

Sell used cars today

Car export dealers take the sold car directly in case of agreement

In the case of agreement, it is best to let only one enter your home for the contractual part of the car sale. Finally, only one can buy the car contractually, all others can remain quietly outside the property, this gives additional peace and security. Hand over your car only against money and full payment and no exchange or a down payment, at the same time you should have the money checked for authenticity by the bank for larger amounts.

Ideally, the car export dealers take the sold car directly with them. If not, you can calmly wave goodbye to the appointments for a vehicle pickup, the pickup is relatively stress-free and fast, because if your vehicle has already been sold and it only needs to be picked up, there is a lot of time pressure. You will be amazed at the speed with which you will be able to pick up your car for export. For the handover of the car, it is generally important to remember: never hand over your car in registered condition to a buyer from abroad! for the decommissioning you have to go to a german road traffic office.

Negotiating on the spot with car export dealers is a tiring process, sell your car online with at least a down payment, even better the full payment because this eliminates the tension of the price suppressors on the spot. You want to sell a car for export and not enjoy a nasty surprise? let us move your car from a distance for export, with our free vehicle calculator we can calculate for your vehicle a fixed price for car export offer without inspection. If you like our offer, then all precautionary measures are omitted, because we buy your car seriously and safely for export. We are a serious team for car export, a company with the central starting point in NRW. Car pick ups take place all over germany, your car could be in munich at the airport or at the brandenburg gate, it doesn’t matter where the car is located. Europe-wide free vehicle collections, purchase by bank transfer, online purchase contract with a fixed price, these are just a few of our positive buying features. Our service is consumer protected and completely free of charge and non-binding. Offer us your car and sell it right now risk free!

What is the export price when selling a car?

A vehicle export price has certainly everyone who has ever tried to sell his car already heard. Actually, it is rather the sale without taxes that is meant, but it is also the demand for more discount, because the car sale is done without warranty and right of return. A private car sale in the export does not bring any tax advantages, but a discount in the selling price you should nevertheless not recklessly push off. The car sale "over all mountains makes your conscience easier, if you consider that you can buy a comparable private car from a dealer in your country car sales in germany could be confronted with warranty again and again.
A company vehicle, on the other hand, can be sold for example without value added tax, i.e. net to the export market, provided that the taxes can be shown on the invoice car sale, there are other comprehensive requirements that must be met in the case of a net car sale.
To give an additional discount as an export discount for a private sale is certainly appropriate if there are defects or deficiencies. Only a low purchase price will attract the interest of car export dealers, because transport and import duties must be well calculated in addition to repairs, so that the car export is worthwhile.

Risks of meeting with car export dealers

Selling a car from an export dealer is not easy, you always have the feeling that you have underpriced the car, because the pressure to argue for a discount is very high. If you sell a car by phone or e-mail, it is advisable to take a deposit, because this is the only way to avoid possible price gougers and to have a guarantee after the sale car for sale a traceable track of the car buyer. At the same time, direct contact with foreign car dealers is very difficult, not only communication difficulties, but also problems with decommissioning due to ignorance can be fatal. Many car dealers from abroad also want to buy license plates for the transfer, which are not possible without TuV. A sale with foreign car dealers we see a private sale extremely risky. It is much easier to use an export dealer in Germany, even if he earns a small margin, it is much easier and smoother for the private car seller car with certainties to for sale. Build the necessary confidence in us, because we buy your car safe and carefree for export.

Get rid of the car now

Car export – the last chance to sell used cars with defects

Car export is not only an alternative to the disposal of old cars in Germany, but also a lucrative business for the purchase of cars. For car export dealers are used cars with defects or defective vehicles next to accident cars very interesting, because repairs abroad are cheaper and driving bans due to pollutant classes not as strict as in Germany. A risk-free car export requires experience, because not every car is suitable for export. Ask us if you want to sell a car or truck for export.

Car purchase for export – a car purchase for all vehicles

Our car purchase for export offers the purchase of all types of vehicles thanks to structured cooperation with dealers from different countries. More popular than trucks are still cars for export, because transport and costs of customs clearance are lower and handling higher than commercial vehicles for export. Basically, all vehicles with defects or high kilometers are interesting for export.


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Who buys your used car for export in germany?

You want to sell your used car for export? We buy vehicles, thanks to a solid customer base abroad also for export. Europe-wide collection on request within 24 hours with our own car transporters and cash payment at your desired location throughout europe before your used car starts its journey to eastern europe, africa or south asia. We know that it is not every day that you sell a car, let alone an export car, and we know what help you, as an inexperienced car seller, need for the export.

Our trained professionals of the export purchase accompanies your used car sale from the first moment, valuation, purchase negotiation, scheduling the pickup, payment and deregistration of your vehicle. Even after the sale of your used car your personal advisor will be there for you.

you get the money and we get the used car, if your used car is financed, we will of course replace your used car financing.

You have a used car that is in good condition and you want to sell it for best possible price as a used car or. Selling a used car as an annual car and are looking for a reliable and serious buyer who, in addition to buying at the highest possible price, also offers trust and service? Who wants to do something wrong, meet wrong people on the net and regret the sale process. On the contrary, you will proudly recommend the contact with us, we know that you will have to sell a vehicle from your close or wide circle of acquaintances at the latest in the distant future and we want to be able to welcome returning customers. A professional service as well as a competent support of the customer from the contact to the conclusion and collection of the vehicles are natural for us.

We have specialized car purchase in germany for the used car. The condition and distance do not matter. used cars with defects such as engine damage, transmission damage, repaired accident car or unrepaired accident car as well as without MOT or also used cars with high mileage, which are regionally no longer saleable or do not achieve their value, are quite in demand in other countries even federal states and are everyday bread for us. We are aware of all imaginable problems and damages of used cars.

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