Caught by the speed camera: penalties can vary

These fine tables show the penalties that have been imposed since 9.11.21 apply. The fines, which were valid until then, you can find in our guide to speeding.

speed cameras: let the computer calculate the penalty

the most important facts about speed camera fines

After the acquaintance with a speed camera, the penalty depends first of all on what type of violation it was. If you are caught speeding, you can be fined between 20 and 800 euros. in addition, one to two points in flensburg as well as a driving ban of between one and three months can occur. According to the catalog of fines, a red light violation can result in a fine of up to 360 euros, two points and a one-month driving ban.

With our free fine calculator, you can find out within a few clicks how high the fine will be, how many points you will have to pay in flensburg and whether you might even be banned from driving for the offence you committed. You can find the calculator here.

The penalty following the encounter with the speed camera is not more severe during the probationary period, but special measures may be imposed instead. This may include an extension of the probationary period from two to four years or the ordering of a postgraduate seminar. This happens, for example, if they were gebl itzt with 21 km/h or more.

With speed cameras there is actually no "penalty"

Typical penalties for speeding (also: radar penalties or speed camera penalties) can be found in the catalog of fines

Typical penalties for speeding (also: radar penalties or speed camera penalties) can be found in the fine catalog.

Sooner or later, every driver gets caught, and when they do a fine is due. Who was flashed, would like to know most immediately, what the fine notice stand by.

How are speed cameras and penalties to be reconciled with each other, when actually ordinary speeding fines no offences are? In fact, the traffic law generally between misdemeanors and traffic offenses (z. B. drugs behind the wheel). Only the latter really applies "penalties" under the criminal code (stgb) after.

Becoming an average driver fine, points and driving ban often perceived as "penalties," which is why often talk about speed camera fines. This guide also adapts to the vernacular and presents typical speed camera penalties in germany as well as actual traffic offenses within the meaning of the stgb in front of.

Specific guides on the subject of "speed cameras"

Regardless of the speed camera, tolerance must first be deducted from all penalties

Penalty for speed camera: With the calculator you can determine free of charge possible fines

Penalty for speed camera: with the calculator you can determine possible fines for free.

The penalties based on a speed camera recording are not levied arbitrarily, but according to the specifications of the road traffic regulations (stvo) and on the basis of ordinance on the catalog of fines (bkatv) determined.

Stationary and mobile speed cameras are supposed to record traffic offenders who drive at excessive speeds, so that they are the offender is also held responsible can be. But also because the speed measuring devices error must take in principle with each measurement a tolerance deduction take place.

This depends on the maximum permitted speed. At speeds under 100 km/h as a rule 3 km/h deducted. At speeds over 100 km/h there are 3 percent. Some devices, z. B. At video measuring devices, the speed limit by following to be used, must each 5 km/h or 5 percent tolerance are deducted.

Speed cameras: higher penalties in built-up areas or in the 30 zone

Penalty for speed camera: In towns or in the 30 zone the fine is higher

penalty for speeding: the fine is higher in built-up areas or in the 30 zone.

Special care must be taken by car drivers within built-up areas, especially in traffic-calmed areas like play street or 30 zone, true. Because there more pedestrians and cyclists on the road than on extra-urban roads, are also the consequences for speeding violations correspondingly higher.

Between 115 and 180 euros and one point in flensburg threaten, if a speed camera shows you with over 20 km/h too fast caught in the city. The speed camera penalties for violations over 30 km/h too fast amount to 260 to 800 euro. In addition, those affected two points and have to pay additionally one to three months driving ban calculate:

violation fine points driving ban is worth an appeal?
10 km/h 30 € rather not
11-15 km/h 50 € rather not
16-20 km/h 70 € rather not
21-25 km/h 115 € 1 check here
26-30 km/h 180 € 1 (1 month)* check here
31-40 km/h 260 € 2 1 month check here
41-50 km/h 400 € 2 1 month check here
51-60 km/h 560 € 2 2 months check here
61-70 km/h 700 € 2 3 months check here
over 70 km/h 800 € 2 3 months check here
* as a rule, you can only expect a driving ban if you have committed two speeding offences of 26 km/h or more within one year.

Particularly painful: if a speed camera shows red, the fine is up to 360 euros

In the case of a red-light violation, the fine can be up to 360 euros

for red flasher the fine can be up to 360 euro.

At intersections traffic lights regulate the right of way. Because this is also about the protection of pedestrians and cyclists, there are red light violation, endangering other road users, a penalty. red speed camera or. Speed cameras red traffic light monitor, usually work as follows:

At the stop line and before danger zone of the intersection are induction loops under the roadway, registering the pressure of a motor vehicle driving over it. In this way, it is possible to determine when a car is drove through a red light and how long this already on red was. This is important to determine whether a simple or qualified red light violation exists.

But sometimes there is also video cameras to use instead of the speed cameras. The respective penalties the following table shows:

violation fine points driving ban worth an appeal?
Simple red light violation (traffic light 1 sec. Or less red) 90 euro 1 check here
– with endangerment 200 euro 2 1 month check here
– with property damage 240 euro 2 1 month check here
qualified red light violation (traffic light more than 1 sec.). red) 200 euro 2 1 month check here
– with endangerment 320 euro 2 1 month check here
– with damage to property 360 euro 2 1 month check here

Depending on the offence a red light violation can actually be considered offense according to § 315c stgb apply and accordingly punished not only with fine, points in flensburg and driving ban, but with a penalty in the sense of the stgb will be charged: fine or imprisonment.

Penalty for speeding on the highway

The for speeding violations imposed speed camera fines to freeway or construction site are the same as out of town. If you were flashed at the red light, the same fines, points and, if applicable, the same penalties apply. Driving ban as for ordinary speeding outside in built-up areas:

Violation fine
points driving ban is worth an appeal?
Up to 10 km/h 20 € rather not
11-15 km/h 40 € rather not
16-20 km/h 60 € rather not
21-25 km/h 100 € 1 check here
26-30 km/h 150 € 1 (1 month)* check here
31-40 km/h 200 € 1 (1 month)* check here
41-50 km/h 320 € 2 1 month check here
51-60 km/h 480 € 2 1 month check here
61-70 km/h 600 € 2 2 months check here
over 70 km/h 700 € 2 3 months check here
* as a rule, you will only be banned from driving if you have committed two speeding offences of 26 km/h or more within one year.

Caught by the speed camera as a novice driver: penalties during the probationary period

Speeding on the highway: What is the penalty? The table shows

Speeding on the freeway: what is the penalty?? The table shows it.

Two years usually lasts the trial period. However, anyone who commits an traffic violation penalty, you may have to face a fine probationary period extension on four years calculate. In this case, it depends on whether they are charged with a serious (A-violation) or less serious (B-violation) violation of rules is charged.

Consequences for the driver’s license can have speed camera penalties if they are either two B-infractions or one A-violation have done. The latter includes z. B. Red light, distance and speeding violations (from 21 km/h too fast). At first A-violation the probationary period is extended and a postgraduate seminar ordered. At second A-infraction comes one warning in addition and a traffic psychological consultation is recommended. The third violation of this kind will eventually lead to driver’s license suspension.

You have already been being flashed for the second time? One possible penalty determined above computer free of charge for you. Whether a higher speed camera fine can be avoided, however, can only be assessed by a traffic law attorney.

traffic offences detected by traffic surveillance

Usually, speed cameras are used to speeding violations reveal. Some devices can also distance violations measure. Rarely, however, such violations also involve traffic offenses according to the stgb. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out, of course, that by the measuring device detects a traffic offense becomes.

Increased penalty: If the speed camera catches you with your cell phone to your ear, you are guilty of two violations at the same time

Increased penalty: if the speed camera catches you with your cell phone on your ear, two violations have occurred at the same time.

For example, a fine can be imposed by the bridge distance measurement, the per video camera works, also so-called tailgaters on the highway are recorded. Is their driving behavior as coercion in traffic is in fact a speeding offence? offense according to § 240 stgb before.

Also, it may happen that they directly from the traffic after being caught by a mobile speed camera. Penalties can then be imposed according to § 316 stgb be imposed if, during their check, the police officers find a significant exceeding the blood-alcohol limit determine (similar: drugged driving).

Even one red light violation can become a traffic offense (according to § 315c stgb) if a driver not only runs a red light, but also commits an reckless behaves in such a way that other road users endangers or property of significant value damaged become.

Occurs with a speed camera penalty sometime statute of limitations one? At regulatory offenses the statute of limitations for prosecution usually comes into effect after three months a. Is it based on traffic offenses based speed camera fines, the time limit depends on the maximum of the respective penalty.

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