Cleaning car seats: tricks with soapy water and vinegar

Every car driver who cleans his own car knows, of course, that the car seats in particular should be cleaned with special care. Because the car seats are by far the most stressed part of the interior of a vehicle.

Especially on light-colored seats, the marks left by every driver and passenger over time become visible quite quickly. But the question in car care is: what is the best and at the same time the easiest way to clean the car seats??

Cleaning car seats – this is the easiest way to do it

Most car drivers first resort to chemical cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning the car seats. Often this is not necessary. A lot can be achieved with water and soap. a normal soap suds solution mixed with lukewarm water and spread over the seat with a brush works wonders.

It is important that you do not completely soak the seat. Otherwise the inner upholstery could be irreparably damaged. By the way, this clearly shows how useful slipcovers are for the car. Unlike the seat upholstery, these can be easily removed and cleaned in the washing machine. Then you will not have to clean the car seats so often.

Removing stubborn odors

Cleaning car seats: tricks with soapy water and vinegar

You have to be very hands-on to be able to clean the car seats. Photo: adobe / geargodz

Often, however, superficial cleaning of the car seats is not enough. Unpleasant odors are still present even after intensive stain removal. The easiest way to get rid of this is with the help of vinegar.

If you want to clean the car seats, mix a few tablespoons of normal kitchen vinegar with lukewarm water in a small bucket. Then the mixture is applied with a damp cloth over the car seat. This completely absorbs unpleasant smells of smoke or sweat. Don’t worry: the smell of vinegar disappears after just a few hours. All that remains is a fresh, clean scent. And a clean car that you will be happy to continue using.

Of course, there are also professional odor removers which, according to their own specifications, "permanently remove vomit, milk and urine odors from the car interior". For example bactodes odor eliminator. The agent is available in different fill quantities and concentration solutions online at amazon. The advantage: the sometimes acrid smell of vinegar is avoided when you clean the car seat.

Car upholstery is part of the car interior cleaning

If you take care of your car regularly, you naturally have to clean the upholstery as well. The seat is subjected to wear and tear every time the car is used, so it gets a lot of dirt and stains over time.

Whether it’s marks, dark stains or spilled drinks, the dirt has to come out in any case. To clean car upholstery, there is now a wide range of different cleaning products that get all the seats in the car absolutely clean again and, above all, inexpensively. But even with simple home remedies you can often achieve good effects before you reach for the chemical club. And above all: if you want to clean the car upholstery, you must first reach for the vacuum cleaner and suck it up!

Cleaning car upholstery: home remedies are usually enough

Sometimes the simplest remedies are the most effective: if you want to clean your car upholstery, you should first try using hot water and normal washing powder. With a sponge or a brush, which were dipped before into the mixture, one scrubs off the appropriate upholstery thoroughly. Afterwards, not only are unsightly stains removed, but the colors of the upholstery also appear much brighter and more luminous. It is important, however, not to soak the fabrics completely while cleaning them, otherwise the filling material may suffer water damage.

Cleaning car seats with shaving foam

Shaving foam is also a good way to get rid of dirt on the car seat. For this purpose, the foam is sprayed directly onto the stains and left to work for a short time. A few minutes later, work the residue of the foam into the material and wipe it clean afterwards. Brush it off.

The result is a spotless seat that couldn’t be cleaner. By the way: seats that smell of smoke or sweat will be particularly fresh if you dip a cloth into a solution of water and vinegar. Carefully wet all fabric surfaces with it. The smell of vinegar disappears after a few hours, leaving behind a clean and fresh scent.

What if the car seats are made of leather??

Now it’s time to get to grips with the leather: the smart thing to do is to care for your car’s high-quality leather upholstery on a regular basis. If you are sometimes careless in this respect, you do not have to be discouraged.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the topic of "car leather care" sounds very simple at first. Good preparation for leather care is especially important for convertibles or station wagons, which are subject to a lot of wear and tear from children. With the right tactics and good leather care products, the beautiful, long-lasting noble look can be restored. Here is the overview.

Leather care in the car: what you need

Leather car seats come in different types of leather. For the leather care in the car are generally needed:

While the amount of work required for smooth leather is limited, the treatment of rough leather, suede or artificial suede is more difficult. The type of material determines the choice of care products. High-quality products can be purchased from a specialist retailer or a reputable online store. Common household leather care products are not always suitable.

Cleaning car seats: leather care sounds simple at first

Under the keyword "leather care car" many car drivers are looking for quick help. Sometimes it is really simple. For the treatment of smooth leather, which is certainly the most common leather finish, a high-quality, colorless shoe polish, for example, can be sufficient, because it is primarily a matter of the suppleness of the leather.

The issue only becomes complicated when the leather is very dirty. Then it is first cleaned with the furniture brush of the vacuum cleaner. Then wipe over it with a damp cloth. And tricks are used.

Tricks help with the topic of leather care in the car

Cleaning car seats

This woman shows how to use the vacuum cleaner properly to clean the car seats. Photo: adobe / highwaystarz

If there are stains on the leather, a dirt eraser is a good solution. Alternatively, the soiled areas can be cleaned with a cloth. Use a mild detergent solution in circular motions to remove the stains. Dripping wetness, intensive rubbing, scrubbing and pressing should be avoided in order to prevent discoloration.

After the car seats have dried completely, they are rubbed with a care product for smooth leather or shoe polish. Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth for this purpose.

Special polishing cloths are available for subsequent polishing. But also an old ladies nylon stocking is suitable well. For smooth leather upholstery in convertibles, it is recommended to use care products with a light protection factor to preserve the color intensity.

Leather care when cleaning the car seats: observe spray distance

Funds with suede or velour upholstery are also initially cleaned of coarse dirt. The material is then carefully roughened with a leather brush.

Now spray on the selected suede leather care product. It is important to keep to the recommended spraying distance to avoid soaking and staining. Only a fine spray should wet the material. For convertibles with leather seats, closing the top when parking is especially recommended. This avoids dusting of the interior on the one hand and fading due to intense sunlight on the other hand.

Always vacuum the interior before cleaning the upholstery

It is advisable to thoroughly vacuum the seat upholstery of the station wagon before starting the cleaning process, as crumbs and similar items can hide in the crevices of the station wagon models. Once this has been done, you should first check the type of stain on your station wagon seat upholstery, because not every product is suitable for every stain. Especially with spray products, you should read exactly which materials and stains may be treated with them. For example, a simple upholstery cleaner will not be sufficient for oil stains or blood, so it is best to seek advice from a specialist store in this area.

Use a clothes brush for dog hair

Station wagons are very popular with dog owners, but the question arises how to effectively remove the annoying dog hair. Because these tend to remain on the seat upholstery of the station wagon even after vacuum cleaning. You should therefore use a lint roller or a clothes brush to clean the interior of your car. Special seat covers for the seat cushions of station wagons, which are available for all common station wagon models, help to avoid this problem.

Cleaning cloths for upholstery should not be missing in any station wagon

Especially in summer, when open drinks are often transported in the car, it is advisable to carry cleaning cloths for upholstery with you. In the event of a serious incident, these help to prevent major soiling of the estate car seat upholstery. Because these cloths not only absorb the liquid, but are also provided with cleaning agents, which also get rid of the stains immediately. To ensure that all station wagon models are protected from drink stains in the summer as well. This will eliminate the most common and unsightly stains on station wagon car seat upholstery. In principle, only correct cleaning helps to ensure that station wagon models look as well cared for on the inside as they do on the outside in the long term.

Cleaning car seats – or upgrading car upholstery with design

The car is a status symbol that expresses one’s own personality. The design of the car upholstery also plays an important role in this context. It is not always enough to clean the car seats and car upholstery.

For many vehicle owners, it is particularly important to give the vehicle a personal touch. There are numerous measures that can be taken for this purpose. one of these measures is to equip the seats with an individual car upholstery design.

Have the courage to use color: this is how you spice up your car upholstery

A closer look leads to an honest realization: most station wagon models are not distinguished by their beautiful upholstery. Plain fabrics and muted colors are still very popular. But they do not represent something special. Not only noble sports cars, but also the various station wagon models can be easily upgraded by special car upholstery designs. The number of suppliers from whom such car upholstery designs for station wagons can be purchased is large – and confronts the buyer with the famous agony of choice. You are completely free to decide how you want your upholstery to look. You can choose the combination that suits you best from a wide range of materials and colors. This is how you ensure an individual and creative solution that can be adapted to all station wagon car models. You like it colorful?

Then you show your colors and take active steps against the dull and boring appearance of your car. You can spice up your station wagon with car upholstery designs in bright colors. Whether cowhide pattern, pink plush or high-quality, plain alcantara leather – there are no limits to your imagination. The only important thing is that they feel comfortable.

First cleaning, then perfect customization of the car seats

You can choose car upholstery designs for your station wagon that are freely available on the market. However, vehicles whose owners have opted for a professional finish are much more beautiful. Upholstery made by professionals is optimally tailored to individual dimensions and usually fits perfectly. For many station wagon models, complete equipment is offered. The majority of the work for the upholstery shop, however, is the production of individual car upholstery designs for station wagons.

To make sure that you will finally like it, it is recommended to feel and look at fabric samples beforehand. In addition, you should be aware of essential principles such as specific material properties. In this way you avoid later dissatisfaction quite reliably.

Beautifying the interior: here’s how to do it even better

Even the most generous engine capacity cannot replace living space. But in a station wagon you can make yourself really comfortable with little effort. Many station wagon models are quite sparsely furnished inside. When you embellish the interior, your car gets almost living qualities. You and your passengers will feel right at home as soon as you get in.

Interior with feel-good factor when cleaning the car seats

If you’re driving a newer station wagon, you’re probably already much more comfortable than drivers of older station wagons. It is no longer the case that station wagons are mainly bought by craftsmen or families because they are so practical. luxury station wagon models are often so luxuriously appointed that the driver and passengers can do without all the comforts of home. Sometimes, in addition to seat heaters, high-quality sound systems or even a DVD player are part of the standard equipment.

But even if your station wagon is older or the interior has already suffered a little, you can design the interior so that you feel completely comfortable in it. You can beautify and enhance the interior by regularly vacuuming the headliner, blinds, carpets and upholstery and maintaining them with special cleaners. floor mats and carpet pads in rubber or velour can be found in the accessories trade for station wagon models. the less you smoke in your station wagon, the longer the interior will stay as good as new. Odors can be removed, but smoker cars are also often victims of fire holes.

Putting together refinement packages for the station wagon

Just like tuning kits for the engines of many station wagon models, manufacturers also offer complete kits and service packages to make the interior more attractive. These then include, for example, chic seat covers, door or dashboard trim in leather or imitation leather. The interior can also include a sports steering wheel, complete sports seats or other details to enhance your interior. Even the installation of high-quality chrome surrounds for the lights inside the station wagon car will make the interior shine in new splendor. important and often neglected are the headliner and floor carpeting. The headliner of many old station wagon models is no longer a beautiful sight.

Removing and washing it yourself is not a good idea, you’ll never get it back under the roof the way it was before. Replacing the entire floor carpet of a station wagon is also very time-consuming and labor-intensive. This work should not be underestimated, it is better to let a professional do it. It is enough to clean the car in the beginning.

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